Winnipeg Transit Bus Stops (Winter 2010)
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Polo Park Terminal
Kildonan Place Terminal
Garden City Terminal
Unicity Terminal
St. Vital Centre
University of Manitoba
Balmoral Station
Red River College
Grace Hospital
Osborne Junction NB
Osborne Junction SB
10001 Southbound Osborne at Mulvey
10002 Southbound Osborne at Woodward
10003 Southbound Osborne at Brandon
10004 Southbound Osborne at Hethrington
10005 Southbound Osborne at Morley
10006 Southbound Osborne at Kylemore
10007 Southbound Osborne at Ashland
10008 Southbound Osborne at Jubilee
10009 Southbound Osborne at Montague
10010 Northbound Eccles Bus Loop at Clare
10011 Northbound Eccles at Balfour
10012 Southbound Eccles at Balfour
10013 Southbound Eccles at Ashland
10014 Northbound Eccles at Ashland
10015 Northbound Eccles at Baltimore
10016 Southbound Eccles at Baltimore
10017 Northbound Eccles at Oakwood
10018 Southbound Eccles at Oakwood
10019 Northbound Eccles at Maplewood
10020 Southbound Eccles at Maplewood
10021 Northbound Eccles at Bartlet
10022 Southbound Eccles at Bartlet
10023 Northbound Eccles at Morley
10024 Eastbound Morley at Eccles
10025 Westbound Morley at Mabel
10026 Eastbound Morley at Mabel
10027 Westbound Morley at Fisher
10028 Eastbound Morley at Fisher
10029 Westbound Morley at Casey
10030 Eastbound Morley at Casey
10031 Eastbound Morley at Hay
10032 Westbound Morley at Hay
10033 Westbound Morley at Osborne
10034 Eastbound Morley at Osborne
10035 Westbound Morley at Nassau
10036 Eastbound Morley at Nassau
10037 Westbound Morley at Daly
10038 Northbound Daly at Morley
10039 Southbound Daly at Kylemore
10040 Northbound Daly at Kylemore
10041 Eastbound Rathgar at Daly
10042 Southbound Daly at Beresford
10043 Westbound Beresford at Cockburn
10044 Northbound Cockburn at Rathgar
10045 Southbound Cockburn at Rosedale
10046 Northbound Cockburn at Rosedale
10047 Southbound Cockburn at Jubilee
10048 Northbound Cockburn at Jubilee
10049 Westbound Jubilee at Riverdale
10050 Eastbound Jubilee at Riverdale
10051 Westbound Jubilee at Lilac
10052 Eastbound Jubilee at Lilac
10053 Eastbound Jubilee at Riverside
10054 Westbound Jubilee at Riverside
10055 Westbound Jubilee at Riverside West
10056 Eastbound Jubilee at Riverside West
10057 Northbound Osborne at Wavell
10058 Northbound Osborne at Balfour
10059 Northbound Osborne at Baltimore
10060 Northbound Osborne at Maplewood
10061 Northbound Osborne at Morley
10062 Northbound Osborne at Hethrington
10063 Northbound Osborne at Brandon
10064 Northbound Osborne at Glasgow
10065 Northbound Osborne at Mulvey
10066 Northbound Osborne at Osborne Junction
10067 Southbound Osborne at Osborne Junction
10068 Southbound Pembina at Osborne Junction
10069 Northbound Pembina at Osborne Junction
10070 Southbound Pembina at Warsaw
10071 Northbound Pembina at Nassau
10072 Southbound Pembina at Fleet
10073 Northbound Pembina at Daly
10074 Southbound Pembina at Dudley
10075 Southbound Pembina at Scotland
10076 Northbound Pembina at Hugo
10077 Northbound Pembina at Grant
10078 Southbound Pembina at Grant
10079 Southbound Pembina at Arbuthnot
10080 Northbound Pembina at Arbuthnot
10081 Southbound Pembina at Ebby
10082 Northbound Pembina at Jackson
10083 Northbound Pembina at Taylor
10084 Westbound Ellice at Donald
10085 Northbound Pembina at Stafford
10086 Southbound Pembina at Stafford
10087 Northbound Stafford Bus Loop at Stafford Loop
10088 Southbound Stafford at Taylor
10089 Northbound Stafford at Ebby
10090 Southbound Stafford at Ebby
10091 Northbound Stafford at Carter
10092 Southbound Stafford at Carter
10093 Northbound Stafford at Grant
10094 Southbound Stafford at Grant
10095 Northbound Stafford at Dudley
10096 Southbound Stafford at Dudley
10097 Northbound Stafford at Fleet
10098 Southbound Stafford at Fleet
10099 Northbound Stafford at Warsaw
10100 Southbound Stafford at Warsaw
10101 Northbound Stafford at Corydon
10102 Southbound Stafford at Corydon
10103 Northbound Stafford at Dorchester
10104 Southbound Stafford at Dorchester
10105 Northbound Stafford at Grosvenor
10106 Northbound Stafford at Harvard
10107 Southbound Stafford at Harvard
10108 Northbound Stafford at Kingsway
10109 Southbound Stafford at Kingsway
10110 Southbound Stafford at Academy
10111 Northbound Stafford at Academy
10112 Eastbound Academy at Stafford
10113 Westbound Academy at Stafford
10114 Eastbound Academy at Wellington Crescent
10115 Westbound Academy at Wellington Crescent
10116 Westbound Grosvenor at Arbuthnot
10117 Eastbound Grosvenor at Arbuthnot
10118 Eastbound Grosvenor at Lilac
10119 Westbound Grosvenor at Ruskin
10120 Westbound Grosvenor at Wentworth
10121 Eastbound Grosvenor at Wentworth
10122 Westbound Grosvenor at Stafford
10123 Eastbound Grosvenor at Stafford
10124 Westbound Grosvenor at Harrow
10125 Westbound Corydon at Harrow
10126 Eastbound Corydon at Stafford
10127 Westbound Corydon at Stafford
10128 Eastbound Corydon at Wentworth
10129 Westbound Corydon at Wentworth
10130 Eastbound Corydon at Lilac
10131 Westbound Portage at Dominion
10132 Southbound Vaughan at Portage North
10134 Southbound Vaughan at Graham
10135 Southbound Kennedy at Ellice
10138 Southbound Kennedy at Portage South
10140 Westbound Corydon at Lilac
10141 Eastbound Corydon at Arbuthnot
10142 Westbound Corydon at Arbuthnot
10143 Eastbound Corydon at Cockburn
10144 Westbound Corydon at Cockburn
10145 Eastbound Corydon at Hugo
10146 Westbound Corydon at Hugo
10147 Eastbound Corydon at Daly
10148 Westbound Corydon at Daly
10149 Westbound Corydon at Nassau
10150 Eastbound Corydon at Nassau
10151 Southbound Donald at Gertrude
10152 Northbound Donald at Wardlaw
10153 Southbound Donald at Stradbrook
10154 Northbound Donald at Stradbrook
10156 Northbound Harkness at River
10157 Eastbound Mayfair at Queen Elizabeth
10158 Northbound Queen Elizabeth at Mayfair
10159 Southbound Queen Elizabeth at Stradbrook
10161 Westbound Stradbrook at Harkness
10162 Westbound Portage at Sherburn
10164 Westbound River at Donald
10165 Northbound Donald at River
10166 Southbound Donald at River
10167 Westbound River at Clarke
10168 Westbound River at Cauchon
10169 Westbound River at Bryce
10170 Westbound River at Osborne
10171 Northbound Osborne at River
10172 Southbound Osborne at River
10173 Westbound River at Gerard
10174 Westbound River at Nassau
10175 Westbound River at Wellington
10176 Westbound Wellington at Stradbrook
10177 Westbound Wellington at Wardlaw
10178 Westbound Wellington at Hugo
10179 Westbound Wellington at Cockburn
10180 Eastbound Wellington at Cockburn
10181 Eastbound Wellington at Hugo
10182 Eastbound Wellington at Wardlaw
10183 Eastbound Stradbrook at Wellington
10184 Eastbound Stradbrook at Nassau
10185 Southbound Osborne at Wardlaw
10186 Northbound Osborne at Stradbrook
10187 Eastbound Stradbrook at Osborne
10188 Eastbound Stradbrook at Scott
10189 Eastbound Stradbrook at Donald East
10190 Northbound Sherbrook at West Gate
10191 Southbound Maryland at Woodrow
10192 Eastbound Westminster at Maryland
10193 Westbound Westminster at Maryland
10194 Southbound Maryland at Westminster
10195 Southbound Maryland at Alloway
10196 Southbound Maryland at Broadway
10197 Southbound Maryland at Portage South
10198 Eastbound Broadway at Maryland
10199 Westbound Broadway at Furby
10200 Northbound Sherbrook at Broadway North
10201 Northbound Sherbrook at Broadway South
10202 Northbound Sherbrook at Sara
10203 Westbound Westminster at Sherbrook
10204 Eastbound Westminster at Sherbrook
10205 Northbound Sherbrook at Westminster
10206 Northbound Sherbrook at Wolseley
10207 Eastbound Broadway at Young
10208 Westbound Broadway at Young
10209 Westbound Westminster at Langside
10210 Eastbound Westminster at Langside
10211 Eastbound Broadway at Balmoral
10212 Southbound Balmoral at Spence
10213 Northbound Balmoral at Spence
10214 Westbound Broadway at Balmoral
10215 Southbound Balmoral at Broadway
10216 Southbound Balmoral at Mostyn
10217 Northbound Balmoral at Broadway
10218 Northbound Balmoral at Mostyn
10219 Westbound Westminster at Walnut
10220 Eastbound Westminster at Chestnut
10221 Westbound Westminster at Canora
10222 Eastbound Westminster at Ethelbert
10223 Westbound Westminster at Home
10224 Northbound Arlington at Westminster
10225 Westbound Westminster at Arlington
10226 Northbound Arlington at Wolseley
10227 Southbound Evanson at Wolseley
10228 Eastbound Wolseley at Lenore
10229 Westbound Wolseley at Ruby
10230 Eastbound Wolseley at Aubrey
10231 Southbound Aubrey at Wolseley
10232 Northbound Aubrey at Wolseley
10233 Northbound Valour at Portage
10234 Southbound Valour at Portage
10235 Northbound Valour at Riddle
10236 Southbound Valour at Riddle
10237 Northbound Valour at Wolever South
10238 Southbound Valour at Wolever South
10239 Northbound Valour at Wolever
10240 Southbound Valour at Wolever
10241 Northbound Valour at Felix
10242 Southbound Valour at Felix
10243 Northbound Valour at St. Matthews
10244 Southbound Valour at St. Matthews
10245 Southbound Valour at Dyson
10246 Northbound Valour at Ellice
10247 Southbound Valour at Ellice
10248 Southbound Valour at Dauphin
10249 Northbound Valour at Dauphin
10250 Southbound Valour at Sargent
10251 Northbound Valour at Sargent
10252 Southbound Valour at Wellington
10253 Northbound Valour at Wellington
10254 Westbound Wellington at Spruce
10255 Eastbound Wellington at Spruce
10256 Westbound Wellington at Erin
10257 Eastbound Wellington at Erin
10258 Westbound Wellington at Wall
10259 Eastbound Wellington at Wall
10260 Eastbound Wellington at Downing
10261 Westbound Wellington at Downing
10262 Eastbound Wellington at Dominion
10263 Westbound Wellington at Sherburn
10264 Eastbound Wellington at Ingersoll
10265 Westbound Wellington at Ingersoll
10266 Westbound Wellington at Banning
10267 Eastbound Wellington at Banning
10268 Eastbound Wellington at Arlington
10269 Southbound Arlington at St. Paul
10270 Southbound Arlington at Portage
10271 Northbound Burnell at Portage
10272 Northbound Burnell at St. Paul
10273 Northbound Burnell at St. Matthews
10274 Southbound Arlington at St. Matthews
10275 Northbound Arlington at St. Matthews
10276 Southbound Arlington at Ellice
10277 Northbound Arlington at Ellice
10278 Northbound Arlington at Sargent
10279 Southbound Arlington at Sargent
10280 Northbound Arlington at Wellington
10281 Southbound Arlington at Wellington
10282 Southbound Arlington at Adele
10283 Northbound Arlington at Adele
10284 Southbound Arlington at Notre Dame
10285 Northbound Arlington at Notre Dame
10286 Southbound Arlington at Winnipeg
10287 Northbound Arlington at McDermot
10288 Southbound Arlington at Bannatyne
10289 Southbound Arlington at William
10290 Northbound Arlington at William
10291 Northbound Arlington at Ross
10292 Southbound Arlington at Ross
10293 Southbound Arlington at Logan
10294 Northbound Arlington at Logan
10295 Southbound McPhillips at Notre Dame
10296 Eastbound Dublin at Notre Dame
10297 Eastbound Ellice at Colony
10298 Northbound McPhillips at Elgin
10299 Southbound McPhillips at Elgin
10300 Northbound McPhillips at Pacific
10301 Southbound McPhillips at Pacific
10302 Southbound McPhillips at Logan
10303 Northbound McPhillips at Logan
10304 Southbound McPhillips at Henry
10305 Westbound Logan at Wiens
10306 Eastbound Logan at Wiens
10307 Eastbound Logan at McKelvey
10308 Northbound King at Logan
10309 Eastbound Logan at Smart
10310 Westbound Logan at Lock
10311 Eastbound Logan at Cecil
10312 Westbound Logan at Cecil
10313 Eastbound Logan at Quelch
10314 Westbound Logan at Quelch
10315 Eastbound Logan at Vine
10316 Westbound Logan at Weston
10317 Eastbound Logan at Electa
10318 Westbound Logan at Blaine
10319 Eastbound Logan at Winks
10320 Westbound Logan at Winks
10321 Eastbound Logan at Yeomans
10322 Westbound Logan at Yeomans
10323 Westbound Logan at McPhillips
10324 Eastbound Logan at McPhillips
10325 Eastbound Logan at Maude
10326 Westbound Logan at Maude
10327 Eastbound Wellington at St James
10328 Westbound Logan at Trinity
10329 Westbound Logan at Arlington
10330 Eastbound Logan at Arlington
10331 Eastbound Logan at Beacon
10332 Westbound Logan at Tecumseh
10333 Eastbound Logan at Nora
10334 Westbound Logan at Nora
10335 Eastbound Logan at Lulu
10336 Westbound Logan at Lulu
10337 Westbound Logan at Chambers
10338 Eastbound Logan at Sherbrook
10339 Eastbound Logan at Gunnell
10340 Westbound Logan at Gunnell
10341 Eastbound Logan at Isabel
10342 Westbound Logan at Isabel
10343 Eastbound Logan at Laura
10344 Westbound Logan at Laura
10345 Eastbound Logan at Fountain
10346 Westbound Logan at Fountain
10347 Eastbound Logan at Stanley
10348 Westbound Logan at Princess
10349 Eastbound Logan at Main
10351 Eastbound Higgins at Point Douglas
10352 Westbound Higgins at Boyle
10353 Westbound Higgins at Maple
10354 Eastbound Higgins at McArthur
10355 Eastbound Higgins at McFarlane
10356 Westbound Higgins at McFarlane
10357 Westbound Higgins at Annabella
10358 Eastbound Higgins at Annabella
10359 Westbound Higgins at Waterfront
10360 Eastbound Higgins at Waterfront
10363 Westbound Higgins at Main
10365 Northbound St James at Portage
10366 Northbound St James at Ness North
10367 Northbound St James at Maroons
10368 Eastbound Higgins at Maple
10369 Northbound St James at St. Matthews
10370 Northbound St James at Ellice
10371 Northbound St James at Sargent
10372 Northbound St James at Wellington
10373 Northbound St James at Saskatchewan
10374 Northbound St James at Saskatchewan North
10375 Northbound St James at Dublin
10376 Northbound St James at Bangor
10377 Northbound St James at Notre Dame
10378 Eastbound Taylor at Stafford
10379 Westbound Taylor at Stafford
10380 Westbound Polo Park West Access at Polo Park Sears
10381 Westbound Polo Park West Access at Polo Park (Rte 11)
10382 Southbound Spence at UofW (50, 53, 56)
10383 Southbound Empress at Eastway
10384 Southbound Empress at Westway
10385 Westbound Wellington at St James
10386 Westbound Westway at Empress
10387 Northbound Keewatin at Pacific
10388 Eastbound Wellington at Empress
10389 Northbound Keewatin at William
10390 Eastbound Notre Dame at Keewatin
10391 Westbound Notre Dame at Worth
10392 Eastbound Notre Dame at Worth
10393 Eastbound Notre Dame at Bannatyne
10394 Westbound Notre Dame at Bannatyne
10395 Eastbound Notre Dame at Cecil
10396 Westbound Notre Dame at Cecil
10397 Westbound Wellington at Empress
10398 Westbound Notre Dame at Winnipeg
10399 Westbound Notre Dame at Flint
10400 Eastbound Notre Dame at Flint
10401 Westbound Notre Dame at Valour
10402 Westbound Sargent at Maryland
10403 Eastbound Notre Dame at Clifton
10404 Eastbound Notre Dame at Erin
10405 Westbound Notre Dame at Erin
10406 Westbound Notre Dame at Wall
10407 Eastbound Notre Dame at Wall
10408 Westbound Notre Dame at Myrtle
10409 Eastbound Notre Dame at Dominion
10410 Westbound Notre Dame at Garfield
10411 Westbound Notre Dame at Ingersoll
10412 Eastbound Notre Dame at Sherburn
10413 Eastbound Notre Dame at Lipton
10414 Westbound Notre Dame at McPhillips
10415 Eastbound Notre Dame at Burnell
10417 Westbound Notre Dame at Arlington
10418 Westbound Notre Dame at Tecumseh
10419 Eastbound Notre Dame at Simcoe
10420 Eastbound Notre Dame at Toronto
10421 Westbound Notre Dame at Toronto
10422 Eastbound Notre Dame at McGee (HSC)
10423 Westbound Notre Dame at Pearl (HSC)
10424 Southbound Maryland at Notre Dame
10425 Southbound Maryland at Sargent North
10426 Southbound Maryland at Sargent
10427 Southbound Maryland at Sargent South
10428 Northbound Keewatin at Gallagher
10429 Southbound Maryland at Ellice
10430 Southbound Maryland at St. Matthews
10431 Southbound Maryland at Portage North
10432 Northbound Sherbrook at Portage North
10433 Northbound Sherbrook at Sherbrook Pool
10434 Northbound Sherbrook at Ellice
10435 Northbound Sherbrook at Ellice North
10436 Northbound Sherbrook at Sargent
10437 Northbound Sherbrook at Cumberland South
10438 Northbound Sherbrook at Cumberland
10439 Northbound Sherbrook at Notre Dame
10440 Southbound Sherbrook at Notre Dame
10441 Northbound Sherbrook at Bannatyne (HSC)
10442 Southbound Sherbrook at Bannatyne (HSC)
10443 Northbound Sherbrook at William (HSC)
10444 Southbound Sherbrook at William (HSC)
10445 Northbound Sherbrook at Elgin
10446 Southbound Sherbrook at Elgin
10447 Northbound Sherbrook at Pacific
10448 Southbound Sherbrook at Logan
10449 Southbound Gunnell at Logan
10450 Westbound Sargent at St. James
10451 Westbound Sargent at Dundas
10452 Eastbound Sargent at Dundas
10453 Westbound Sargent at Sanford
10454 Eastbound Sargent at Sanford
10455 Eastbound Sargent at Strathcona
10456 Westbound Sargent at Strathcona
10457 Eastbound Sargent at Valour
10458 Westbound Sargent at Valour
10459 Westbound Sargent at Clifton
10460 Eastbound Sargent at Erin
10461 Eastbound Sargent at Wall
10462 Westbound Sargent at Erin
10463 Eastbound Sargent at Minto
10464 Westbound Sargent at Minto
10465 Eastbound Sargent at Dominion
10466 Westbound Sargent at Dominion
10467 Eastbound Sargent at Sherburn
10468 Westbound Sargent at Sherburn
10469 Eastbound Sargent at Lipton
10470 Westbound Sargent at Banning
10471 Eastbound Sargent at Banning
10472 Westbound Sargent at Alverstone
10473 Eastbound Sargent at Arlington
10474 Westbound Sargent at Arlington
10475 Eastbound Sargent at Simcoe
10476 Westbound Sargent at Simcoe
10477 Eastbound Sargent at Toronto
10478 Westbound Sargent at Toronto
10479 Westbound Sargent at Wall
10480 Eastbound Sargent at Agnes
10481 Westbound Sargent at Agnes
10482 Eastbound Sargent at Maryland
10483 Eastbound Sargent at Sherbrook
10484 Westbound Sargent at Sherbrook
10485 Eastbound Sargent at Langside
10486 Westbound Sargent at Langside
10487 Westbound Sargent at Balmoral
10488 Eastbound Sargent at Balmoral
10489 Eastbound Cumberland at Sherbrook
10490 Eastbound Cumberland at Langside
10491 Eastbound Cumberland at Balmoral
10492 Southbound Emily at McDermot (HSC)
10493 Westbound Ellice at St. James
10494 Eastbound Ellice at Milt Stegall
10495 Westbound Ellice at Milt Stegall
10496 Eastbound Ellice at Empress
10497 Westbound Ellice at Empress
10498 Eastbound Ellice at Strathcona West
10499 Eastbound Ellice at Strathcona
10500 Westbound Ellice at Strathcona
10501 Eastbound Ellice at Valour
10502 Westbound Ellice at Valour
10503 Southbound Empress at Sargent
10504 Eastbound Ellice at Clifton
10505 Westbound Ellice at Clifton
10506 Westbound Ellice at Erin
10507 Eastbound Ellice at Erin
10508 Eastbound Ellice at Wall
10509 Westbound Ellice at Wall
10510 Eastbound Ellice at Minto
10511 Westbound Ellice at Minto
10512 Eastbound Ellice at Dominion
10513 Westbound Ellice at Dominion
10514 Eastbound Ellice at Ingersoll
10515 Westbound Ellice at Ingersoll
10516 Eastbound Ellice at Banning
10517 Westbound Ellice at Banning
10518 Westbound Ellice at Arlington
10519 Eastbound Ellice at Arlington
10520 Eastbound Ellice at Simcoe
10521 Westbound Ellice at Simcoe
10522 Eastbound Ellice at Toronto
10523 Westbound Ellice at Toronto
10524 Eastbound Ellice at Agnes
10525 Westbound Ellice at McGee
10526 Eastbound Ellice at McGee
10527 Westbound Portage at Carlton (Portage Place)
10528 Westbound Ellice at Sherbrook
10529 Eastbound Ellice at Sherbrook
10530 Eastbound Ellice at Langside
10531 Westbound Ellice at Langside
10533 Westbound Ellice at Spence
10534 Northbound Vaughan at Ellice
10535 Westbound Ellice at Balmoral
10536 Northbound Kennedy at Qu'Appelle
10538 Northbound Kennedy at Sargent
10541 Westbound Portage at Garry
10542 Westbound Portage at Donald (MTS Centre)
10543 Westbound Portage at Edmonton (Portage Place)
10545 Westbound Portage at Colony
10546 Westbound Portage at Spence (U of W)
10547 Westbound Portage at Langside
10548 Westbound Portage at Sherbrook
10549 Westbound Portage at Maryland
10550 Westbound Portage at Broadway
10551 Westbound Portage at Simcoe
10552 Westbound Portage at Burnell
10553 Westbound Portage at Lipton
10555 Westbound Portage at Minto
10556 Westbound Portage at Wall
10557 Westbound Portage at Clifton
10558 Westbound Portage at Valour
10559 Westbound Portage at Strathcona
10561 Westbound Portage at Tylehurst (Polo Park)
10562 Eastbound Portage at Tylehurst (Polo Park)
10563 Eastbound Portage at St. John Ambulance
10564 Eastbound Portage at Raglan
10565 Eastbound Portage at Craig
10566 Eastbound Portage at Clifton
10567 Eastbound Portage at Newman
10568 Eastbound Portage at Sprague
10569 Eastbound Portage at Dominion
10570 Eastbound Portage at Sherburn
10571 Eastbound Portage at Lipton
10572 Eastbound Portage at Lenore
10573 Eastbound Portage at Arlington
10574 Eastbound Portage at Canora
10575 Eastbound Portage at Broadway
10576 Eastbound Portage at Maryland
10577 Eastbound Portage at Sherbrook
10578 Eastbound Portage at Langside
10579 Eastbound Portage at Balmoral (U of Winnipeg)
10580 Eastbound Portage at Vaughan (The Bay)
10581 Eastbound Portage at Edmonton (Portage Place)
10582 Eastbound Portage at Donald (MTS Centre)
10583 Eastbound Portage at Fort
10584 Eastbound Broadway at Osborne
10585 Eastbound Broadway at Osborne East (Legislature)
10586 Eastbound Broadway at Kennedy
10587 Eastbound Broadway at Carlton
10588 Eastbound Broadway at Donald
10589 Eastbound Broadway at Garry
10590 Westbound Broadway at Garry
10591 Westbound Broadway at Donald
10592 Westbound Broadway at Carlton
10593 Westbound Broadway at Kennedy
10594 Westbound Broadway at Osborne
10595 Northbound Osborne at Mostyn
10596 Northbound Osborne at Broadway (Legislature)
10598 Southbound Osborne at York
10599 Southbound Osborne at Broadway (Legislature)
10600 Southbound Osborne at Mostyn
10602 Northbound Memorial at Broadway
10604 Northbound Memorial at York
10608 Eastbound York at Memorial
10611 Eastbound Graham at Fort (Winnipeg Square)
10612 Westbound Graham at Garry (Winnipeg Square)
10614 Westbound Graham at Donald (MTS Centre)
10615 Eastbound Graham at Donald (MTS Centre)
10617 Westbound Graham at Edmonton (RWB)
10618 Eastbound Graham at Edmonton (RWB)
10619 Westbound Graham at Vaughan (The Bay)
10620 Westbound St Mary at Fort
10623 Eastbound McDermot at Main
10624 Northbound Main at Assiniboine
10625 Northbound Main at Broadway (Union Station)
10627 Northbound Main at Pioneer
10628 Northbound Main at McDermot
10629 Northbound Main at James (Concert Hall)
10630 Northbound Main at Logan
10631 Northbound Main at Higgins
10632 Southbound Main at Henry
10633 Southbound Main at Alexander
10634 Southbound Main at James
10635 Southbound Main at William (City Hall)
10636 Southbound Main at McDermot
10637 Southbound Main at Lombard
10638 Southbound Main at Pioneer
10639 Southbound Main at St. Mary
10640 Northbound Smith at Portage North
10641 Southbound Main at Broadway (Union Station)
10642 Southbound Main at Assiniboine
10643 Northbound Fort at Graham
10644 Northbound Fort at Graham North
10645 Eastbound Mayfair at Harkness
10646 Northbound Fort at Portage
10647 Eastbound Higgins at Main
10648 Southbound Garry at Portage North
10649 Southbound Garry at Portage South
10650 Southbound Garry at Graham
10651 Northbound Smith at Broadway
10652 Northbound Smith at St. Mary
10653 Northbound Smith at Graham South
10654 Northbound Smith at Portage South
10655 Northbound King at Notre Dame
10656 Northbound King at McDermot
10657 Northbound King at William (City Hall)
10658 Northbound King at Rupert
10664 Southbound Princess at James
10665 Southbound Princess at William (Red River College)
10666 Southbound Princess at McDermot
10667 Southbound Donald at Notre Dame
10668 Southbound Donald at Ellice
10669 Southbound Donald at Portage South
10670 Southbound Donald at Graham
10671 Southbound Donald at St. Mary
10672 Southbound Donald at York
10673 Southbound Donald at Broadway
10674 Southbound Donald at Hargrave Place
10675 Northbound Smith at Navy
10676 Westbound Stradbrook at Queen Elizabeth
10678 Northbound Hargrave at Portage North
10679 Northbound Hargrave at Ellice
10680 Northbound Hargrave at Cumberland
10681 Southbound Carlton at Cumberland
10682 Southbound Carlton at Ellice
10683 Southbound Carlton at Portage South
10685 Southbound Carlton at Broadway
10686 Southbound Carlton at Assiniboine
10687 Northbound Edmonton at Assiniboine
10695 Southbound Kennedy at Sargent
10696 Southbound Kennedy at Qu'Appelle
10699 Southbound Kennedy at Graham
10700 Southbound Kennedy at St. Mary
10701 Southbound Kennedy at York
10702 Southbound Kennedy at Broadway
10703 Northbound Vaughan at St. Mary
10704 Northbound Vaughan at Graham (The Bay)
10706 Northbound Vaughan at Portage South
10707 Northbound Vaughan at Portage North
10709 Northbound Balmoral at Qu'Appelle
10710 Eastbound William Stephenson at Westbrook
10712 Eastbound Disraeli at Lily
10713 Westbound William at McPhillips
10714 Eastbound Disraeli at Argyle
10715 Westbound Disraeli at Henry
10716 Westbound Disraeli at Martha
10719 Westbound Market at Main (Concert Hall)
10720 Westbound William at King (City Hall)
10721 Eastbound William at Princess (Red River College)
10722 Westbound William at Princess (Red River College)
10723 Eastbound William at Dagmar
10724 Westbound William at Ellen
10725 Eastbound William at Ellen
10726 Westbound William at Gertie
10727 Eastbound William at Gertie
10728 Westbound William at Isabel
10729 Eastbound William at Isabel
10730 Eastbound Stradbrook at Donald West
10731 Eastbound Valour Bus Loop at Valour Loop
10732 Eastbound William at Kate
10733 Westbound William at Kate
10735 Northbound Balmoral at Sargent
10736 Westbound William at Sherbrook (HSC)
10737 Eastbound William at Sherbrook (HSC)
10740 Westbound William at Tecumseh East (HSC)
10741 Eastbound William at Tecumseh East (HSC)
10743 Eastbound William at Tecumseh
10744 Westbound William at Tecumseh
10745 Eastbound William at Arlington
10746 Westbound William at Arlington
10747 Eastbound William at Lark
10748 Westbound William at Lark
10749 Eastbound William at McPhillips
10750 Southbound Isabel at Notre Dame
10751 Northbound Isabel at Notre Dame
10752 Southbound Isabel at McDermot
10753 Northbound Isabel at Bannatyne
10754 Northbound Isabel at William
10755 Southbound Isabel at William
10756 Southbound Isabel at Ross
10757 Northbound Isabel at Ross
10758 Southbound Isabel at Alexander
10759 Northbound Isabel at Logan
10760 Westbound Pioneer at Westbrook
10761 Westbound Pioneer at Main
10762 Westbound Portage at Main
10763 Eastbound Portage at Main
10764 Westbound Portage at Westbrook
10765 Westbound Notre Dame at King
10766 Westbound Notre Dame at Adelaide
10767 Westbound Notre Dame at Dagmar
10768 Westbound Notre Dame at Gertie
10769 Westbound Notre Dame at Isabel
10770 Westbound Notre Dame at Lydia
10771 Westbound Notre Dame at Sherbrook
10772 Westbound Notre Dame at Albert
10773 Eastbound McDermot at Isabel
10775 Eastbound McDermot at Frances
10776 Eastbound McDermot at Dagmar
10777 Eastbound McDermot at Adelaide
10778 Eastbound McDermot at Arthur
10779 Eastbound Grant at Pembina
10780 Westbound Grant at Arbuthnot
10781 Westbound Grant at Lilac
10782 Westbound Grant at Stafford
10783 Westbound Grant at Harrow
10784 Eastbound Grant at Harrow
10785 Eastbound Grant at Stafford
10786 Eastbound Grant at Lilac
10787 Eastbound Grant at Arbuthnot
10788 Eastbound James at Main
10789 Eastbound Notre Dame at Arlington
10790 Southbound Balmoral at Sargent
10791 Northbound Valour at Dyson
10792 Westbound Dublin at Notre Dame
10793 Westbound Dublin at Orange
10794 Eastbound Dublin at Orange
10795 Westbound Dublin at Field
10796 Eastbound Dublin at Field
10797 Eastbound Dublin at St. James
10798 Southbound Stafford at Grosvenor
10801 Eastbound Notre Dame at Dublin
10802 Southbound Westbrook at William Stephenson
10803 Eastbound William Stephenson at Waterfront
10804 Westbound Pioneer at Waterfront
10805 Northbound Empress at St Matthews
10806 Southbound Empress at St Matthews
10808 Southbound Pembina at Taylor
10810 Southbound Empress at Rapelje
10811 Eastbound Maroons at St. James
10812 Eastbound Maroons at Empress
10813 Northbound Empress at Sargent
10814 Southbound Empress at Ellice
10815 Southbound Maryland at Wolseley
10816 Eastbound Stradbrook at Osborne West
10817 Southbound Stafford at Pembina
10818 Northbound St James at Wellington North
10819 Eastbound Broadway at Furby
10820 Northbound Empress at Ellice
10821 Westbound Polo Park West Access at Polo Park (Rte 12)
10822 Northbound Polo Park Terminal at Polo Park (Rte 78)
10823 Northbound Polo Park Terminal at Polo Park (Rte 77)
10824 Northbound Polo Park Terminal at Polo Park (Rte 66)
10825 Southbound Polo Park at Polo Park (Rte 79)
10826 Southbound Polo Park at Polo Park (Rte 20)
10827 Southbound Polo Park at Polo Park (Rte 26)
10828 Southbound Garry at Broadway
10829 Southbound Garry at Assiniboine
10830 Northbound Fort at Assiniboine
10831 Northbound Balmoral at Balmoral Station
10832 Southbound Balmoral at Cumberland
10833 Eastbound Pacific at Martha
10834 Southbound Empress at Maroons
10835 Northbound Balmoral at Ellice North
10836 Northbound Sherbrook at Logan
10837 Northbound Sherbrook at Henry
10838 Northbound Balmoral at Ellice
10839 Northbound Balmoral at Cumberland
10840 Southbound Vaughan at St. Mary
10841 Northbound Empress at Maroons
10842 Northbound Balmoral at Balmoral Station (40, 41)
10843 Northbound Balmoral at Balmoral Station (3)
10844 Northbound Balmoral at Balmoral Station (42, 46)
10845 Northbound Balmoral at Balmoral Station (47)
10846 Northbound Balmoral at Balmoral Station (48, 49)
10864 Southbound Kennedy at Broadway North
10870 Westbound Broadway at Osborne East (Legislature)
10872 Northbound Edmonton at Broadway
10874 Eastbound Wolseley at Maryland
10875 Northbound Sherbrook at Portage South
10877 Southbound Memorial at York
10878 Southbound Memorial at Broadway
10880 Northbound Polo Park at Polo Park (Rtes 24, 95)
10881 Southbound Polo Park Terminal at Polo Park (All Routes)
10901 Southbound Waterfront at Arrival Square
10902 Northbound Waterfront at Arrival Square
10903 Northbound Waterfront at William Stephenson
10904 Northbound at Riverview Centre (Main Entrance)
10907 Eastbound Forks Market at The Forks Market
10908 Westbound Tecumseh Bus Loop at Tecumseh Loop
10937 Eastbound York at Waterfront
10938 Westbound York at Waterfront
10939 Southbound Waterfront at William Stephenson
11001 Eastbound McDermot at Rorie
11002 Westbound Elgin at Ellen
11003 Southbound Waterfront at Lombard
11004 Southbound Waterfront at Pioneer
11006 Northbound Waterfront at McDermot
11008 Westbound Bannatyne at Rorie
11009 Westbound Bannatyne at Main
11010 Northbound Fort at Broadway
11011 Northbound Hargrave at McDermot
11012 Southbound Ellen at William
11013 Southbound Ellen at McDermot
11014 Southbound Ellen at Notre Dame
11015 Eastbound Lombard at Westbrook
11022 Westbound Rupert at Princess
11023 Northbound St James at Ness South
11024 Northbound Fort at St. Mary
11025 Eastbound Ellice at Balmoral
11026 Eastbound University Of Winnipeg Terminal at UofW (54, 55, 57, 59, 68)
20001 Southbound St James at Ness South
20002 Southbound St James at Ness North
20003 Southbound St James at St. Matthews
20004 Southbound St James at Ellice
20005 Southbound St James at Sargent
20006 Southbound St James at Wellington
20007 Southbound St James at Saskatchewan
20008 Southbound St James at Dublin South
20009 Southbound St James at Dublin
20010 Southbound St James at Bangor
20011 Southbound St James at Notre Dame
20012 Westbound Notre Dame at Keewatin
20013 Westbound Logan at Dee
20014 Eastbound Logan at Dee
20015 Westbound Logan at Ada
20016 Eastbound Logan at Ada
20017 Southbound Berry at Wellington
20018 Westbound Sargent at Bradford
20019 Southbound King Edward at Logan
20020 Northbound King Edward at Logan
20021 Southbound King Edward at Pacific
20022 Northbound King Edward at Pacific
20023 Southbound King Edward at Elgin
20024 Northbound King Edward at Elgin
20025 Southbound King Edward at Bannatyne
20026 Northbound King Edward at Bannatyne
20027 Southbound King Edward at Legion
20028 Northbound King Edward at Legion
20029 Westbound Notre Dame at St. James
20030 Eastbound Notre Dame at Becker
20031 Westbound Notre Dame at Tentler
20032 Eastbound Notre Dame at Tentler
20033 Westbound Notre Dame at King Edward
20034 Northbound King Edward at Notre Dame
20035 Southbound King Edward at Notre Dame
20036 Eastbound Notre Dame at King Edward
20037 Westbound Sargent at King Edward
20038 Eastbound Notre Dame at Sherwin
20039 Westbound Notre Dame at Sherwin
20040 Westbound Wellington at Canada Post
20041 Eastbound Wellington at Canada Post
20044 Northbound Sherwin at Stevenson
20045 Southbound Sherwin at Dublin
20046 Westbound Dublin at Sherwin
20047 Eastbound Dublin at Sherwin
20048 Westbound Dublin at King Edward West
20049 Eastbound Dublin at King Edward
20050 Southbound King Edward at Dublin
20051 Southbound King Edward at Powell
20052 Northbound King Edward at Powell
20053 Westbound Dublin at St. James
20054 Eastbound Dublin at Border
20055 Westbound Dublin at Border
20056 Eastbound Dublin at King Edward East
20057 Westbound Dublin at King Edward
20058 Northbound King Edward at Dublin
20059 Southbound King Edward at Saskatchewan North
20060 Southbound King Edward at Saskatchewan
20062 Southbound King Edward at Wellington
20063 Southbound King Edward at Wellington South
20064 Northbound Roseberry at St. Matthews
20065 Northbound Century at Wellington
20066 Northbound Roseberry at Ellice
20067 Northbound Century at Wellington North
20068 Northbound Century at Saskatchewan
20069 Northbound Century at Saskatchewan North
20071 Southbound Wellington at Airport Terminal
20073 Eastbound Wellington at Berry West
20074 Westbound Wellington at Berry West
20075 Eastbound Wellington at Berry
20076 Westbound Wellington at Berry
20077 Eastbound Wellington at King Edward
20078 Westbound Wellington at King Edward
20079 Eastbound Wellington at Bradford
20080 Westbound Wellington at Bradford
20081 Westbound Wellington at Century
20082 Eastbound Sargent at St. James
20083 Westbound Sargent at Century
20084 Eastbound Sargent at Century
20085 Eastbound Sargent at King Edward
20086 Northbound Berry at Sargent
20087 Southbound Berry at Sargent
20088 Eastbound Ellice at St. James
20089 Westbound Ellice at Century
20090 Eastbound Ellice at Century
20091 Westbound Ellice at Century West
20092 Eastbound Ellice at Century West
20093 Westbound Ellice at King Edward
20094 Eastbound Ellice at King Edward
20095 Westbound Ellice at Berry
20096 Northbound Berry at Ellice
20097 Southbound Berry at Ellice
20098 Eastbound Ellice at Berry
20099 Westbound Ellice at Marjorie
20100 Eastbound Ellice at Marjorie
20101 Westbound Ellice at Roseberry
20102 Eastbound Ellice at Roseberry
20103 Westbound Ellice at Ferry
20104 Northbound Ferry at Ellice
20105 Westbound Sargent at Berry
20106 Southbound Ferry at Ellice
20107 Southbound Ferry at St. Matthews
20108 Northbound Ferry at St. Matthews
20109 Westbound Sargent at Ferry East
20110 Westbound Sargent at Flight
20111 Westbound Silver at Ferry
20112 Eastbound Silver at Ferry
20113 Eastbound Silver at Roseberry
20114 Westbound Silver at Roseberry
20115 Eastbound Silver at Marjorie
20116 Westbound Silver at Marjorie
20117 Eastbound Silver at Berry
20118 Northbound Berry at Silver
20119 Southbound Berry at Ness
20120 Southbound Berry at Portage
20121 Northbound Flight at Wellington
20122 Southbound Flight at Sargent
20123 Eastbound Sargent at Ferry East
20124 Westbound Ness at Madison
20125 Westbound Ness at Queen
20127 Westbound Ness at Berry
20128 Westbound Ness at Hampton
20129 Westbound Ness at Parkview
20130 Westbound Ness at Collegiate
20131 Westbound Ness at Rutland
20132 Westbound Ness at Sackville
20133 Westbound Ness at Albany
20134 Westbound Ness at Winchester
20135 Westbound Ness at Mandeville
20136 Westbound Ness at Woodlawn
20137 Westbound Ness at Air Force
20138 Westbound Ness at Conway
20139 Westbound Ness at Mount Royal
20140 Westbound Ness at Davidson
20141 Westbound Ness at Whytewold
20142 Westbound Ness at Rita
20143 Westbound Ness at Braintree
20144 Eastbound Sargent at Berry
20145 Eastbound Sargent at Bradford
20146 Northbound Saulteaux at Saulteaux A
20147 Eastbound Wellington at Flight
20148 Northbound Saulteaux at Saulteaux D
20149 Westbound Logan at Keewatin
20150 Southbound Saulteaux at Saulteaux F
20152 Westbound Murray Park at Saulteaux
20153 Westbound Murray Park at Cree West
20154 Eastbound Murray Park at Moray
20156 Westbound Ness at Moray
20157 Westbound Ness at Wallasey
20158 Westbound Ness at Harcourt
20159 Westbound Ness at Prairie View
20160 Westbound Ness at Sturgeon
20161 Westbound Ness at Pebblewood
20162 Westbound Ness at Heritage
20163 Westbound Ness at Valley View
20164 Westbound Ness at School
20165 Westbound Ness at Vimy
20166 Westbound Ness at Parkdale
20167 Westbound Ness at Muriel
20168 Eastbound Ness at Muriel
20169 Eastbound Ness at Parkdale
20170 Eastbound Ness at Vimy
20171 Eastbound Ness at School
20172 Eastbound Ness at Kirby
20173 Eastbound Ness at Pebblewood
20174 Eastbound Ness at Sturgeon
20175 Eastbound Ness at Prairie View
20176 Eastbound Ness at Harcourt
20177 Eastbound Ness at Wallasey
20178 Eastbound Ness at Moray
20179 Eastbound Ness at Braintree
20180 Eastbound Ness at Rita
20181 Eastbound Ness at Whytewold
20182 Eastbound Ness at Davidson
20183 Eastbound Ness at Mount Royal
20184 Eastbound Ness at Conway
20185 Eastbound Ness at Sharp
20186 Eastbound Ness at Woodlawn
20187 Eastbound Ness at Mandeville
20188 Eastbound Ness at Winchester
20189 Eastbound Ness at Albany
20190 Eastbound Ness at Sackville
20191 Eastbound Ness at Rutland
20192 Eastbound Ness at Ferry
20193 Eastbound Ness at Roseberry
20194 Eastbound Ness at Marjorie
20195 Eastbound Ness at Berry
20196 Northbound Berry at Ness
20197 Eastbound Ness at Queen
20198 Eastbound Ness at Kensington
20199 Eastbound Ness at St. James
20200 Westbound Portage at Century
20201 Westbound Portage at Queen
20202 Westbound Portage at Woodlands
20205 Westbound Portage at Berry
20206 Westbound Portage at Marjorie
20207 Westbound Portage at Collegiate
20208 Westbound Portage at Inglewood
20209 Westbound Portage at Amherst
20210 Westbound Portage at Albany
20211 Westbound Portage at Linwood
20212 Westbound Portage at Overdale (Assiniboine Park)
20213 Westbound Portage at Belvidere
20214 Westbound Portage at Woodlawn (Deer Lodge Centre)
20215 Westbound Portage at Sharp
20216 Westbound Portage at Conway
20217 Westbound Portage at Mount Royal East
20218 Westbound Portage at Mount Royal
20219 Westbound Portage at Traill
20220 Westbound Portage at Strathmillan
20221 Westbound Portage at Whytewold
20222 Westbound Portage at Rita
20223 Westbound Portage at Moray
20224 Westbound Portage at Aldine
20225 Westbound Portage at Thompson
20226 Westbound Portage at Harcourt
20227 Westbound Portage at Ronald
20228 Westbound Portage at Booth
20229 Westbound Portage at Harris
20230 Westbound Portage at Sturgeon
20231 Westbound Portage at Country Club
20232 Westbound Portage at Greenway
20233 Westbound Portage at School
20234 Westbound Portage at Vimy
20235 Westbound Portage at Parkhill
20236 Westbound Portage at Muriel
20237 Westbound Portage at Cavalier
20238 Westbound Portage at Sumach
20239 Eastbound Portage at Westwood
20240 Westbound Portage at Raquette
20241 Westbound Portage at Bedson
20242 Westbound Portage at David
20243 Westbound Portage at Knox
20245 Eastbound Unicity at Unicity Terminal (Rtes 11, 21, 25)
20246 Westbound Portage at Buchanan
20247 Westbound Portage at Stewart
20248 Eastbound Portage at St. Charles
20249 Eastbound Portage at Buchanan
20251 Eastbound Portage at David
20252 Eastbound Portage at Bedson
20253 Eastbound Portage at Seaton
20254 Eastbound Portage at Rouge
20255 Eastbound Portage at Muriel
20256 Eastbound Portage at Parkdale
20257 Eastbound Portage at Banting
20258 Eastbound Portage at Daer
20259 Eastbound Portage at Golf
20260 Eastbound Portage at Country Club
20261 Eastbound Portage at Woodlands
20262 Eastbound Portage at Sturgeon
20263 Eastbound Portage at Oakdean
20264 Eastbound Portage at Woodhaven
20265 Eastbound Portage at Old Mill
20266 Eastbound Portage at Windham
20267 Eastbound Portage at Lake
20268 Eastbound Portage at Ainslie
20269 Eastbound Portage at Rita
20270 Eastbound Portage at Olive
20272 Eastbound Portage at Whytewold
20273 Eastbound Portage at Vernon
20274 Eastbound Portage at Strathmillan
20275 Eastbound Portage at Mount Royal West
20276 Eastbound Portage at Mount Royal
20277 Eastbound Portage at Conway
20278 Eastbound Portage at Sharp
20279 Eastbound Portage at Woodlawn (Deer Lodge Centre)
20281 Eastbound Portage at Deer Lodge
20282 Eastbound Portage at Albany
20283 Eastbound Portage at Amherst
20284 Eastbound Portage at Rutland
20285 Eastbound Portage at Ferry
20286 Eastbound Portage at Roseberry
20287 Eastbound Portage at Riveroaks
20288 Eastbound Portage at Cavell
20289 Eastbound Portage at King Edward
20290 Eastbound Portage at Garden
20291 Eastbound Portage at Kintyre
20292 Northbound Booth at Lodge
20293 Westbound Pearl McGonigal at Grace Hospital (Rte 83)
20294 Northbound Sturgeon at Caron
20295 Southbound Sturgeon at Caron
20296 Southbound Sturgeon at Portage North
20297 Southbound Sturgeon at Portage
20298 Westbound Pearl McGonigal at Grace Hospital (Rtes 11, 21)
20300 Northbound Sturgeon at Thornton
20301 Southbound Sturgeon at Thornton
20302 Northbound Sturgeon at Silver South
20303 Southbound Sturgeon at Silver South
20304 Eastbound Unicity at Unicity Terminal (Rte 24)
20305 Eastbound Unicity at Unicity Terminal (Rtes 82, 83)
20306 Eastbound Hamilton at Sonnichsen
20307 Westbound Hamilton at Sonnichsen
20308 Eastbound Hamilton at Apple
20309 Eastbound Unicity at Unicity Terminal (Rtes 66, 98)
20311 Westbound Quail Ridge at Quail East
20312 Westbound Quail Ridge at Quail Central
20313 Westbound Quail Ridge at Quail West
20314 Westbound Hamilton at Valley View
20315 Eastbound Hamilton at Valley View
20316 Eastbound Hamilton at Wharton
20317 Westbound Hamilton at Vimy
20318 Eastbound Hamilton at Parkhill
20319 Westbound Hamilton at Crestview Park
20320 Westbound Red River College at RRC (19 via Notre Dame)
20321 Westbound Hamilton at Rogan
20322 Eastbound Hamilton at Rogan
20323 Westbound Hamilton at Cavalier
20324 Eastbound Hamilton at Cavalier
20325 Eastbound Hamilton at Cavalier West
20326 Westbound Hamilton at Cavalier West
20327 Westbound Hamilton at Chapman East
20328 Eastbound Hamilton at Chapman East
20329 Westbound Hamilton at Chapman
20330 Eastbound Hamilton at Chapman
20331 Westbound Hamilton at Redfern
20332 Eastbound Hamilton at Knox
20333 Westbound Hamilton at Knox
20334 Westbound Lumsden at Sabine
20335 Eastbound Lumsden at Galbraith
20336 Eastbound Lumsden at Kay
20337 Westbound Lumsden at Lake Ridge West
20338 Westbound Lumsden at Ashern
20339 Southbound Ashern Bus Loop at Ashern Loop
20340 Southbound Cavalier at Bissett
20341 Northbound Cavalier at Bissett
20342 Eastbound Lumsden at Cavalier
20343 Southbound Cavalier at Voyageur
20344 Northbound Cavalier at Voyageur
20345 Southbound Cavalier at Hollingsworth
20346 Northbound Cavalier at Gerrond
20347 Southbound Cavalier at Hamilton
20348 Northbound Cavalier at Hamilton
20349 Southbound Cavalier at Morgan
20350 Northbound Cavalier at Hillary
20351 Northbound Cavalier at Bancroft
20352 Southbound Cavalier at Bancroft
20353 Southbound Cavalier at Ness
20354 Northbound Cavalier at Ness
20355 Northbound Cavalier at Danbury
20356 Southbound Cavalier at Fairlane
20357 Southbound Cavalier at Portage North
20358 Northbound Cavalier at Portage
20359 Southbound Cavalier at Portage
20360 Southbound Westwood at Portage
20361 Southbound Westwood at Amundsen
20362 Southbound Westwood at Henday
20363 Southbound Westwood at Magellan
20364 Southbound Westwood at Sansome
20365 Southbound Westwood at Carlyle
20366 Southbound Westwood at Leacock
20367 Southbound Westwood at Robert Service
20368 Southbound Westwood at Assiniboine
20369 Westbound Assiniboine at Carroll
20370 Westbound Assiniboine at Longfellow
20371 Westbound Assiniboine at Rouge
20372 Northbound Rouge Bus Loop at Rouge Loop
20373 Northbound Rouge at West
20374 Southbound Rouge at West
20375 Northbound Rouge at Erlandson
20376 Southbound Rouge at Erlandson
20377 Northbound Rouge at Browning
20378 Southbound Rouge at Browning
20379 Northbound Rouge at Sansome
20380 Southbound Rouge at Sansome
20381 Southbound Rouge at Galinee
20382 Northbound Rouge at Ericsson
20383 Southbound Rouge at Allard
20384 Northbound Rouge at Davis
20386 Northbound Rouge at Portage
20387 Southbound Rouge at Portage
20388 Westbound Assiniboine at Maureen
20389 Westbound Assiniboine at Raquette
20390 Northbound Bedson at Assiniboine
20391 Northbound Bedson at Holt
20392 Northbound Bedson at Addison
20393 Northbound Bedson at Sansome
20394 Northbound Bedson at Allard
20395 Northbound Bedson at Portage
20396 Northbound Buchanan at Livinia
20397 Northbound Buchanan at Fairlane
20398 Northbound Buchanan at Ness
20399 Northbound Buchanan at Hamilton
20400 Eastbound Lumsden Bus Loop at Buchanan
20401 Southbound Buchanan at Hamilton
20402 Southbound Buchanan at Ness
20403 Southbound Buchanan at Fairlane
20404 Southbound Buchanan at Livinia
20405 Southbound Buchanan at Portage
20406 Southbound St Charles at Portage
20407 Southbound St Charles at Allard
20408 Northbound St Charles at Allard
20409 Southbound St Charles at Lepine
20410 Northbound St Charles at Lepine
20411 Southbound St Charles at Sansome
20412 Northbound St Charles at Sansome
20413 Southbound St Charles at Augier
20414 Northbound St Charles at Augier
20415 Southbound St Charles Bus Loop at St. Charles Loop
20416 Northbound Berry at Wellington
20417 Westbound Ness at Cavalier
20418 Eastbound Portage at Overdale (Assiniboine Park)
20419 Westbound Quail Ridge at Apple West
20420 Southbound Rouge at Davis
20422 Northbound Century at Sargent
20423 Northbound Buchanan at Peltier
20424 Southbound Buchanan at Lumsden
20425 Northbound Moray at Murray Park
20426 Southbound Caithness at Notre Dame
20427 Northbound Saulteaux at Saulteaux B
20428 Northbound Saulteaux at Saulteaux C
20429 Northbound Caithness at Notre Dame
20430 Southbound Saulteaux at Saulteaux E
20432 Westbound Red River College Terminal at Red River College (19 via Logan)
20433 Eastbound Lumsden at Lake Ridge East
20434 Westbound Apple at Hamilton
20435 Westbound Red River College Terminal at Red River College (Rte 77)
20436 Southbound Sturgeon at Ness
20437 Northbound Sturgeon at Ness
20438 Northbound Booth at Portage
20439 Southbound Buchanan at Peltier
20440 Southbound Westwood at Browning
20441 Westbound Portage at St. Charles
20444 Eastbound Quail Ridge at Apple West
20446 Eastbound Quail Ridge at Quail West
20448 Eastbound Quail Ridge at Quail Central
20450 Eastbound Quail Ridge at Quail East
20452 Eastbound Quail Ridge at Apple East
20454 Westbound Quail Ridge at Apple East
20456 Westbound Red River College Terminal at Red River College (Rtes 26, 28)
20457 Southbound Moray at Portage
20458 Northbound Moray at Portage
20462 Northbound Sturgeon at Hallonquist
20463 Northbound King Edward at Dublin South
20464 Northbound Sturgeon at Silver
20465 Southbound Sturgeon at Silver
20466 Southbound Sturgeon at Hallonquist
20467 Eastbound Lodge at Ronald
20468 Southbound Ronald at Portage
20469 Eastbound Pearl McGonigal at Grace Hospital (Rtes 82, 83, 98)
20470 Northbound Whytewold at Portage
20471 Northbound Whytewold at Lodge
20473 Northbound Whytewold at Bruce
20474 Southbound Whytewold at Bruce
20475 Southbound Whytewold at Lodge
20476 Northbound Kintyre at Portage
20477 Southbound Keewatin at Alexander
20478 Southbound Keewatin at Ross
20479 Southbound Keewatin at Notre Dame
20480 Southbound Whytewold at Portage
20481 Northbound Thompson at Ness
20482 Northbound Thompson at Strauss
20485 Eastbound Strauss at Strauss Central
20487 Eastbound Strauss at Strauss East
20489 Eastbound Strauss at Moray
20491 Eastbound Cree at Cree A
20492 Eastbound Cree at Cree B
20493 Eastbound Cree at Cree C
20494 Eastbound Cree at Cree D
20496 Westbound Hamilton at Silver
20497 Eastbound Hamilton at Silver
20498 Southbound Booth at Lodge
20499 Westbound Saskatchewan at Sturgeon
20500 Eastbound Saskatchewan at Sturgeon
20501 Westbound Sargent at Ferry
20502 Eastbound Sargent at Ferry
20503 Southbound Bedson at Allard
20504 Southbound Bedson at Sansome
20505 Southbound Bedson at Dickens
20506 Southbound Bedson at Coleridge Park
20507 Southbound Bedson at Assiniboine
20508 Eastbound Assiniboine at Raquette
20509 Eastbound Assiniboine at Maureen
20510 Eastbound Assiniboine at Rouge
20511 Eastbound Assiniboine at Longfellow
20512 Eastbound Assiniboine at Carroll
20513 Eastbound Assiniboine at Westwood
20514 Northbound Westwood at Haliburton
20515 Northbound Westwood at Sandburg
20516 Northbound Westwood at Carlyle
20517 Northbound Westwood at Wordsworth
20518 Northbound Westwood at Sansome
20519 Northbound Westwood at Magellan
20520 Northbound Westwood at Amundsen
20521 Northbound Westwood at Byrd
20523 Westbound Wellington at Flight
20524 Westbound Lumsden at Lake Ridge East
20525 Southbound St James at Wellington North
20526 Northbound Flight at Sargent
20528 Eastbound Portage at Cavalier
20529 Westbound Logan at King Edward
20530 Westbound Logan at Bannister
20531 Westbound Logan at Ryan
20532 Westbound Logan at Parent
20533 Northbound Omands Creek at Sylvan
20534 Westbound Winfield at Omands Creek
20535 Southbound Omands Creek at Sylvan
20536 Eastbound Logan at Parent
20537 Eastbound Logan at Ryan
20538 Eastbound Logan at Bannister
20539 Eastbound Logan at King Edward
20600 Northbound Unicity West Access Road at Unicity (Shoppers Drugs)
20601 Eastbound Augier at Gagnon
20602 Eastbound Augier at St. Charles
20603 Northbound Unicity North Access at Unicity (Sobey's)
20604 Southbound Unicity North Access at Unicity (Wal-Mart)
20605 Southbound Unicity Terminal at Unicity (Rte 82)
20606 Westbound Saskatchewan at Whytewold East
20607 Westbound Saskatchewan at Whytewold West
20608 Westbound Saskatchewan at Westhanger
30001 Northbound McPhillips at Huron
30002 Westbound Templeton at Salter
30003 Eastbound Templeton at Salter
30004 Eastbound Templeton at Tanner
30005 Westbound Templeton at Tanner
30006 Eastbound Templeton at Aikins
30007 Westbound Templeton at Aikins
30009 Southbound Main at Red River
30010 Southbound Main at Woodbine
30011 Northbound Main at Park Manor
30012 Southbound Main at Park Manor
30013 Southbound Main at Murray
30014 Northbound Main at Murray
30015 Southbound Main at Chief Peguis
30016 Northbound Main at Foley
30017 Northbound Main at Seaforth
30018 Southbound Main at Seaforth
30019 Northbound Main at Margaret
30020 Southbound Salter at Partridge
30022 Southbound Main at Templeton
30023 Northbound Main at Kildonan Park
30024 Southbound Main at Kildonan Park
30025 Northbound Main at Armstrong
30026 Southbound Main at Armstrong
30027 Westbound Leila at Main
30028 Northbound Main at Leila
30029 Southbound Main at Leila
30030 Eastbound Partridge at Main
30031 Northbound Main at Royal
30032 Southbound Main at Forrest
30033 Northbound Main at Burrin
30034 Southbound Main at Burrin
30035 Northbound Main at Kilbride
30036 Southbound Main at Kilbride
30037 Southbound Main at Hartford
30038 Northbound Main at Hartford
30039 Southbound Main at St. Anthony
30040 Northbound Main at St. Anthony
30041 Westbound Jefferson at Main
30042 Eastbound Jefferson at Main
30043 Southbound Main at Jefferson (Park & RIde)
30044 Northbound Main at Seven Oaks
30045 Northbound Main at Rupertsland
30046 Southbound Main at Rupertsland
30047 Northbound Main at McAdam
30048 Southbound Main at McAdam
30049 Westbound Matheson at Scotia
30050 Westbound Templeton at Main
30051 Northbound Main at Lansdowne
30052 Eastbound Templeton at Durward
30053 Northbound Scotia at Inkster
30054 Southbound Main at Inkster
30055 Northbound Main at Luxton
30056 Northbound Main at Atlantic
30057 Southbound Main at Polson
30059 Southbound Scotia at Polson
30060 Northbound Scotia at Atlantic
30061 Southbound Scotia at Atlantic
30062 Northbound Main at Cathedral
30063 Westbound Cathedral at Main East
30064 Eastbound Cathedral at Main East
30065 Westbound Cathedral at Emslie
30066 Eastbound Cathedral at Emslie
30067 Westbound Cathedral at St. Cross
30068 Eastbound Cathedral at St. Cross
30069 Southbound Scotia at Cathedral
30070 Eastbound Cathedral at Scotia
30071 Southbound Main at Cathedral
30072 Eastbound Cathedral at Main West
30073 Southbound Main at Church
30074 Northbound Main at Church
30075 Northbound Main at Anderson
30076 Northbound Main at Mountain
30077 Southbound Main at Mountain
30078 Westbound Mountain at Main
30079 Eastbound Mountain at Main
30080 Southbound Main at College
30081 Northbound Main at Boyd
30082 Westbound Redwood at Main
30083 Southbound Main at Redwood
30084 Eastbound Redwood at Main
30085 Northbound Main at Aberdeen
30086 Southbound Main at Alfred
30087 Northbound Main at Burrows
30088 Southbound Main at Magnus
30089 Northbound Main at Manitoba
30090 Westbound Selkirk at Main
30091 Southbound Main at Selkirk
30092 Northbound Main at Selkirk
30093 Eastbound Selkirk at Main
30094 Southbound Main at Dufferin
30095 Northbound Main at Euclid
30096 Southbound Main at Jarvis
30097 Northbound Main at Jarvis
30098 Westbound Disraeli at Sutherland
30099 Eastbound Disraeli at Sutherland
30100 Westbound Higgins at Sutherland
30101 Eastbound Higgins at Sutherland
30106 Westbound Leila at Aikins
30107 Eastbound Partridge at Aikins
30108 Westbound Jefferson at Aikins
30109 Eastbound Jefferson at Aikins
30110 Westbound Cathedral at Aikins
30111 Eastbound Cathedral at Aikins
30112 Eastbound Cathedral at Charles
30113 Eastbound Euclid at Main
30114 Westbound Cathedral at Main West
30115 Westbound Mountain at Aikins
30116 Eastbound Mountain at Aikins
30117 Westbound Selkirk at Aikins
30118 Westbound Selkirk at Charles
30119 Eastbound Selkirk at Aikins
30120 Eastbound Selkirk at Charles
30126 Westbound Leila at Salter
30128 Eastbound Partridge at Salter
30129 Southbound Salter at Royal
30130 Northbound Salter at Forrest
30131 Northbound Salter at Burrin
30132 Southbound Salter at Burrin
30133 Northbound Salter at Semple
30134 Southbound Salter at Kilbride
30135 Northbound Salter at Hartford
30136 Southbound Salter at Hartford
30137 Northbound Salter at St. Anthony
30138 Southbound Salter at St. Anthony
30139 Westbound Jefferson at Salter
30140 Southbound Salter at Jefferson
30141 Eastbound Jefferson at Salter
30142 Southbound Salter at Seven Oaks
30143 Northbound Salter at Seven Oaks
30144 Southbound Salter at Rupertsland
30145 Northbound Salter at Rupertsland
30146 Southbound Salter at Smithfield
30147 Northbound Salter at McAdam
30148 Southbound Salter at Lansdowne
30149 Northbound Salter at Lansdowne
30150 Southbound Salter at Polson
30151 Northbound Salter at Polson
30152 Southbound Salter at Bannerman
30153 Northbound Salter at Bannerman
30154 Eastbound Bannerman at Salter
30155 Westbound Cathedral at Salter
30156 Eastbound Cathedral at Salter
30157 Northbound Salter at Cathedral
30158 Southbound Salter at Machray
30159 Northbound Salter at Machray
30160 Southbound Salter at Anderson
30161 Northbound Salter at Anderson
30162 Southbound Salter at Mountain
30163 Westbound Mountain at Salter
30164 Northbound Salter at Mountain
30165 Eastbound Mountain at Salter
30166 Southbound Salter at Boyd
30167 Northbound Salter at Boyd
30168 Southbound Salter at Aberdeen
30169 Northbound Salter at Aberdeen
30170 Southbound Salter at Burrows
30171 Northbound Salter at Burrows
30172 Southbound Salter at Manitoba
30173 Northbound Salter at Manitoba
30174 Southbound Salter at Selkirk
30175 Westbound Selkirk at Salter
30176 Eastbound Selkirk at Salter
30177 Northbound Salter at Selkirk
30178 Northbound Salter at Dufferin
30179 Southbound Salter at Dufferin
30180 Westbound Dufferin at Salter
30181 Eastbound Dufferin at Salter
30182 Westbound Leila at Andrews
30183 Eastbound Partridge at Powers
30184 Eastbound Partridge at Andrews
30185 Westbound Jefferson at Powers
30186 Eastbound Jefferson at Powers
30187 Westbound Jefferson at Andrews
30188 Eastbound Bannerman at Powers
30189 Westbound Cathedral at Powers
30190 Eastbound Bannerman at Andrews
30191 Westbound Cathedral at Andrews
30192 Westbound Mountain at Powers
30193 Eastbound Mountain at Powers
30194 Westbound Mountain at Andrews
30195 Eastbound Mountain at Andrews
30196 Westbound Selkirk at Salter West
30197 Westbound Selkirk at Andrews
30198 Eastbound Selkirk at Salter West
30199 Westbound Leila at Watson
30200 Eastbound Selkirk at Andrews
30201 Westbound Dufferin at Andrews
30202 Eastbound Dufferin at Andrews
30203 Westbound Dufferin at Powers
30204 Eastbound Dufferin at Powers
30205 Westbound Leila at McGregor
30206 Northbound McGregor at Partridge
30207 Eastbound Partridge at McGregor
30209 Southbound McGregor at Royal
30210 Southbound McGregor at Smithfield
30211 Southbound McGregor at Kingsbury
30212 Northbound McGregor at Kingsbury
30213 Southbound McGregor at Semple
30214 Northbound McGregor at Semple
30215 Southbound McGregor at Belmont
30216 Northbound McGregor at Hartford
30217 Southbound McGregor at Perth
30218 Northbound McGregor at Perth
30219 Westbound Jefferson at McGregor
30220 Southbound McGregor at Jefferson
30221 Northbound McGregor at Jefferson
30222 Eastbound Jefferson at McGregor
30223 Westbound Jefferson at McKenzie
30224 Eastbound Jefferson at McKenzie
30225 Westbound Jefferson at Parr
30226 Eastbound Jefferson at Parr
30227 Southbound McGregor at Enniskillen
30228 Northbound McGregor at Enniskillen
30229 Northbound McGregor at Smithfield
30230 Southbound McGregor at McAdam
30231 Northbound McGregor at McAdam
30232 Southbound McGregor at Lansdowne
30233 Northbound McGregor at Lansdowne
30234 Southbound McGregor at Polson
30235 Northbound McGregor at Polson
30236 Southbound McGregor at Bannerman
30237 Northbound McGregor at Bannerman
30238 Westbound Cathedral at McGregor
30239 Southbound McGregor at Cathedral
30240 Northbound McGregor at Cathedral
30241 Southbound McGregor at Machray
30242 Northbound McGregor at Church
30243 Southbound McGregor at Anderson
30244 Northbound McGregor at Anderson
30245 Westbound Mountain at McGregor
30246 Southbound McGregor at Mountain
30247 Northbound McGregor at Mountain
30248 Eastbound Mountain at McGregor
30249 Southbound McGregor at Boyd
30250 Northbound McGregor at Boyd
30252 Northbound McGregor at Aberdeen
30254 Southbound McGregor at Aberdeen
30255 Southbound McGregor at Burrows
30256 Northbound McGregor at Burrows
30257 Southbound McGregor at Manitoba
30258 Northbound McGregor at Manitoba
30259 Northbound McGregor at Selkirk
30260 Westbound Selkirk at McGregor
30261 Eastbound Selkirk at McGregor
30262 Southbound McGregor at Selkirk
30263 Northbound McGregor at Flora
30264 Southbound McGregor at Stella
30265 Northbound McGregor at Dufferin
30266 Eastbound Dufferin at McGregor
30267 Eastbound Atlantic at McKenzie
30268 Westbound Cathedral at McKenzie
30269 Westbound Cathedral at Parr
30270 Westbound Mountain at McKenzie
30271 Eastbound Mountain at McKenzie
30272 Westbound Mountain at Parr
30276 Westbound Selkirk at McKenzie
30277 Eastbound Selkirk at McKenzie
30278 Westbound Selkirk at Parr
30279 Eastbound Selkirk at Parr
30280 Eastbound Atlantic at Parr
30281 Eastbound Mountain at Parr
30283 Northbound Arlington at Inkster
30284 Northbound Arlington at Atlantic
30285 Westbound Cathedral at Arlington
30286 Northbound Arlington at Cathedral
30287 Northbound Arlington at Church
30288 Northbound Arlington at Mountain
30289 Westbound Mountain at Arlington
30290 Northbound Arlington at Boyd
30292 Northbound Arlington at Aberdeen
30293 Northbound Arlington at Burrows
30294 Northbound Arlington at Manitoba
30295 Northbound Arlington at Selkirk
30296 Westbound Selkirk at Arlington
30297 Northbound Arlington at Dufferin
30298 Westbound Inkster at Sinclair East
30299 Eastbound Inkster at Arlington
30300 Southbound Arlington at Atlantic
30301 Eastbound Atlantic at Arlington
30302 Southbound Arlington at Cathedral
30303 Southbound Arlington at Church
30304 Eastbound Mountain at Arlington
30305 Southbound Arlington at Mountain
30306 Southbound Arlington at Boyd
30307 Southbound Arlington at Aberdeen
30308 Eastbound Aberdeen at Arlington
30309 Southbound Arlington at Burrows
30310 Southbound Arlington at Manitoba
30311 Eastbound Selkirk at Arlington
30312 Southbound Arlington at Selkirk
30313 Southbound Arlington at Dufferin
30314 Westbound Cathedral at Sinclair
30315 Westbound Mountain at Sinclair
30316 Westbound Mountain at Cairnsmore
30317 Eastbound Mountain at Sinclair
30318 Eastbound Mountain at Cairnsmore
30319 Westbound Aberdeen at Sinclair
30320 Westbound Selkirk at Sinclair
30321 Eastbound Selkirk at Sinclair
30322 Eastbound Aberdeen at Sinclair
30323 Southbound Sinclair at Dufferin
30324 Westbound Aberdeen at Artillery
30325 Westbound Selkirk at Sinclair West
30326 Eastbound Selkirk at Sinclair West
30327 Westbound Aberdeen at Battery
30328 Eastbound Aberdeen at Battery
30329 Eastbound Aberdeen at Artillery
30330 Westbound Selkirk at Battery
30331 Eastbound Selkirk at Battery
30332 Westbound Jarvis at Sinclair
30333 Eastbound Jarvis at Sinclair
30335 Westbound Jarvis at McPhillips East
30336 Eastbound Jarvis at McPhillips East
30337 Northbound McPhillips at Jarvis (McPhillips St Stn)
30338 Southbound McPhillips at Jarvis North (McPhillips St Station)
30339 Southbound McPhillips at McPhillips Station (Park & Ride)
30340 Westbound Templeton at Sly
30341 Eastbound Templeton at Meredith
30342 Southbound Garden Park at Templeton
30343 Eastbound Templeton at Garden Park
30344 Northbound Garden Park at Beecher
30345 Southbound Garden Park at Beecher
30346 Northbound Sinclair at Beecher
30347 Southbound Sinclair at Beecher
30348 Southbound Sinclair at Ambassador
30349 Northbound Sinclair at Ambassador
30350 Northbound Sinclair at Templeton
30351 Eastbound Templeton at McPhillips
30352 Southbound Sinclair at Templeton
30353 Northbound McPhillips at Court
30354 Westbound Leila at Ambassador
30355 Westbound Leila at Diplomat
30356 Westbound Leila at Monsey
30357 Westbound Leila at Sinclair
30358 Southbound Sinclair at Leila
30359 Westbound Leila at Jack Donner
30360 Eastbound Euclid at Maple
30361 Westbound Leila at Garden Park
30362 Westbound Leila at Garden Park West
30363 Westbound Leila at McPhillips East
30364 Southbound Garden City Terminal at Garden City Centre (71 via McPhillips)
30365 Westbound Leila at McPhillips West
30366 Westbound Leila at Watson East (Seven Oaks Hospital)
30367 Westbound Leila at Simkin
30368 Northbound Pipeline at Leila
30369 Eastbound Leila at Simkin
30370 Eastbound Templeton at Sly
30371 Eastbound Leila Bus Loop at Leila Loop
30372 Eastbound Leila at Watson East
30373 Eastbound Templeton at McGregor
30374 Southbound McPhillips at Leila
30375 Northbound McPhillips at Leila
30376 Eastbound Leila at McPhillips East
30377 Northbound Garden City Terminal at Garden City Centre (71 via Sinclair)
30378 Eastbound Leila at Garden Park
30379 Southbound Garden City Terminal at Garden City Centre (Rte 18)
30380 Eastbound Leila at Jack Donner
30381 Eastbound Leila at Sinclair
30382 Northbound Sinclair at Leila
30383 Eastbound Leila at Monsey
30384 Eastbound Leila at Diplomat
30385 Northbound Sinclair at Kingsbury
30386 Northbound McPhillips at Kingsbury
30387 Northbound Pipeline at Adsum
30388 Northbound Pipeline at Doubleday
30389 Northbound Pipeline at Manren
30390 Northbound Pipeline at Blechner
30391 Northbound Pipeline at Jefferson
30392 Westbound Jefferson at Watson
30393 Southbound McPhillips at Kingsbury
30394 Southbound McPhillips at Canna
30395 Southbound McPhillips at Stardust
30396 Westbound Jefferson at McPhillips West
30397 Northbound McPhillips at Kingsbury South
30398 Northbound McPhillips at Stardust
30399 Westbound Jefferson at McPhillips East
30400 Westbound Jefferson at Fir
30401 Westbound Jefferson at Tulip
30402 Westbound Jefferson at Airlies West
30403 Southbound Dexter at Ostafiew Farm
30405 Eastbound Templeton at Main
30406 Southbound Sinclair at Lincrest
30407 Northbound Sinclair at Lincrest
30408 Northbound Sinclair at Forest Park
30409 Northbound Sinclair at Merriwood
30410 Westbound Templeton at McGregor
30411 Westbound Jefferson at Airlies East
30412 Westbound Jefferson at Sinclair
30413 Westbound Jefferson at Teakwood
30414 Eastbound Jefferson at Teakwood
30415 Northbound Sinclair at Jefferson
30416 Eastbound Jefferson at Sinclair
30417 Eastbound Jefferson at Airlies East
30418 Eastbound Jefferson at Airlies West
30419 Eastbound Jefferson at Tulip
30420 Eastbound Jefferson at Fir
30421 Eastbound Jefferson at McPhillips East
30423 Northbound McPhillips at Jefferson
30424 Southbound McPhillips at Jefferson
30425 Northbound McPhillips at Richardson
30426 Southbound McPhillips at Dafoe
30427 Southbound Sinclair at Bluebell
30428 Northbound Sinclair at Primrose North
30429 Southbound Sinclair at Cherryhill
30430 Northbound Sinclair at Primrose South
30431 Northbound Sinclair at Dahlia
30432 Southbound Sinclair at Carruthers
30433 Northbound McPhillips at Lansdowne
30434 Eastbound Euclid at Argyle
30435 Northbound Disraeli at Sutherland
30436 Northbound McPhillips at Northgate (Park & Ride)
30437 Southbound McPhillips at Mapleglen
30438 Southbound McPhillips at Lansdowne
30439 Southbound McPhillips at Inkster
30440 Westbound Templeton at Diplomat
30441 Westbound Inkster at Wiginton
30442 Westbound Inkster at Airlies West
30443 Westbound Inkster at Airlies
30444 Eastbound Inkster at Sinclair
30445 Eastbound Inkster at Airlies
30446 Eastbound Inkster at Airlies West
30447 Eastbound Inkster at Wiginton
30448 Northbound McPhillips at Inkster
30449 Southbound Airlies at Polson
30450 Northbound Airlies at Polson
30451 Eastbound Atlantic at Sinclair
30452 Eastbound Atlantic at Sinclair West
30453 Eastbound Atlantic at Airlies
30454 Northbound Airlies at Bannerman
30456 Southbound McPhillips at Atlantic
30457 Eastbound Templeton at Diplomat
30458 Westbound Templeton at Sinclair
30459 Southbound McPhillips at Huron
30460 Eastbound Templeton at Sinclair
30461 Westbound Cathedral at Airlies
30462 Northbound McPhillips at Machray
30463 Southbound McPhillips at Machray
30464 Southbound McPhillips at Chamberlain
30465 Northbound McPhillips at Chamberlain
30466 Westbound Mountain at McPhillips East
30467 Southbound McPhillips at Mountain
30468 Westbound Mountain at Monreith
30469 Westbound Mountain at Dalton
30470 Westbound Mountain at Kildarroch
30471 Westbound Mountain at Minnigaffe
30472 Eastbound Mountain at Airlies
30473 Eastbound Mountain at Robertson
30474 Eastbound Mountain at Monreith
30475 Eastbound Mountain at McPhillips East
30476 Northbound McPhillips at Mountain
30477 Eastbound Mountain at McPhillips West
30478 Southbound McPhillips at Boyd
30479 Northbound McPhillips at Boyd
30480 Northbound McPhillips at Aberdeen
30481 Westbound Aberdeen at Radford
30482 Westbound Aberdeen at Sgt Tommy Prince
30483 Eastbound Aberdeen at Sgt Tommy Prince
30484 Eastbound Aberdeen at Radford
30485 Eastbound Aberdeen at McPhillips
30486 Southbound McPhillips at Aberdeen
30487 Southbound McPhillips at Burrows
30488 Westbound Burrows at McPhillips
30489 Eastbound Burrows at McPhillips
30490 Northbound McPhillips at Burrows
30491 Southbound McPhillips at Manitoba
30492 Westbound Manitoba at McPhillips
30493 Eastbound Manitoba at McPhillips
30494 Northbound McPhillips at Manitoba
30495 Westbound Selkirk at McPhillips
30496 Southbound McPhillips at Selkirk
30497 Westbound Selkirk at Sgt Tommy Prince
30498 Eastbound Selkirk at Sgt Tommy Prince
30499 Eastbound Selkirk at McPhillips
30500 Northbound McPhillips at Selkirk
30501 Northbound McPhillips at Selkirk South
30502 Southbound McPhillips at Selkirk South
30503 Southbound Pipeline at Mariner
30504 Southbound Pipeline at Adsum
30505 Southbound Pipeline at Doubleday
30506 Southbound Pipeline at Manren
30507 Southbound Pipeline at Blechner
30508 Northbound Disraeli at Rover
30509 Eastbound Jefferson at Pipeline
30510 Eastbound Jefferson at Watson
30514 Northbound Fife at Inkster
30515 Northbound Fife at Huron
30516 Southbound Gladstone at Sutherland
30517 Northbound Fife at Church
30518 Northbound Fife at Admiral
30519 Westbound Mountain at Fife
30520 Westbound Mountain at McPhillips West
30521 Eastbound Mountain at Fife
30525 Westbound Burrows at McNichol
30526 Westbound Manitoba at McNichol
30527 Westbound Manitoba at McPhillips West
30528 Eastbound Manitoba at McPhillips West
30531 Southbound Fife at Inkster
30532 Southbound Fife at Huron
30533 Westbound Church at Fife
30534 Eastbound Jefferson at Andrews
30535 Southbound Fife at Church
30536 Southbound Fife at Admiral
30537 Westbound Mountain at Fife West
30538 Eastbound Mountain at Fife West
30539 Westbound Burrows at Fife
30540 Eastbound Burrows at McNichol
30541 Eastbound Manitoba at McNichol
30542 Westbound Burrows at Shaughnessy
30543 Eastbound Burrows at Shaughnessy
30544 Eastbound Manitoba at Shaughnessy
30545 Westbound Euclid at Argyle
30546 Westbound Manitoba at Shaughnessy
30547 Westbound Burrows at Lawrence
30548 Eastbound Burrows at Lawrence
30549 Westbound Manitoba at Sheppard
30550 Eastbound Manitoba at Lawrence
30551 Westbound Mountain at Bentall
30552 Eastbound Mountain at Bentall
30553 Westbound Mountain at Sheppard
30554 Eastbound Mountain at Sheppard
30555 Westbound Church at Bunting
30556 Eastbound Church at Bunting
30557 Westbound Church at Milner
30558 Eastbound Church at Milner
30559 Westbound Church at Sheppard
30560 Eastbound Church at Sheppard
30563 Westbound Church at Hutchings
30564 Eastbound Church at Hutchings
30565 Westbound Church at CPR Arborg
30566 Eastbound Church at CPR Arborg
30567 Westbound Inkster at Bunting
30568 Eastbound Inkster at Bunting
30569 Eastbound Inkster at Milner
30570 Westbound Inkster at Milner
30571 Westbound Inkster at Sheppard
30572 Eastbound Inkster at Sheppard
30573 Westbound Inkster at Hutchings
30574 Eastbound Inkster at Hutchings
30575 Westbound Inkster at Mandalay
30576 Eastbound Inkster at Mandalay
30577 Northbound Mandalay at Inkster
30578 Southbound Mandalay at Inkster
30579 Westbound Inkster at Wyatt
30580 Eastbound Inkster at Dunlop
30581 Westbound Jefferson at Maynard
30582 Eastbound Jefferson at Maberley
30583 Westbound Jefferson at Martindale
30584 Westbound Jefferson at Masterton
30585 Eastbound Jefferson at Mansard
30586 Eastbound Jefferson at Marbury
30587 Eastbound Mapleglen at Manor House
30588 Westbound Jefferson at Marnie
30589 Eastbound Jefferson at Sheppard
30590 Westbound Jefferson at Sheppard
30594 Westbound Mapleton at Sheppard
30595 Eastbound Mapleglen at Marlow
30596 Northbound Sheppard at Mapleglen
30597 Southbound Sheppard at Mapleglen
30598 Eastbound Mapleton at Sheppard
30599 Westbound Jefferson at Maevista
30600 Eastbound Jefferson at Maevista
30601 Eastbound Jefferson at Adsum
30602 Westbound Adsum at Jefferson
30603 Westbound Jefferson at Adsum
30604 Eastbound Jefferson at Hiddleston
30605 Westbound Jefferson at Hiddleston
30606 Westbound Jefferson at Manila
30607 Eastbound Jefferson at Manila
30608 Eastbound Jefferson at Gardenia
30609 Westbound Jefferson at Gardenia
30610 Westbound Jefferson at Idlewild
30611 Eastbound Jefferson at Lavender
30612 Northbound Mandalay at Jefferson
30613 Westbound Jefferson at Cannes
30614 Southbound Mandalay at Jefferson
30615 Northbound Mandalay at Anneville
30616 Southbound Mandalay at Playgreen
30617 Northbound Mandalay at Anglia
30618 Southbound Mandalay at Anglia
30619 Westbound Adsum at Citadel
30620 Westbound Adsum at Desharnais
30621 Westbound Adsum at Manila
30622 Eastbound Adsum at Manila
30623 Eastbound Adsum at Desharnais
30624 Eastbound Adsum at Ashmore
30625 Northbound Mandalay at Adsum
30626 Southbound Mandalay at Adsum
30627 Westbound Sutherland at Disraeli
30628 Westbound Euclid at Granville
30629 Northbound Mandalay at Margate
30630 Southbound Mandalay at Margate
30631 Northbound Mandalay at Abraham
30632 Southbound Mandalay at Mapleton
30633 Northbound Mandalay at Mapleton
30634 Westbound Mapleton at Neville
30635 Westbound Mapleton at Madrigal
30636 Eastbound Mapleton at Madrill
30637 Eastbound Mapleton at Rozmus East
30638 Eastbound Mapleton at Rozmus West
30639 Westbound Inkster at Plymouth
30640 Eastbound Inkster at Plymouth
30641 Westbound Inkster at Paramount
30642 Eastbound Inkster at Paramount
30643 Eastbound Inkster at Keewatin
30644 Westbound Inkster at Keewatin
30645 Southbound King Edward at Inkster
30646 Westbound Kinver at Cropo West
30647 Westbound Kinver at Cropo East
30648 Southbound Dexter at Kinver
30649 Eastbound Kinver at Kairistine
30650 Northbound Dexter at Kinver
30651 Southbound Keewatin at Inkster
30652 Southbound Keewatin at Kinver
30653 Northbound Keewatin at Kinver
30654 Westbound Church at Keewatin
30655 Westbound Church at Muir
30656 Westbound Church at Plymouth West
30657 Eastbound Church at Plymouth East
30658 Eastbound Church at Muir
30659 Eastbound Church at Keewatin
30660 Westbound Chief Peguis at Main
30661 Northbound Main at Chief Peguis
30662 Southbound Dexter at Raber
30663 Northbound Dexter at Brophy
30664 Westbound Burrows at Railway
30665 Eastbound Burrows at Railway
30666 Westbound Burrows at Gilbert
30667 Eastbound Burrows at Gilbert
30668 Eastbound Burrows at Keewatin West
30669 Eastbound Tyndall at Burrows
30670 Westbound Tyndall at Burrows
30671 Westbound Burrows at Keewatin West
30672 Westbound Egesz at Haddon West
30673 Westbound Egesz at Poplynn
30674 Westbound Egesz at Oak Point
30675 Southbound Garden Park at Leila
30676 Westbound Burrows at Keewatin East
30677 Eastbound Burrows at Keewatin East
30678 Southbound Dorset at Burrows
30679 Northbound Dorset at Tyndall
30680 Northbound Dorset at Burrows
30681 Southbound Dorset at Tyndall
30682 Westbound Tyndall at Dorset
30683 Westbound Tyndall at Chudley
30684 Eastbound Tyndall at Dorset
30685 Eastbound Tyndall at Chudley
30686 Westbound Burrows at Weitzel
30687 Eastbound Burrows at Smithurst
30688 Westbound Mountain at Bentall East
30689 Westbound Burrows at Dexter
30690 Eastbound Burrows at Avery
30691 Eastbound Mountain at Bentall East
30692 Eastbound Burrows at Albina
30693 Eastbound Burrows at King Edward
30694 Westbound Burrows at King Edward
30695 Westbound Burrows at Albina
30696 Westbound Church at Plymouth East
30698 Southbound King Edward at Manley
30699 Southbound King Edward at Herman
30700 Southbound King Edward at Burrows
30701 Westbound Burrows at Sumter
30702 Eastbound Burrows at Sumter
30703 Eastbound Burrows at Palms
30704 Westbound Burrows at Palms
30705 Eastbound Egesz at Markwood
30706 Eastbound Egesz at Haddon
30707 Westbound Egesz at Markwood
30708 Westbound Egesz at Haddon
30709 Westbound Egesz at Cardero
30710 Eastbound Egesz at Alwood
30711 Westbound Manitoba at Egesz
30712 Eastbound Manitoba at Egesz
30713 Eastbound Manitoba at Walsall
30714 Westbound Manitoba at Walsall
30715 Eastbound Manitoba at Bentley
30716 Westbound Manitoba at Bentley
30717 Northbound Keewatin at Burrows
30718 Westbound Jarvis at Habitat
30719 Eastbound Jarvis at Charles
30720 Westbound Jarvis at McPhillips (McPhillips St Stn)
30721 Eastbound Leila at Watson
30723 Westbound Manitoba at King Edward
30724 Eastbound Manitoba at King Edward
30725 Eastbound Manitoba at Huber
30726 Westbound Manitoba at Huber
30727 Westbound Manitoba at Featherstone
30728 Eastbound Manitoba at Featherstone
30729 Eastbound Manitoba at Ellington
30730 Westbound Manitoba at Ellington
30731 Westbound Manitoba at Brazil
30732 Eastbound Manitoba at Code
30733 Eastbound Manitoba at Keewatin West
30734 Westbound Manitoba at Keewatin West
30735 Westbound Manitoba at Keewatin East
30736 Eastbound Manitoba at Keewatin East
30737 Westbound Manitoba at Dorset
30738 Eastbound Manitoba at Dorset
30739 Westbound Manitoba at Chudley
30740 Eastbound Manitoba at Chudley
30741 Eastbound Manitoba at Buller
30742 Westbound Manitoba at Buller
30743 Eastbound Manitoba at Leo Novak
30744 Westbound Manitoba at Leo Novak
30746 Eastbound Manitoba at Railway
30747 Westbound Inkster at Fife
30748 Southbound Main at Margaret Loop
30749 Northbound King Edward at Inkster
30750 Westbound Aberdeen at McPhillips
30751 Northbound Robinson at Dufferin
30753 Eastbound Kinver at King Edward
30754 Eastbound Jefferson at McPhillips West
30755 Southbound Sinclair at Kingsbury
30756 Westbound Fife Bus Loop at Fife Loop
30757 Southbound Robinson at Dufferin
30758 Eastbound Leila at Ambassador
30759 Westbound Inkster at Sinclair
30760 Westbound Sutherland at Gomez
30761 Northbound Sinclair at Dufferin
30762 Southbound Fife at Redwood
30763 Westbound Burrows at Cutler
30764 Westbound Burrows at Haddon
30765 Eastbound Burrows at Benbow
30767 Eastbound Garton at Forest Cove
30768 Eastbound Garton at Rose Hill
30769 Eastbound Garton at Inkster Garden
30770 Westbound Garton at Rose Hill
30771 Westbound Garton at Belton
30772 Northbound Dr Jose Rizal at Adsum
30773 Northbound Keewatin at Inkster Garden
30774 Northbound Keewatin at Paramount
30775 Southbound Keewatin at Inkster Garden South
30776 Northbound Keewatin at Inkster Garden South
30777 Westbound Euclid at Austin
30779 Northbound Garden City Terminal at Garden City Centre (17 Misericordia)
30780 Northbound Garden City Terminal at Garden City Centre (77 Kildonan Place)
30781 Southbound Garden Park at Farlinger
30782 Eastbound Jefferson at Watson East
30783 Westbound Jefferson at Watson East
30784 Northbound King Edward at Garton
30785 Southbound King Edward at Garton
30786 Westbound Garton at Mount Auburn
30787 Westbound Garton at Inkster Garden
30788 Eastbound Garton at Mount Auburn
30789 Eastbound Old Commonwealth PATH at Dr Jose Rizal
30790 Southbound Keewatin at Paramount
30791 Southbound Keewatin at Inkster Garden
30792 Westbound Red River at Main
30793 Westbound Red River at Crofters
30794 Northbound Vince Leah at Red River
30795 Northbound Vince Leah at Spruce Thicket
30796 Northbound Vince Leah at Ferngrove
30797 Northbound Red Maple at Vince Leah
30798 Eastbound Fernbank at Red Maple
30799 Eastbound Fernbank at Riverstone
30800 Eastbound Fernbank at Main
30801 Northbound Main at Chief Peguis South
30802 Southbound Main at Highland
30803 Eastbound Garton at Inkster Garden North
30804 Westbound Garton at Inkster Garden North
30805 Eastbound Lucas at Brookside
30806 Eastbound Lucas at Barnham
30807 Eastbound Lucas at Birchlynn
30808 Eastbound Lucas at Tallman
30809 Eastbound Lucas at Burrows
30810 Southbound Keewatin at Tyndall
30811 Southbound Keewatin at Manitoba
30812 Southbound Keewatin at Selkirk
30813 Southbound Keewatin at Hekla
30814 Southbound Keewatin at Park Lane
30815 Northbound Keewatin at Hekla
30816 Northbound Keewatin at Selkirk
30817 Northbound Keewatin at Manitoba
30818 Northbound Keewatin at Tyndall
30819 Eastbound Dufferin at Aikins
30821 Southbound King at Dufferin
30824 Westbound Dufferin at Aikins
30825 Northbound Fife at Redwood
30826 Northbound Oak Point at Egesz West
30827 Northbound Brookside at Lucas
30828 Southbound Brookside at Lucas
30829 Southbound Oak Point at Egesz West
30832 Northbound Sheppard at Mountain
30836 Westbound Mapleglen at McPhillips
30837 Westbound Mapleglen at Dobrinsky
30838 Westbound Mapleglen at Maberley
30839 Westbound Mapleglen at Marbury
30840 Westbound Mapleglen at Sheppard
30841 Eastbound Mapleglen at Maberley
30842 Eastbound Mapleglen at Bender
30843 Eastbound Mapleglen at McPhillips
30846 Westbound Jefferson at Dunham
30847 Westbound Jefferson at Ritchie
30848 Northbound Ritchie at Skrypnyk
30849 Southbound Ritchie at Foxwarren
30850 Southbound Ritchie at Prelest
30851 Southbound Ritchie at Boundary
30852 Eastbound Jefferson at Dunham
30853 Eastbound Burrows at Garden Grove
30854 Westbound Matheson at St. Cross
30855 Eastbound Rosh Pina Access Road at Rosh Pina
30856 Northbound Ritchie at Prelest
30857 Southbound Ritchie at Jefferson
30858 Eastbound Matheson at St. Cross
30859 Eastbound Matheson at Scotia
30860 Southbound Scotia at Inkster
30861 Northbound Oak Point at Selkirk
30862 Northbound Oak Point at Egesz South
30863 Northbound Oak Point at Eagle
30865 Northbound Brookside at Inkster
30866 Eastbound Inksbrook at Brookside
30867 Southbound Inksbrook at Meridian
30868 Southbound Inksbrook at Inkster
30869 Eastbound Inkster at Burrows
30870 Eastbound Inkster at King Edward
30871 Northbound Keewatin at Inkster
30872 Southbound Keewatin at Inkster
30873 Westbound Inkster at King Edward
30874 Westbound Inkster at Mobile
30875 Westbound Leila at Simkin West
30876 Southbound Oak Point at Eagle
30877 Southbound Oak Point at Egesz South
30878 Southbound Oak Point at Selkirk
30879 Eastbound Leila at Simkin West
30880 Northbound Keewatin at Hekla South
30881 Southbound King Edward at Manitoba
30882 Northbound Dr Jose Rizal at Santa Fe
30883 Southbound Dr Jose Rizal at Santa Fe
30884 Southbound McPhillips at Court
30885 Northbound King at Dufferin
30887 Northbound Sheppard at Burrows
30888 Northbound Sheppard at Redwood
30889 Southbound Sheppard at Redwood
30890 Southbound Garden City Terminal at Garden City Centre (17 Seven Oaks 77 PP)
30891 Westbound Court at McPhillips
30892 Westbound Court at McPhillips West
30893 Eastbound Wal-Mart McPhillips at Wal-Mart
30894 Eastbound Wal-Mart McPhillips at McPhillips
30895 Westbound Manitoba at Railway
30896 Westbound Leila at Pipeline
30897 Eastbound Leila at Pipeline
30898 Westbound Ambergate at Pipeline
30899 Eastbound Ambergate at Pipeline
30900 Westbound Amber TL at Ambergate
30901 Westbound Amber at Brenner
30902 Eastbound Amber TL at Verona
30903 Eastbound Amber at Ambergate
30904 Northbound Manila at Cartwright
30905 Northbound Allan Blye at Leila
30906 Northbound Allan Blye at Amber
30907 Southbound Allan Blye at Amber
30908 Southbound Allan Blye at Leila
30909 Southbound Manila at Cartwright
30910 Westbound Jefferson at Manila West
30911 Eastbound Adsum at Mandalay
30912 Eastbound Adsum at Jefferson
30913 Southbound Main at Stella
30914 Southbound Sinclair at Forest Park
30915 Southbound Sinclair at Jefferson
30916 Southbound Sheppard at Burrows
30917 Northbound Arlington at College
30918 Southbound Watson at Leila
30919 Southbound Watson at Kingsbury
30920 Southbound Watson at Kingsbury South
30921 Southbound Watson at Beauty
30922 Southbound Watson at Jefferson
30923 Northbound Watson at Jefferson
30924 Northbound Watson at Beauty
30925 Northbound Watson at Kingsbury South
30926 Northbound Watson at Kingsbury
30927 Northbound Watson at Leila
30928 Southbound Sheppard at Mountain
30929 Eastbound Red River at Main
30930 Eastbound Red River at Knotwood
30931 Southbound Rivergrove at Attridge
30932 Southbound Rivergrove at Grifindale
30933 Westbound Ridgecrest at West Kildonan
30934 Westbound Ridgecrest at Main
30935 Northbound Main at Ridgecrest
30936 Eastbound Ridgecrest at West Kildonan
30937 Northbound Rivergrove at Grifindale
30938 Northbound Rivergrove at Attridge
30939 Westbound Red River at Sandalwood
30940 Westbound Red River at Meadowcrest
40001 Eastbound McMeans at Alex Taylor
40002 Eastbound McMeans at Heatherbloom
40003 Westbound Kildare at Wynford
40004 Eastbound McMeans at Allenby
40005 Westbound Kildare at Gables
40006 Eastbound Springfield at Henderson
40007 Westbound Kildare at Redonda East
40008 Northbound Redonda at Kildare
40009 Northbound Redonda at Murdoch MacKay
40010 Northbound Redonda at Victoria
40011 Westbound McMeans at Redonda
40012 Eastbound McMeans at Redonda
40013 Westbound Kildare at Redonda West
40014 Southbound Redonda at Murdoch MacKay
40015 Southbound Redonda at Victoria
40016 Westbound Victoria at Brelade
40017 Eastbound Victoria at Brelade
40018 Westbound Victoria at Laurentia
40019 Eastbound Victoria at Laurentia
40020 Westbound McMeans at Lancelot
40021 Eastbound McMeans at Lancelot
40022 Westbound Kildare at Widlake
40023 Eastbound Kildare at Widlake
40024 Westbound Victoria at Minikada
40025 Westbound McMeans at Bayview
40026 Eastbound McMeans at Bayview
40027 Westbound Kildare at Southampton
40028 Eastbound Kildare at Southampton
40029 Eastbound Victoria at Minikada
40030 Westbound Victoria at Naskapi
40031 Eastbound Victoria at Naskapi
40032 Westbound McMeans at Wayoata
40033 Eastbound McMeans at Wayoata
40034 Westbound Kildare at Wayoata
40035 Eastbound Kildare at Wayoata
40036 Westbound Regent at Wayoata
40037 Eastbound Regent at Wayoata
40038 Westbound McMeans at Argus
40039 Eastbound McMeans at Argus
40040 Westbound Kildare at Leola
40041 Eastbound Kildare at Leola
40042 Westbound Regent at Leola
40043 Eastbound Regent at Leola
40044 Westbound McMeans at Wabasha
40045 Eastbound McMeans at Wabasha
40046 Westbound Kildare at Wabasha
40047 Eastbound Kildare at Wabasha
40048 Eastbound Regent at Wabasha
40049 Westbound Regent at Wabasha
40050 Westbound McMeans at Day
40051 Eastbound McMeans at Day
40052 Southbound Kildonan Meadow at Stoney Lake
40053 Southbound Kildonan Meadow at Sunway
40054 Southbound Kildonan Meadow at Woodside
40055 Northbound Day at Rosseau
40056 Northbound Day at Yale
40058 Southbound Kildonan Meadow at Dawnville
40059 Northbound Gateway at Furniture Park
40060 Northbound Plessis at Dugald
40061 Westbound Kildare at Day
40062 Eastbound Kildare at Day
40063 Southbound Day at Harvard
40064 Southbound Day at Yale
40065 Westbound Regent at Day
40066 Eastbound Regent at Day
40067 Westbound McMeans at Bond
40068 Eastbound McMeans at Bond
40069 Westbound Kildare at Bond
40070 Eastbound Kildare at Bond
40071 Westbound Regent at Bond
40072 Eastbound Regent at Bond
40073 Westbound Pandora at Bond
40074 Eastbound Pandora at Bond
40075 Westbound McMeans at Winona
40076 Eastbound McMeans at Winona
40077 Westbound Kildare at Winona
40078 Eastbound Kildare at Winona
40079 Westbound Regent at Winona
40080 Eastbound Regent at Winona
40081 Eastbound Pandora at Madeline
40082 Westbound McMeans at Madeline
40083 Northbound Madeline at McMeans
40084 Southbound Madeline at Newman
40085 Northbound Madeline at Newman
40086 Southbound Madeline at Ralph
40087 Northbound Madeline at Ralph
40088 Northbound Madeline at Kildare
40089 Southbound Madeline at Kildare
40090 Westbound Kildare at Madeline
40091 Eastbound Kildare at Madeline
40092 Westbound Regent at Madeline
40093 Eastbound Regent at Madeline
40094 Westbound Pandora at Madeline
40095 Westbound Kildare at Hoka
40096 Eastbound Kildare at Hoka
40097 Westbound Regent at Hoka
40098 Eastbound Regent at Hoka
40099 Westbound Pandora at Hoka
40100 Northbound Hoka at Pandora
40101 Westbound Kernaghan at Hoka
40102 Eastbound Kernaghan at Hoka
40103 Northbound Sanford Fleming at Whiteway
40104 Northbound Sanford Fleming at Moberly
40105 Eastbound Sanford Fleming at Meadow Gate East
40106 Eastbound Sanford Fleming at Meadow Gate West
40107 Eastbound Sanford Fleming at Plessis
40108 Eastbound Burnett at Gateway
40109 Westbound Kildare at Brewster
40110 Eastbound Kildare at Brewster
40111 Westbound Regent at Brewster
40112 Eastbound Regent at Brewster
40113 Westbound Kildare at Kootenay
40114 Eastbound Kildare at Kootenay
40115 Northbound Plessis at Kildare
40116 Southbound Plessis at Kildare
40117 Northbound Plessis at Rosseau
40118 Southbound Plessis at Rosseau
40119 Northbound Plessis at Victoria West
40120 Westbound Regent at Plessis
40121 Eastbound Regent at Plessis
40122 Eastbound Burnett at Brunswick
40123 Southbound Brunswick at Red Oak
40124 Westbound Kernaghan at Plessis
40125 Eastbound Kernaghan at Plessis
40126 Northbound Plessis at Kernaghan
40127 Northbound Plessis at Kernaghan South
40128 Southbound Plessis at Regent
40129 Southbound Brunswick at Furniture Park
40130 Westbound Pandora at Plessis
40131 Eastbound Pandora at Plessis
40132 Southbound Brunswick at McLeod
40133 Southbound Prevette at Munroe
40134 Southbound Plessis at Peake
40136 Westbound Dugald at Plessis East
40137 Eastbound Dugald at Plessis East
40138 Westbound Dugald at Bates
40139 Eastbound Dugald at Bates
40140 Westbound Dugald at Foch
40141 Eastbound Dugald at Foch
40142 Westbound Dugald at Goodyear
40143 Westbound Dugald at Borden
40144 Northbound McFadden at Dugald
40145 Northbound McFadden at Copeland
40146 Eastbound Taggart at McFadden
40147 Southbound Webster at Taggart
40148 Southbound Webster at Copeland
40149 Southbound Webster at Dugald
40150 Eastbound Dugald at Borden
40151 Eastbound Dugald at Goodyear
40152 Westbound Pandora at Robson
40153 Eastbound Pandora at Robson
40154 Westbound Regent at Bienvenue
40155 Eastbound Regent at Bienvenue
40156 Westbound Pandora at Atwood
40157 Eastbound Pandora at Atwood
40158 Westbound Regent at Bradley
40159 Eastbound Regent at Bradley
40160 Westbound Pandora at Heartstone
40161 Eastbound Pandora at Heartstone
40162 Westbound Regent at Owen East
40164 Northbound Bournais at Pandora
40165 Northbound Bournais at Dzyndra
40166 Southbound Bournais at Pandora
40167 Southbound Bournais at Dzyndra
40168 Westbound Rougeau at Bournais
40169 Eastbound Rougeau at Bournais
40170 Westbound Regent at Owen
40171 Eastbound Regent at Owen
40172 Westbound Rougeau at Wendilene
40173 Eastbound Rougeau at Perry
40174 Westbound Regent at Club Regent (Park & Ride)
40175 Eastbound Regent at Starlight
40176 Eastbound Rougeau at Bernard
40177 Westbound Rougeau at Trudell
40178 Eastbound Regent at Peguis East
40179 Westbound Regent at Peguis East
40180 Westbound Rougeau at Rizzuto
40181 Eastbound Rougeau at Rizzuto
40182 Westbound Regent at Peguis
40183 Eastbound Regent at Peguis
40184 Westbound Rougeau at Bachinsky
40185 Eastbound Rougeau at Bachinsky
40186 Westbound Regent at Kildonan Place (Park & Ride)
40187 Eastbound Regent at Rougeau
40188 Westbound Rougeau at Regent
40189 Westbound Regent at Stapon East
40190 Eastbound Regent at Lagimodiere
40191 Southbound Day at Regent
40193 Northbound Stapon at Reenders
40194 Northbound Stapon at Reenders South
40195 Westbound Regent at Stapon
40196 Eastbound Regent at Stapon
40197 Southbound Stapon at Reenders
40198 Southbound Stapon at Reenders South
40199 Westbound Reenders at Lagimodiere East
40200 Eastbound Reenders at Lagimodiere East
40201 Northbound Molson at Golden Eagle
40202 Northbound Molson at Aluthra
40203 Northbound Molson at Snowdon
40204 Northbound Molson at Concordia
40205 Southbound Molson at Brewer
40206 Northbound Panet at Keenleyside
40207 Northbound Panet at Reenders
40208 Northbound Panet at Talbot
40209 Westbound Regent at Panet East
40210 Eastbound Regent at Panet East
40211 Northbound Panet at Clyde
40212 Southbound Panet at Clyde
40213 Southbound Molson at Tu Pelo
40214 Southbound Molson at Aluthra
40215 Southbound Molson at Antrim
40216 Southbound Molson at Snowdon
40217 Southbound Molson at Concordia
40218 Northbound Molson at Brewer
40219 Northbound Panet at Munroe
40220 Northbound Plessis at Regent
40222 Southbound Panet at Keenleyside
40223 Westbound Keenleyside at Kisil
40224 Eastbound Keenleyside at Panet
40225 Southbound Panet at Reenders
40226 Southbound Panet at Talbot
40228 Eastbound Talbot at Panet
40229 Westbound Nairn at Panet West
40230 Eastbound Nairn at Panet West
40231 Westbound Talbot at Clyde
40232 Eastbound Talbot at Clyde
40233 Westbound McLeod at Stefanie
40234 Eastbound McLeod at Sorley
40235 Westbound Concordia at Concordia Hospital
40236 Eastbound Concordia at Concordia Hospital
40237 Northbound Molson at Battershill
40238 Westbound Prevette Bus Loop at Prevette Loop
40239 Eastbound Dugald at Bates East
40240 Northbound Prevette at Munroe
40241 Westbound Keenleyside at Prevette
40242 Southbound Prevette at Keenleyside
40243 Eastbound Munroe at Molson
40244 Westbound Talbot at Stapleton
40245 Eastbound Talbot at Stapleton
40246 Northbound Louelda at McLeod
40247 Northbound Louelda at Stacey
40248 Northbound Louelda at Tu Pelo
40249 Northbound Louelda at Meighen
40250 Northbound Louelda at Antrim
40251 Northbound Louelda at Treger
40252 Northbound Louelda at Kimberly
40253 Northbound Louelda at Concordia
40254 Eastbound Concordia at Louelda
40255 Northbound Louelda at Simpson
40256 Northbound Louelda at Fleming
40257 Northbound Louelda at Moncton
40258 Westbound Munroe at Louelda
40259 Eastbound Munroe at Louelda
40260 Westbound Talbot at Keenleyside
40261 Eastbound Talbot at Keenleyside
40262 Westbound Nairn at Keenleyside
40263 Eastbound Nairn at Keenleyside
40264 Westbound McLeod at Louelda
40265 Eastbound McLeod at Louelda
40266 Southbound Louelda at Stacey
40267 Southbound Louelda at Tu Pelo
40268 Southbound Louelda at Tomlinson
40269 Southbound Louelda at Antrim
40270 Southbound Louelda at Green Valley
40271 Southbound Louelda at Concordia
40272 Westbound Concordia at Louelda
40273 Southbound Louelda at Consol
40274 Southbound Louelda at Prince Rupert
40275 Southbound Louelda at Munroe
40276 Westbound Munroe at Byars
40277 Eastbound Munroe at Byars
40278 Westbound McLeod at Brunswick
40279 Eastbound McLeod at Brunswick
40280 Westbound Concordia at Besant
40281 Eastbound Concordia at Besant
40282 Westbound Munroe at Besant
40283 Eastbound Munroe at Besant
40284 Westbound Talbot at Kent
40285 Eastbound Talbot at Kent
40286 Westbound Nairn at Kent
40287 Eastbound Nairn at Kent
40288 Westbound Talbot at Figaro
40289 Eastbound Talbot at Figaro
40290 Westbound McLeod at Gateway
40291 Eastbound McLeod at Gateway
40292 Westbound McLeod at Gateway East
40293 Eastbound McLeod at Gateway East
40294 Westbound McLeod at London
40295 Eastbound McLeod at London
40296 Northbound London at Concordia North
40297 Northbound London at Amelia
40298 Southbound London at Tu Pelo
40299 Northbound London at Tu Pelo
40300 Southbound London at Reay
40301 Northbound London at Reay
40302 Northbound London at Hobbs
40303 Southbound London at Hobbs
40304 Southbound London at Antrim
40305 Northbound London at Antrim
40306 Westbound Kimberly at London
40307 Southbound London at Kimberly
40308 Eastbound Concordia at London
40309 Northbound London at Simpson
40310 Northbound London at Fleming
40311 Northbound London at Government
40312 Westbound Munroe at London
40313 Westbound Talbot at Cameron
40314 Westbound Nairn at Chester
40315 Westbound Concordia at London
40316 Southbound London at Concordia
40317 Southbound London at Simpson
40318 Southbound London at Government
40319 Southbound London at Munroe
40320 Eastbound Munroe at London
40321 Eastbound Talbot at Cameron
40322 Eastbound Nairn at Chester
40323 Westbound Concordia at Grey
40324 Northbound Grey at Munroe
40325 Northbound Grey at Hoskin
40326 Northbound Grey at Wynten
40327 Northbound Grey at Harbison
40328 Northbound Grey at Martin
40329 Northbound Grey at Chalmers
40330 Northbound Grey at Windsor
40331 Westbound Talbot at Foster
40332 Eastbound Talbot at Foster
40333 Westbound Castle at Grey
40334 Northbound Grey at Riverton
40335 Westbound Talbot at Grey
40336 Westbound Nairn at Grey
40337 Eastbound Nairn at Grey
40338 Southbound Grey at Talbot
40339 Eastbound Talbot at Grey
40340 Westbound Talbot at Eaton
40341 Eastbound Talbot at Eaton
40342 Eastbound Concordia at Grey
40343 Westbound Munroe at Grey
40344 Eastbound Munroe at Grey
40345 Southbound Grey at Munroe
40346 Southbound Grey at Hoskin
40347 Southbound Grey at Wynten
40348 Southbound Grey at Harbison
40349 Southbound Grey at Union
40350 Southbound Grey at Windsor
40351 Northbound Gateway at Kimberly
40352 Westbound Concordia at Gateway
40353 Eastbound Concordia at Gateway
40354 Westbound Munroe at Gateway
40355 Eastbound Munroe at Gateway
40356 Eastbound Sun Valley at Gateway
40357 Westbound Sun Valley at Gateway
40358 Westbound Sun Valley at High Point
40359 Eastbound Sun Valley at Regatta West
40360 Eastbound Sun Valley at Regatta East
40361 Westbound Sun Valley at Regatta East
40362 Eastbound Sun Valley at Sunny Hills
40363 Westbound Sun Valley at Sunny Hills
40364 Eastbound Sun Valley at Kingsdale
40365 Westbound Sun Valley at Hovingham
40368 Westbound Midwinter at Henderson
40369 Northbound Henderson at Hespeler
40370 Northbound Henderson at Johnson
40371 Northbound Henderson at Carmen
40372 Northbound Henderson at Harbison
40373 Northbound Henderson at Bowman
40374 Northbound Henderson at Washington
40375 Northbound Henderson at Munroe
40376 Northbound Henderson at Trent
40377 Northbound Henderson at Sydney
40378 Northbound Henderson at Chelsea
40379 Northbound Henderson at Kimberly
40380 Northbound Brunswick at Furniture Park
40381 Northbound Henderson at Dunrobin
40382 Northbound Henderson at Hazel Dell
40383 Northbound Henderson at Greene
40384 Northbound Henderson at Leighton
40385 Northbound Henderson at Northdale
40387 Northbound Henderson at McLeod
40388 Northbound Henderson at Devon
40389 Northbound Henderson at Hawthorne
40390 Northbound Henderson at Edison
40391 Northbound Henderson at Slater
40392 Northbound Henderson at Sutton
40393 Northbound Henderson at Whellams
40394 Northbound Henderson at Chief Peguis
40395 Northbound Henderson at Fortier
40396 Northbound Henderson at McIvor North
40397 Northbound Henderson at Bonner
40398 Northbound Henderson at Knowles
40399 Northbound Henderson at Emerson
40400 Southbound Gateway at Bronx
40401 Southbound Gateway at McIvor
40402 Northbound Gateway at McIvor
40403 Southbound Panet at Munroe
40404 Southbound Glenway Bus Loop at Glenway Loop
40405 Southbound Henderson at Knowles
40406 Southbound Henderson at Knowles South
40407 Southbound Henderson at Bonner
40408 Southbound Henderson at Strood North
40409 Southbound Henderson at McIvor North
40410 Southbound Henderson at Fortier
40411 Southbound Henderson at Gilmore
40412 Southbound Henderson at Valhalla
40413 Northbound Henderson at Chief Peguis Loop
40414 Southbound Henderson at Chief Peguis
40415 Southbound Henderson at Whellams
40416 Southbound Henderson at Sutton
40417 Southbound Henderson at Slater
40418 Southbound Henderson at Edison
40419 Southbound Henderson at Hawthorne
40420 Southbound Henderson at Cheriton
40421 Southbound Henderson at Rowandale
40422 Southbound Henderson at Fraser's
40423 Southbound Henderson at Northdale
40424 Southbound Henderson at Leighton
40425 Southbound Henderson at Greene
40426 Southbound Henderson at Hazel Dell
40427 Southbound Henderson at Dunrobin
40428 Southbound Henderson at Kimberly
40429 Southbound Henderson at Chelsea
40430 Southbound Henderson at Kildonan
40431 Southbound Henderson at Trent
40432 Southbound Henderson at Munroe
40433 Southbound Henderson at Bredin North
40434 Southbound Henderson at Bredin
40435 Southbound Henderson at Harbison
40436 Southbound Henderson at Martin
40437 Southbound Henderson at Hespeler
40438 Westbound Hespeler at Beatrice
40439 Westbound Hespeler at Glenwood
40440 Eastbound Hespeler at Glenwood
40441 Eastbound Hespeler at Beatrice
40442 Eastbound Hespeler at Henderson
40443 Southbound Henderson at Dearborn
40445 Eastbound Nairn at Stadacona
40446 Eastbound Nairn at Desalaberry
40447 Eastbound Nairn at Watt
40448 Westbound Nairn at Watt
40449 Southbound Watt at Nairn
40450 Northbound Watt at Nairn
40451 Northbound Watt at Talbot
40452 Southbound Watt at Talbot
40453 Northbound Watt at Tweed
40454 Southbound Watt at Tweed
40455 Northbound Watt at Thames
40456 Westbound Talbot at Elmwood
40457 Eastbound Talbot at Elmwood
40458 Eastbound Talbot at Watt
40459 Westbound Talbot at Watt
40460 Westbound Talbot at Allan
40461 Eastbound Talbot at Allan
40462 Northbound Brunswick at Red Oak
40463 Westbound Talbot at Stadacona
40464 Southbound Brazier at Talbot
40465 Eastbound Talbot at Brazier
40466 Eastbound Talbot at Henderson
40467 Eastbound Talbot at Stadacona
40469 Northbound Stadacona at William Newton
40470 Westbound Nairn at Stadacona
40471 Westbound Nairn at Allan
40472 Southbound Stadacona at Nairn
40473 Southbound Watt at Thames
40474 Northbound Watt at Chalmers
40475 Southbound Watt at Union
40476 Northbound Watt at Harbison
40477 Southbound Watt at Harbison
40478 Northbound Watt at Bowman
40479 Southbound Watt at Bowman
40481 Southbound Watt at Washington
40482 Northbound Watt at Ottawa
40483 Northbound Watt at Munroe
40484 Southbound Watt at Munroe
40485 Southbound Watt at Trent
40486 Northbound Watt at Trent
40487 Southbound Watt at Neil
40488 Northbound Watt at Neil
40489 Southbound Watt at Sydney
40490 Northbound Watt at Sydney
40491 Southbound Watt at Chelsea
40492 Northbound Watt at Chelsea
40493 Northbound Watt at Kimberly
40494 Southbound Watt at Kimberly
40495 Southbound Watt at Dunrobin
40496 Northbound Watt at Dunrobin
40497 Northbound Watt at Oakview
40498 Southbound Watt at Hazel Dell
40499 Northbound Watt at Greene
40500 Southbound Watt at Greene
40501 Northbound Leighton Bus Loop at Leighton Loop
40502 Westbound Kimberly at Henderson
40503 Eastbound Kimberly at Henderson
40504 Westbound Kimberly at Brazier
40505 Eastbound Kimberly at Brazier
40506 Westbound Kimberly at Roch
40507 Eastbound Kimberly at Roch
40508 Westbound Kimberly at Watt
40509 Eastbound Kimberly at Watt
40510 Westbound Kimberly at Golspie
40511 Eastbound Kimberly at Golspie
40512 Westbound Kimberly at Raleigh
40513 Eastbound Kimberly at Raleigh
40514 Westbound Munroe at Raleigh
40515 Eastbound Munroe at Raleigh
40516 Southbound Levis at Johnson
40517 Eastbound Johnson at Levis
40518 Westbound Johnson at Roch
40519 Eastbound Johnson at Roch
40520 Westbound Johnson at Brazier
40521 Eastbound Johnson at Brazier
40522 Westbound Johnson at Henderson
40523 Westbound McLeod at Henderson
40524 Eastbound McLeod at Brazier
40525 Westbound McLeod at Brazier
40526 Westbound McLeod at Roch
40527 Eastbound McLeod at Roch
40528 Eastbound McLeod at Rothesay
40529 Westbound McLeod at Rothesay
40530 Eastbound McLeod at Golspie
40531 Westbound McLeod at Golspie
40532 Westbound McLeod at Dundoon
40533 Eastbound McLeod at Dundoon
40534 Westbound Burnett at Brunswick
40535 Eastbound McLeod at Raleigh
40536 Westbound McLeod at Raleigh
40538 Westbound Headmaster at Rothesay
40539 Eastbound Edison at Ian
40540 Westbound Edison at Ian
40541 Eastbound Edison at De Graff
40542 Westbound Edison at De Graff
40543 Westbound Edison at Broad
40544 Eastbound Edison at Broad
40545 Eastbound Edison at MacAulay
40546 Westbound Edison at MacAulay
40547 Eastbound Edison at De Fehr
40548 Westbound Edison at De Fehr
40549 Westbound Edison at Rothesay
40550 Northbound Rothesay at MacAulay
40551 Southbound Rothesay at Melmar
40552 Eastbound Edison at Rothesay
40553 Eastbound Edison at Roch East
40554 Eastbound Edison at Roch
40555 Westbound Edison at Roch
40556 Eastbound Edison at Roch West
40557 Westbound Edison at Roch West
40558 Westbound Munroe at Raleigh West
40559 Eastbound Munroe at Raleigh West
40560 Westbound Springfield at Graduate
40561 Eastbound Springfield at Rothesay
40562 Westbound Springfield at Rothesay
40563 Westbound Springfield at Karen
40564 Eastbound Springfield at Karen
40565 Westbound Springfield at Brian
40566 Eastbound Springfield at Brian
40567 Eastbound Springfield at Edelweiss
40568 Westbound Springfield at Edelweiss
40569 Westbound Springfield at Raleigh
40570 Southbound Raleigh at Springfield South
40571 Westbound Donwood at Callum
40572 Eastbound Donwood at Edelweiss East
40573 Westbound Donwood at Edelweiss East
40574 Eastbound Donwood at Edelweiss West
40575 Westbound Donwood at Quiring
40576 Westbound Donwood at Mattinee
40577 Eastbound Donwood at Reinhard
40578 Westbound Donwood at Honeywood
40579 Eastbound Donwood at Claudia
40580 Westbound Donwood at Pinecrest
40581 Eastbound Donwood at Rothesay
40582 Eastbound Donwood at Pinecrest
40583 Westbound Donwood at Pinecrest
40584 Eastbound Donwood at Pinecrest West
40585 Westbound Edison at Henderson
40586 Westbound Donwood at River East Plaza
40588 Eastbound Donwood at River East Plaza
40589 Eastbound Donwood at Sutton
40590 Westbound Donwood at Sutton
40591 Eastbound Sutton at Henderson
40592 Westbound Sutton at Henderson
40593 Southbound Rothesay at Springfield
40594 Northbound Rothesay at Sutton
40595 Southbound Rothesay at Paufeld
40596 Northbound Rothesay at Paufeld
40597 Northbound Rothesay at Donwood
40598 Southbound Rothesay at Douglas
40599 Northbound Rothesay at Douglas
40600 Southbound Rothesay at Gilmore
40601 Northbound Rothesay at Gilmore
40602 Southbound Rothesay at Swiss
40603 Northbound Rothesay at Hathway
40604 Northbound Rothesay at McIvor
40605 Southbound Rothesay at Diamond
40606 Northbound Rothesay at Strood
40607 Southbound Rothesay at Strood
40608 Northbound Henderson at Strood North
40609 Southbound Rothesay at Bonner
40610 Northbound Rothesay at Bonner
40611 Northbound Rothesay at Headmaster
40612 Westbound Headmaster at Wilfred Knowles
40613 Eastbound Headmaster at Bunn's
40614 Eastbound Headmaster at Douglas Lawrence
40615 Westbound Headmaster at Douglas Lawrence
40616 Westbound Headmaster at Mildred
40617 Eastbound Headmaster at Jack Hawthorn
40618 Westbound Headmaster at Keith Black
40619 Eastbound Headmaster at Keith Black
40620 Eastbound Headmaster at Principal
40621 Westbound Headmaster at Peters
40622 Eastbound Devonshire at Clouston
40623 Westbound Headmaster at Matthew
40624 Eastbound Headmaster at Leatherwood West
40625 Westbound Headmaster at Leatherwood East
40626 Eastbound Headmaster at Leatherwood East
40627 Northbound Raleigh at Bonner
40628 Southbound Raleigh at Bonner
40629 Northbound Henderson at Strood South
40630 Southbound Henderson at Johnson
40631 Northbound Meadow Lake at Lynn Lake
40632 Westbound North Meadow at Fireside
40633 Westbound North Meadow at Brookshire
40634 Southbound Plessis at Spring Meadow
40635 Westbound North Meadow at Long Point
40636 Eastbound McMeans at Corliss
40637 Westbound Kildare at McMeans
40638 Westbound Munroe at Golspie
40639 Eastbound Munroe at Golspie
40640 Southbound Henderson at Strood South
40641 Northbound Raleigh at McIvor North
40642 Southbound Plessis at North Meadow
40643 Southbound Raleigh at McIvor North
40644 Southbound Raleigh Bus Loop at Raleigh&McIvor Loop (11 via Rothesay, 41, 85)
40645 Eastbound Reenders at Panet
40646 Northbound Raleigh at Gilmore
40647 Westbound Gilmore at Malcana
40648 Westbound Gilmore at Serenity
40649 Eastbound Gilmore at Serenity
40650 Eastbound Gilmore at Melonlea
40651 Westbound Gilmore at Melonlea
40652 Westbound Gilmore at Chornick
40653 Eastbound Gilmore at Mellowmead
40654 Westbound Gilmore at Greenlea
40655 Eastbound Gilmore at Greenlea
40656 Eastbound Gilmore at Evenlea
40657 Westbound Gilmore at Springlea
40658 Westbound Gilmore at Autumnlea
40659 Eastbound Gilmore at Marcie
40660 Southbound Rothesay at Donwood
40661 Eastbound Gilmore at Rothesay
40662 Westbound Reenders at Lagimodiere West
40663 Northbound De Vries at McIvor South
40664 Northbound De Vries at McIvor
40665 Westbound Ragsdill at De Vries
40666 Westbound Ragsdill at John Huyda
40667 Westbound Ragsdill at Mitchelson
40668 Eastbound Concordia at Molson
40669 Southbound London at Fleming
40670 Northbound Molson at Timberline
40671 Southbound Molson at Munroe
40672 Westbound Munroe at Prevette
40673 Westbound Munroe at Molson
40674 Westbound Ragsdill at Clearview
40675 Westbound Concordia at Molson
40676 Southbound Gateway at Ragsdill
40679 Northbound Raleigh at Eade
40681 Northbound Henderson at Dearborn
40682 Northbound Henderson at Douglas
40683 Northbound Henderson at Gilmore
40684 Northbound Gateway at Ragsdill
40685 Westbound Dugald at Plessis
40686 Westbound Burnett at Gateway
40687 Southbound Louelda at Kimberly
40688 Southbound Redonda at Kildare
40689 Northbound Panet at Girdwood
40690 Southbound Panet at Girdwood
40691 Eastbound Ragsdill at Clearview
40692 Northbound Henderson at McIvor South
40693 Southbound Henderson at McIvor South
40694 Westbound Grassie at Molson
40695 Eastbound Grassie at Pearn
40696 Southbound McLellan at Williamson
40697 Southbound McLellan at Howard Kendel
40698 Southbound McLellan at Concordia
40699 Eastbound Filbert Bus Loop at Filbert Loop
40700 Northbound McLellan at Concordia
40701 Northbound McLellan at Rutledge
40702 Southbound Gateway at Furniture Park
40703 Westbound Grassie at Pearn
40704 Eastbound Grassie at Molson
40705 Eastbound Ragsdill at Strongberg
40706 Eastbound Ragsdill at Middlehurst
40707 Eastbound Pandora at Day
40708 Eastbound Pandora at Wabasha
40709 Eastbound Pandora at Leola
40710 Eastbound Pandora at Wayoata
40711 Eastbound Pandora at Wayoata East
40712 Westbound Pandora at Wayoata East
40713 Westbound Pandora at Wayoata
40714 Westbound Pandora at Leola
40715 Westbound Pandora at Wabasha
40716 Westbound Pandora at Day
40717 Northbound Redonda Bus Loop at Redonda Loop
40718 Eastbound Kildare at Gables
40719 Eastbound Kildare at Rothshire
40720 Eastbound Kildare at McMeans
40721 Eastbound Kildare at Binscarth
40722 Westbound Kildare at Binscarth
40723 Northbound Alex Taylor at Blairmore North
40724 Eastbound Ragsdill at De Vries
40725 Northbound Alex Taylor at Blairmore South
40726 Northbound Alex Taylor at Foxborough West
40727 Southbound Alex Taylor at Foxborough West
40728 Southbound Alex Taylor at Foxborough East
40729 Southbound Alex Taylor at Blairmore North
40730 Southbound Alex Taylor at Corliss
40731 Westbound McMeans at Corliss
40732 Westbound McMeans at Alex Taylor
40733 Westbound McMeans at Heatherbloom
40734 Westbound McMeans at Allenby
40735 Northbound Plessis at Kildonan Meadow
40736 Southbound Plessis at Devonshire
40737 Southbound Kildonan Meadow at Plessis
40738 Eastbound Sun Valley at Southwell
40739 Eastbound Sun Valley at Alberhill
40740 Westbound Sun Valley at Alberhill
40741 Westbound Sun Valley at St. Moritz
40742 Northbound Gateway at Jim Smith
40743 Northbound Gateway at Sun Valley
40744 Southbound Gateway at Sun Valley
40745 Southbound Gateway at Jim Smith
40746 Northbound Raleigh at Springfield
40747 Northbound Raleigh at McIvor South
40749 Southbound Raleigh at Springfield
40750 Eastbound Springfield at Graduate
40752 Eastbound Donwood at Bret
40753 Southbound De Vries at McIvor
40754 Southbound De Vries at McIvor South
40755 Northbound Alex Taylor at Foxborough East
40756 Westbound Nairn at Stapleton
40757 Eastbound McLeod at Henderson
40758 Westbound Chief Peguis TRAIL at Kildonan Bridge
40759 Eastbound Chief Peguis TRAIL at Kildonan Bridge
40760 Southbound Atwood at Ranchgrove
40761 Eastbound Kernaghan at Robson
40762 Northbound Robson at Pandora West
40763 Westbound Kernaghan at Robson
40764 Northbound Atwood at Kernaghan
40765 Northbound Atwood at Pandora
40766 Southbound Robson at Peake
40767 Northbound McLellan at Williamson
40768 Eastbound Nairn at Stapleton
40769 Eastbound Concordia at Filbert
40770 Westbound Concordia at Rutledge
40771 Eastbound Regent at Chrislind
40772 Westbound Regent at Chrislind
40773 Southbound Plessis at Kernaghan
40774 Southbound Stapon at Regent North
40775 Northbound Stapon at Regent North
40776 Southbound Alex Taylor at Kildare
40777 Southbound Crossroads Station Access Road at Regent South
40778 Northbound Crossroads Station Access Road at Regent South
40779 Southbound Crossroads Station Access Road at Superstore
40780 Northbound Crossroads Station Access Road at Wal-Mart
40784 Northbound Kildonan Place Terminal at Kildonan Place (Rtes 87, 92)
40785 Northbound Kildonan Place Terminal at Kildonan Place (Rtes 45, 85)
40786 Northbound Kildonan Place Terminal at Kildonan Place (Rte 75)
40787 Southbound Kildonan Place Terminal at Kildonan Place (77, 90 N Transcona)
40788 Southbound Kildonan Place Terminal at Kildonan Place (47, 90 Chief Peguis)
40789 Southbound Kildonan Place Terminal at Kildonan Place (Rtes 43, 89)
40790 Westbound Regent at Lagimodiere
40792 Eastbound Kernaghan at Hoka West
40793 Westbound Kernaghan at Hoka West
40794 Southbound Raleigh at Edison
40795 Southbound Raleigh at Edison South
40796 Southbound Raleigh at Oakland
40797 Northbound Raleigh at Oakland
40798 Northbound Raleigh at Edison South
40799 Northbound Raleigh at Edison
40800 Westbound Regent at Rougeau
40803 Westbound Grassie at Ham
40804 Eastbound Grassie at Ham
40805 Eastbound Kildare at Redonda West
40808 Southbound Raleigh Bus Loop at McIvor Loop (11 via Donwood, 40, 85)
40809 Eastbound Riverton at Henderson
40810 Northbound Day at Regent North
40811 Eastbound McMeans at Corliss North
40812 Westbound McMeans at Corliss North
40813 Northbound Stadacona at Talbot
40814 Northbound Stadacona at Tweed
40815 Northbound Stadacona at Gordon
40816 Northbound Levis at Johnson
40817 Eastbound Chalmers at Elmwood School
40818 Eastbound Chalmers at Raleigh
40823 Westbound Dugald at Plessis West
40825 Westbound Chalmers at Elmwood School
40826 Southbound Stadacona at Gordon
40827 Southbound Stadacona at Tweed
40828 Southbound Stadacona at Talbot
40829 Northbound Gateway at Nottingham
40830 Northbound Gateway at Dallenlea
40831 Southbound Gateway at Munroe
40832 Southbound Gateway at Dallenlea
40833 Northbound Molson at Grassie
40834 Westbound Devonshire at Dawnville
40835 Southbound Gateway at Nottingham
40836 Southbound Gateway at Chalmers
40837 Southbound Redonda at Pandora
40838 Eastbound Pandora at Redonda
40839 Northbound Ravenhurst at Pandora
40840 Northbound Ravenhurst at Lopuck
40841 Northbound Ravenhurst at John Duncan
40842 Southbound Ravenhurst at John Duncan
40843 Southbound Ravenhurst at Blumm
40844 Southbound Ravenhurst at Pandora
40845 Westbound Pandora at Redonda
40846 Northbound Redonda at Pandora
40847 Eastbound Kildare at Redonda
40848 Eastbound Grassie at Lagimodiere
40849 Westbound Grassie at Lagimodiere
50001 Southbound Beghin at Dugald South
50002 Southbound Beghin at De Baets
50003 Eastbound Paquin at Beghin
50004 Eastbound Paquin at Beghin East
50005 Northbound Durand at De Baets
50006 Westbound Durand at Beghin East
50007 Westbound Durand at Beghin
50008 Northbound Beghin at Dugald South
50009 Eastbound Dugald at Beghin
50010 Westbound Dugald at Bournais
50011 Northbound Lagimodiere at Warman
50012 Southbound Lagimodiere at Warman
50013 Southbound Lagimodiere at Dugald
50014 Northbound Lagimodiere at Dugald
50015 Northbound Lagimodiere at Marion
50016 Southbound Lagimodiere at Marion
50017 Southbound Lagimodiere at Dawson
50018 Southbound Lagimodiere at Maginot
50019 Northbound Lagimodiere at Maginot
50020 Northbound Speers at Maginot
50021 Westbound Maginot at Speers
50022 Westbound Marion at Lagimodiere
50024 Eastbound Marion at Holden
50025 Westbound Marion at Holden
50026 Eastbound Marion at Dawson
50027 Westbound Marion at Dawson
50029 Southbound Dawson at Panet
50030 Westbound Marion at Panet West
50031 Eastbound Marion at Panet West
50032 Westbound Marion at Dupuy East
50033 Eastbound Marion at Dupuy East
50034 Eastbound Marion at Dupuy
50035 Eastbound Marion at Nicolas
50036 Westbound Elizabeth at Arundel
50037 Eastbound Elizabeth at Arundel
50038 Southbound Drake at Elizabeth
50039 Westbound Elizabeth at Drake
50040 Eastbound Elizabeth at Drake
50041 Northbound Drake at Elizabeth
50042 Westbound Elizabeth at Hansford
50043 Eastbound Elizabeth at Hansford
50044 Westbound Elizabeth at De Bourmont
50045 Southbound De Bourmont at Elizabeth
50046 Southbound Speers at Elizabeth
50047 Northbound Speers at Elizabeth
50048 Southbound Speers at Bernier
50049 Northbound Speers at Bernier
50050 Northbound Speers at Halliday
50051 Southbound Speers at Halliday
50052 Northbound Speers at Betournay
50053 Westbound Betournay at Speers
50054 Westbound Betournay at Vincent Massey
50055 Eastbound Betournay at Vincent Massey
50056 Westbound Betournay at Vincent Massey West
50057 Eastbound Betournay at Jubinville
50058 Eastbound Betournay at Speers
50059 Eastbound Betournay at Howden
50060 Westbound Betournay at Howden
50061 Eastbound Betournay at Heather
50062 Eastbound Betournay at Autumnwood
50063 Northbound Autumnwood at Betournay
50064 Northbound Autumnwood at De Bourmont Bay
50065 Northbound Autumnwood at De Bourmont
50066 Southbound De Bourmont at Autumnwood
50067 Northbound De Bourmont at Fontaine
50068 Southbound De Bourmont at Fontaine
50069 Southbound Autumnwood at De Bourmont Bay
50070 Southbound Autumnwood at Echo
50071 Southbound Autumnwood at Erie
50072 Northbound Autumnwood at Winakwa
50073 Northbound Autumnwood at Cottonwood
50074 Westbound Cottonwood at Autumnwood
50075 Westbound Cottonwood at Canberra
50076 Westbound Cottonwood at Speers
50077 Eastbound Cottonwood at Canberra
50078 Eastbound Cottonwood at Autumnwood
50079 Eastbound Cottonwood at Speers
50080 Westbound Cottonwood at Brebeuf
50081 Eastbound Cottonwood at Monaco
50082 Westbound Cottonwood at Westmount
50083 Eastbound Cottonwood at Maywood
50084 Northbound Westmount at Lachine
50085 Northbound Westmount at Maywood
50086 Southbound Westmount at Maywood
50087 Westbound Paterson at Lomond
50088 Eastbound Paterson at Penticton
50089 Westbound Paterson at Peterboro
50090 Eastbound Paterson at Peterboro
50091 Westbound Paterson at Lochmoor
50092 Eastbound Paterson at Lochmoor
50093 Eastbound Paterson at Lagimodiere
50094 Northbound Paquin at De Baets South
50095 Westbound Paterson at Lagimodiere
50096 Eastbound St Amant Centre Access Road at St. Amant East
50097 Northbound Lagimodiere at Cottonwood
50098 Southbound Lagimodiere at Cottonwood
50099 Southbound Lagimodiere at Fermor
50100 Northbound Lagimodiere at Fermor
50101 Northbound Autumnwood at Canberra
50102 Northbound Autumnwood at Cascade
50103 Northbound Autumnwood at Crestwood
50104 Southbound Autumnwood at Crestwood
50105 Southbound Autumnwood at Coral
50106 Southbound Autumnwood at Canberra
50107 Eastbound Cottonwood at Cypress
50108 Eastbound Cottonwood at Drake
50109 Eastbound Cottonwood at Crestwood
50110 Westbound Cottonwood at Cypress
50111 Westbound Cottonwood at Drake
50112 Southbound Drake at Cottonwood
50113 Westbound Cottonwood at Boulder
50114 Northbound Drake at Bittersweet
50115 Southbound Drake at Buttonwood
50116 Northbound Drake at Burning Bush
50117 Southbound Drake at Bentwood
50118 Northbound Drake at Blackberry
50119 Southbound Drake at Blueberry
50120 Southbound Drake at Autumnwood
50121 Northbound Drake at Applewood
50122 Northbound Drake at Almond
50123 Southbound Drake at Agate
50124 Northbound Drake at Alderwood
50125 Southbound Drake at Argonne
50126 Eastbound Elizabeth at Archibald
50127 Northbound Archibald at Elizabeth
50128 Northbound Archibald at Guilbault South
50129 Southbound Archibald at Guilbault South
50130 Southbound Beaverhill at Park Terrace
50131 Northbound Archibald at Guilbault
50132 Southbound Archibald at Guilbault
50133 Westbound Marion at Dupuy
50134 Northbound Archibald at Cote
50135 Southbound Archibald at Cote
50136 Northbound Archibald at Deniset
50137 Southbound Archibald at Deniset
50138 Southbound Archibald at Tremblay
50139 Northbound Archibald at St. Catherine
50140 Eastbound Blue Mountain at Copperstone
50141 Southbound Archibald at Prosper
50142 Eastbound Marion at Archibald
50144 Northbound Archibald at Marion
50145 Northbound Archibald at Cherrier
50146 Southbound Archibald at Cherrier
50147 Northbound Archibald at Kavanagh
50148 Southbound Archibald at Kavanagh
50149 Southbound Archibald at Kavanagh North
50150 Northbound Archibald at Kavanagh North
50151 Northbound Archibald at Sprague
50152 Southbound Archibald at Sprague
50153 Northbound Archibald at Messier North
50154 Southbound Archibald at Messier North
50155 Northbound Archibald at Plinguet
50156 Southbound Archibald at Plinguet
50157 Southbound Archibald at Provencher
50160 Southbound Archibald at La Verendrye
50161 Northbound Archibald at Mission
50162 Westbound Provencher at La Fleche
50163 Eastbound Provencher at La Fleche
50164 Eastbound Provencher at Sprague
50165 Westbound Provencher at Sprague
50166 Westbound Provencher at Thibault
50167 Eastbound Provencher at Des Meurons
50168 Eastbound Provencher at St. Jean Baptiste
50169 Westbound Provencher at St. Jean Baptiste
50170 Eastbound Provencher at Langevin
50171 Westbound Provencher at Langevin
50173 Eastbound Provencher at Aulneau
50174 Eastbound Provencher at St. Joseph
50175 Westbound Provencher at St. Joseph
50176 Westbound Provencher at Tache
50177 Eastbound Provencher at Tache
50178 Southbound Aulneau at Masson
50179 Northbound Aulneau at Masson
50181 Southbound Aulneau at Cathedrale
50182 Northbound Aulneau at Cathedrale
50183 Southbound Aulneau at Hamel
50184 Northbound Aulneau at Hamel
50185 Eastbound Hamel at Ritchot
50186 Eastbound Niakwa at St. Anne's
50187 Westbound Dollard at Aulneau
50188 Westbound Dollard at Jeanne D'arc
50189 Eastbound Despins at Louis Riel
50190 Northbound Dakota at Dakota Community Club
50191 Southbound Dakota at Dakota Community Club
50192 Southbound St Mary's at Warde
50193 Northbound Tache at Cathedrale
50195 Southbound Tache at Cathedrale
50196 Northbound Tache at Despins
50197 Southbound Tache at Dollard Nord
50198 Westbound Dollard at Tache
50199 Northbound Tache at Dollard
50200 Northbound Tache at Rinella
50201 Southbound Tache at Goulet
50202 Northbound Tache at Marion
50203 Southbound Tache at Marion
50204 Southbound Tache at Eugenie
50205 Northbound Tache at Eugenie
50206 Westbound Goulet at St. Mary's
50207 Southbound St Mary's at Marion
50208 Southbound Ferndale at Walmer
50209 Westbound Walmer at Birchdale
50210 Southbound Pinedale at Walmer
50211 Southbound Pinedale at Kirkdale
50212 Eastbound Highfield at Pinedale
50213 Eastbound Highfield at Lawndale
50214 Eastbound Highfield at Ferndale
50215 Southbound Ferndale at Coniston
50216 Eastbound Coniston at Claremont
50217 Eastbound Coniston at Monck
50218 Eastbound Coniston at Tache
50219 Northbound Tache at Highfield
50220 Northbound Tache at St. Mary's
50221 Westbound Enfield at St. Mary's
50222 Eastbound Enfield at St. Mary's
50223 Westbound Enfield at Kenny
50224 Eastbound Enfield at Kenny
50225 Eastbound Enfield at Traverse
50226 Westbound Dubuc at Traverse
50227 Westbound Dubuc at Braemar
50228 Eastbound Dubuc at Braemar
50229 Eastbound Dubuc at Des Meurons
50230 Southbound Des Meurons at Dubuc
50231 Northbound Des Meurons at Eugenie
50232 Southbound Des Meurons at Eugenie
50233 Southbound Des Meurons at Marion
50234 Northbound Des Meurons at Marion
50235 Southbound Des Meurons at Goulet
50236 Northbound Des Meurons at Goulet
50237 Northbound Des Meurons at Bertrand
50238 Southbound Des Meurons at Bertrand
50239 Southbound Des Meurons at Yelle
50240 Northbound Des Meurons at Gaboury
50241 Southbound Des Meurons at Hamel
50242 Northbound Des Meurons at Cabana
50243 Southbound Des Meurons at Deschambault
50244 Northbound Des Meurons at Deschambault
50245 Northbound Des Meurons at Cathedrale
50246 Southbound Des Meurons at Cathedrale
50247 Southbound Des Meurons at Provencher Sud
50248 Westbound Goulet at Des Meurons
50249 Westbound Goulet at Braemar
50250 Westbound Goulet at Traverse
50251 Westbound Goulet at Kenny
50252 Westbound Goulet at Tache
50253 Eastbound Marion at St. Mary's
50254 Eastbound Marion at Tache
50255 Eastbound Marion at Kenny
50256 Eastbound Marion at Traverse
50257 Eastbound Marion at Braemar
50258 Eastbound Marion at Des Meurons
50259 Eastbound Marion at Youville
50260 Eastbound Marion at Dufresne
50261 Westbound Marion at Dufresne
50262 Northbound St Mary's at Marion
50264 Southbound St Mary's at Walmer
50265 Northbound St Mary's at Eugenie
50266 Southbound St Mary's at Enfield
50267 Northbound St Mary's at Enfield
50268 Southbound St Mary's at Highfield
50269 Northbound St Mary's at Kenny
50270 Northbound St Mary's at Niverville
50271 Southbound St Mary's at Coniston
50272 Southbound St Mary's at Lyndale
50273 Northbound St Mary's at Caton
50274 Southbound St Mary's at Carriere
50275 Northbound St Mary's at Carriere
50276 Southbound St Mary's at Fifth
50277 Northbound St Mary's at Fifth
50278 Southbound St Mary's at Morier
50279 Northbound St Mary's at Morier
50280 Southbound St Mary's at Vivian
50281 Northbound St Mary's at Vivian
50282 Southbound St Mary's at Harrowby
50283 Northbound St Mary's at Ellesmere
50284 Northbound St Anne's at St. Mary's
50285 Southbound St Mary's at St. Anne's
50286 Northbound St Mary's at St. Anne's
50287 Southbound St Mary's at Mager
50288 Northbound St Mary's at Mager
50289 Northbound St Mary's at Oakleigh
50290 Southbound St Mary's at Kingston
50291 Southbound St Mary's at Elm Park
50292 Northbound St Mary's at Elm Park
50293 Northbound St Mary's at Regal
50294 Southbound St Mary's at Sunset
50295 Northbound Lagimodiere at Dawson
50296 Northbound St Mary's at Kingswood
50297 Southbound St Mary's at Glenlawn
50298 Southbound St Mary's at Fermor
50299 Northbound St Mary's at Fermor
50300 Westbound Fermor at Killarney
50301 Eastbound Fermor at Killarney
50302 Eastbound Fermor at St. Mary's
50303 Westbound Fermor at St. Mary's
50304 Eastbound Fermor at St Thomas
50305 Westbound Fermor at St Thomas
50306 Eastbound Capston at Mount Laurel
50307 Westbound Capston at Garwick
50308 Northbound Archibald at Comanche
50309 Southbound Archibald at Comanche
50310 Southbound Lakewood at Southdale Centre
50311 Northbound Lakewood at Southdale Centre
50312 Southbound Lakewood at Weatherstone
50313 Eastbound Vermillion at Lakewood
50314 Westbound Vermillion at Lakewood (Park & Ride)
50315 Westbound Vermillion at Clearwater
50316 Eastbound Vermillion at Brereton
50317 Westbound Vermillion at Minaki
50318 Eastbound Vermillion at Lake Park
50319 Westbound Vermillion at Lake Park
50320 Westbound Vermillion at Beaverhill
50321 Eastbound Vermillion at Beaverhill
50322 Southbound Beaverhill at Grover Hills
50323 Northbound Beaverhill at Grover Hills
50324 Northbound Beaverhill at Radburn
50325 Northbound Beaverhill at Edgewater
50326 Southbound Beaverhill at Edgewater
50327 Southbound Beaverhill at Shoreview
50328 Northbound Beaverhill at Seabrook
50329 Northbound Beaverhill at Shamrock
50330 Southbound Beaverhill at Courtwood
50331 Westbound Shamrock at Beaverhill
50332 Eastbound Shamrock at Beaverhill
50333 Eastbound Shamrock at Cliffwood
50334 Westbound Shamrock at Cliffwood
50335 Southbound Newcroft at Shamrock
50336 Northbound Newcroft at Shamrock
50337 Eastbound Capston at Cliffwood
50338 Westbound Capston at Cliffwood
50340 Eastbound Burmac at Lagimodiere
50341 Westbound Burmac at Lagimodiere
50342 Westbound East Mint at Lagimodiere
50343 Eastbound East Mint at Lagimodiere
50344 Eastbound Beaverhill at Baywater
50345 Westbound Beaverhill at Baywater
50346 Westbound Beaverhill at Driftwood
50347 Eastbound Beaverhill at Driftwood
50348 Eastbound Beaverhill at Collingwood
50349 Westbound Beaverhill at Collingwood
50352 Eastbound Beaverhill at Lakewood
50353 Westbound Beaverhill at Lakewood
50354 Westbound Beaverhill at Cherwell
50355 Eastbound Beaverhill at Bromton
50356 Eastbound Beaverhill at Bluewater
50357 Westbound Beaverhill at Bluewater
50358 Eastbound Willowlake at Bluewater
50359 Westbound Willowlake at Bluewater
50360 Eastbound Willowlake at Willow Point
50361 Westbound Willowlake at Willow Point
50362 Eastbound Willowlake at Pebble Beach
50363 Westbound Willowlake at Pebble Beach
50364 Eastbound Beaverhill at St. Hilaire
50365 Eastbound Willowlake at Lakewood
50366 Westbound Willowlake at Lakewood
50367 Southbound Lakewood at Beaverhill
50368 Northbound Lakewood at Cyril
50369 Southbound Lakewood at Burntwood
50370 Northbound Lakewood at Burntwood
50371 Northbound Lakewood at Tamarac
50372 Southbound Lakewood at Tamarac
50373 Northbound Lakewood at Tahoe
50374 Southbound Lakewood at Tahoe
50375 Northbound Lakewood at Edgewater
50376 Southbound Lakewood at Brookhaven
50377 Northbound Lakewood at Meadowbrook
50378 Southbound Lakewood at Meadowbrook
50379 Westbound St Vital at St. Mary's
50380 Eastbound St Vital at St. Mary's
50381 Westbound St Vital at Dunkirk
50382 Eastbound St Vital at Dunkirk
50383 Westbound St Vital at Pulberry
50384 Eastbound St Vital at Pulberry
50385 Eastbound St Vital at Salme
50386 Westbound St Vital at Salme
50387 Eastbound St Vital at Victoria
50388 Westbound St Vital at Victoria
50389 Northbound River at Moore
50390 Southbound River at Parkville
50391 Northbound River at Parkville
50392 Southbound River at Falconer
50393 Northbound River at Falconer
50394 Southbound River at Kilmarnock
50395 Northbound River at Kilmarnock
50396 Southbound River at Kilmarnock South
50397 Northbound River at Kilmarnock South
50398 Southbound River at St. Michael
50399 Northbound River at St. Michael
50400 Westbound Bishop Grandin at River
50401 Eastbound Bishop Grandin at River
50402 Westbound Bishop Grandin at St. Mary's
50403 Eastbound Bishop Grandin at St. Mary's
50404 Westbound Bishop Grandin at Dakota
50405 Eastbound Bishop Grandin at Dakota
50406 Eastbound Bishop Grandin at St. Anne's
50407 Westbound Bishop Grandin at St. Anne's
50408 Westbound Beliveau at Dakota
50409 Eastbound Beliveau at Dakota
50410 Westbound Beliveau at Eric
50411 Eastbound Beliveau at Eric
50412 Eastbound Beliveau at Kearney
50413 Westbound Beliveau at Kearney
50414 Eastbound Beliveau at Beechtree
50415 Westbound Beliveau at Beechtree
50416 Eastbound Beliveau at St. Anne's
50417 Westbound Beliveau at St. Anne's
50418 Eastbound Warde at John Forsyth
50419 Eastbound Warde at Dakota West
50421 Southbound Dakota at Warde
50424 Southbound Ashworth at Wales
50425 Southbound Ashworth at Greenwood
50426 Southbound Ashworth at Woodydell
50427 Eastbound Aldgate at Hallfield
50428 Eastbound Aldgate at Ralston
50429 Westbound Aldgate at Everingham
50430 Westbound Aldgate at Dakota
50432 Northbound Paddington at John Forsyth
50433 Northbound Paddington at Maitland
50434 Southbound Paddington at Whicker
50435 Southbound Paddington at Tufnell
50436 Northbound Paddington at Tufnell
50437 Northbound Paddington at Alburg
50438 Southbound Paddington at Alburg
50439 Northbound Paddington at Grimsby
50440 Southbound Paddington at Grimsby
50441 Southbound Paddington at Willowbend
50442 Eastbound Burland at John Forsyth
50443 Eastbound Riel at St. Mary's
50444 Westbound Riel at Glen Meadow
50445 Eastbound Riel at Robertson
50446 Westbound Riel at Darwin
50447 Eastbound Riel at Darwin
50448 Eastbound Riel at Metz
50449 Westbound Riel at Metz
50450 Westbound Riel at Minnetonka
50451 Eastbound Riel at Minnetonka
50452 Southbound Minnetonka at Millfield
50453 Southbound Minnetonka at Greendell
50454 Westbound Warde at Dakota West
50455 Northbound River at Millfield
50456 Northbound River at McNulty
50457 Northbound River at Woodlawn
50458 Northbound River at Harry Collins
50459 Eastbound Riel at St. Germain
50460 Eastbound Riel at Twin Pine
50461 Eastbound Riel at Fernleaf
50462 Eastbound Riel at Oakleaf
50463 Southbound Ramp K.Row to Dunkirk NB at Kingston Row Terminal
50464 Northbound Ramp D'kirk to Kingston at Kingston Row
50465 Northbound Dunkirk at Kingston Row
50466 Southbound Ramp Dunkirk SB to Dunkirk SB at Kingston Row
50467 Northbound Dunkirk at Fermor
50468 Southbound Dunkirk at Fermor
50469 Northbound Dunkirk at West Fernwood
50470 Southbound Dunkirk at West Fernwood
50471 Southbound Dunkirk at Norberry
50472 Northbound Dunkirk at Norberry
50473 Southbound Dunkirk at St. Vital
50474 Northbound Dunkirk at St. Vital
50475 Southbound Dunkirk at Moore
50476 Northbound Dunkirk at Moore
50477 Northbound Dunkirk at Hastings
50478 Southbound Dunkirk at Hastings
50479 Southbound Dunkirk at Parkville
50480 Northbound Dunkirk at Parkville
50481 Northbound Dakota at St. Mary's
50482 Southbound Dakota at St. Mary's
50483 Northbound Dakota at Beliveau
50484 Southbound Dakota at Chesterfield
50485 Southbound Dakota at Bishop Grandin
50486 Northbound Dakota at Bishop Grandin
50487 Southbound Dakota at Bishop Grandin South
50488 Northbound Dakota at Bishop Grandin South
50489 Southbound Dakota at Abbotsford
50490 Northbound Dakota at Wales
50491 Southbound Dakota at Hazelwood
50492 Northbound Dakota at Hazelwood
50493 Southbound Dakota at Hawkins
50494 Northbound Dakota at Hawkins
50495 Southbound Dakota at Novavista
50496 Northbound Dakota at Hyatt
50497 Northbound Dakota at Novavista
50498 Northbound Dakota at Southglen
50499 Southbound Dakota at Paddington
50502 Westbound Compark at Ashworth
50503 Southbound De La Seigneurie at Cassin
50504 Southbound Dakota at Leston
50505 Westbound Warde at John Forsyth
50508 Northbound St Anne's at Woodydell
50509 Southbound St Anne's at Woodydell
50510 Northbound St Anne's at Granby
50511 Southbound St Anne's at Granby
50512 Southbound St Anne's at John Bruce
50513 Northbound St Anne's at Meadowood
50514 Southbound St Anne's at Sterling
50515 Northbound St Anne's at Sterling
50516 Northbound St Anne's at Bishop Grandin
50517 Southbound St Anne's at Bishop Grandin
50518 Northbound St Anne's at Lavalee
50519 Southbound St Anne's at Rose
50520 Southbound St Anne's at Beliveau
50521 Northbound St Anne's at Beliveau
50522 Southbound St Anne's at Worthington
50523 Northbound St Anne's at Worthington
50524 Northbound St Anne's at Hindley
50525 Southbound St Anne's at Hindley
50526 Northbound St Anne's at Sadler
50527 Southbound St Anne's at Sadler
50528 Northbound St Anne's at Berrydale
50529 Southbound St Anne's at Berrydale
50530 Northbound St Anne's at Wingham
50531 Southbound St Anne's at Portland
50532 Northbound St Anne's at Clayton
50533 Southbound St Anne's at Barton
50534 Northbound St Anne's at Fernwood
50535 Southbound St Anne's at Morrow
50536 Northbound St Anne's at Morrow
50537 Southbound St Anne's at Niakwa
50538 Northbound St Anne's at Niakwa
50539 Southbound St Anne's at Fermor
50540 Northbound St Anne's at Fermor
50541 Northbound St Anne's at Crystal
50542 Southbound St Anne's at Regal
50543 Southbound St Anne's at Sherwood
50544 Northbound St Anne's at Bank
50545 Southbound St Anne's at Victory
50546 Northbound St Anne's at Humboldt
50547 Northbound St Anne's at Imperial
50548 Southbound St Anne's at Loraine
50549 Northbound St Anne's at Clonard
50550 Southbound St Anne's at Blenheim
50551 Southbound St Mary's at Nichol
50552 Northbound St Mary's at Nichol
50553 Southbound St Mary's at Glenview
50554 Northbound St Mary's at Hull
50555 Southbound St Mary's at Fernwood
50556 Northbound St Mary's at Fernwood
50557 Southbound St Mary's at Norberry
50558 Northbound St Mary's at Frederick
50559 Southbound St Mary's at Portland
50561 Southbound St Mary's at St. Vital
50562 Northbound St Mary's at Poplarwood
50563 Northbound St Mary's at Berrydale
50564 Northbound St Mary's at Sadler
50565 Southbound St Mary's at Hastings
50566 Southbound St Mary's at Moore
50567 Northbound St Mary's at Hindley
50568 Southbound St Mary's at Parkville
50569 Northbound St Mary's at Worthington
50570 Northbound St Mary's at Dakota
50571 Southbound St Mary's at Arden
50572 Southbound St Mary's at Chesterfield
50573 Northbound St Mary's at Chesterfield
50574 Southbound St Mary's at Bishop Grandin
50575 Northbound St Mary's at Bishop Grandin
50576 Southbound St Mary's at Avalon
50577 Northbound St Mary's at Avalon
50578 Southbound St Mary's at Riel North (St. Vital Centre)
50579 Northbound St Mary's at Riel North (St. Vital Centre)
50580 Southbound St Mary's at Riel
50581 Northbound Seagrim at Alpine
50582 Northbound St Mary's at Meadowood
50583 Southbound St Mary's at Greendell
50584 Northbound St Mary's at Greenwood
50585 Southbound St Mary's at River
50586 Northbound St Mary's at Vista (Park & Ride)
50587 Southbound St Mary's at River South
50588 Northbound St Mary's at Vista South
50589 Southbound St Mary's at Rivergate
50590 Northbound St Mary's at Britannica
50591 Southbound St Mary's at Britannica
50592 Northbound St Mary's at Britannica South
50593 Southbound St Mary's at Normand
50594 Northbound St Mary's at Normand
50595 Southbound De La Seigneurie at Island Lakes
50596 Westbound Island Lakes at Camirant West
50597 Westbound Island Lakes at Desjardins
50598 Northbound Dakota at St. Vital Centre
50599 Southbound Dakota at St. Vital Centre
50600 Eastbound Compark at St. Anne's
50602 Westbound Bishop Grandin at Glen Meadow
50603 Eastbound Bishop Grandin at Glen Meadow
50604 Eastbound St Amant Centre Access Road at St. Amant Centre
50605 Eastbound St Vital at River
50606 Southbound River at St. Vital
50607 Southbound River at Moore
50608 Northbound Paddington at Charing Cross
50609 Eastbound Aldgate at Keelegate
50610 Westbound Aldgate at Clerkenwell
50611 Northbound John Forsyth at Ashford
50612 Southbound John Forsyth at Ashford
50613 Northbound John Forsyth at Thornewood
50614 Southbound John Forsyth at Thornewood
50615 Southbound St Anne's at Ashton
50616 Westbound Meadowood at Dakota
50617 Eastbound Meadowood at Dakota
50618 Westbound Island Lakes at Coral Reef
50619 Westbound Marion at Nicolas
50621 Westbound Marion at Archibald
50622 Southbound Autumnwood at Cottonwood
50624 Northbound Youville at Goulet
50625 Southbound Archibald at La Verendrye North
50626 Northbound Archibald at Mission North
50627 Southbound John Forsyth at Warde
50628 Westbound Burland at John Forsyth
50629 Southbound Paddington at Warde
50630 Westbound Burland at Paddington
50631 Northbound Paddington at Warde
50632 Westbound Beaverhill at St. Hilaire
50633 Southbound Lakewood at Bishop Grandin North
50634 Northbound Lakewood at Bishop Grandin North
50635 Westbound Burland at Brixton
50636 Westbound Burland at Chancery
50637 Eastbound Burland at Southfields
50638 Eastbound Burland at Westbourne
50639 Eastbound Marion at Turenne
50640 Westbound Marion at Turenne
50641 Eastbound Despins at Valade
50642 Eastbound Dollard at Tache
50643 Eastbound Dollard at Kenny
50644 Southbound Aulneau at Despins
50645 Southbound Aulneau at Dollard
50646 Southbound Enfield at Goulet
50647 Northbound Traverse at Thomas Berry
50649 Southbound Archibald at Elizabeth
50650 Southbound Archibald at Elizabeth South
50651 Southbound Archibald at Cottonwood
50652 Northbound Archibald at Cottonwood
50653 Northbound Archibald at Elizabeth South
50654 Northbound River at Riel
50655 Southbound River at River Pointe
50656 Northbound Minnetonka at Greendell
50657 Northbound Island Shore at Tidewater
50658 Northbound Island Shore at Waterside
50659 Eastbound Meadowood at St. Mary's
50660 Eastbound Meadowood at Wakopa
50661 Eastbound Meadowood at Brentford
50662 Eastbound Meadowood at Ashworth
50665 Westbound Meadowood at Brentford
50666 Westbound Meadowood at Hollyhock
50668 Southbound Ashworth at Whitley
50669 Southbound Ashworth at Novavista
50670 Southbound Ashworth at Harlesden
50671 Northbound Ashworth at Novavista
50672 Northbound Ashworth at Whitley
50673 Northbound Ashworth at Woodydell
50674 Northbound Ashworth at Gretna
50675 Southbound St Anne's at Novavista
50676 Southbound Seagrim at Alpine
50678 Westbound Meadowood at St. Mary's
50679 Northbound Ashworth at Wales
50681 Northbound Ashworth at Harlesden
50682 Eastbound Compark at Ashworth
50683 Northbound Ashworth at Meadowood
50684 Westbound Burland at St. Mary's
50685 Northbound St Mary's at Warde
50686 Northbound St Mary's at Warde North
50687 Westbound Riel at St. Mary's
50688 Westbound Riel at Oakleaf
50690 Westbound Riel at St. Germain
50691 Southbound River at Harry Collins
50692 Southbound River at Woodlawn
50693 Southbound River at McNulty
50694 Southbound River at McNulty
50695 Southbound River at Minnetonka
50696 Southbound River at Nicollet
50697 Southbound River at Darwin
50698 Southbound River at St. Mary's
50699 Northbound River at Darwin
50700 Northbound River at Nicollet
50701 Northbound River at Minnetonka
50702 Northbound Minnetonka at Millfield
50703 Eastbound Burland at Aldgate
50704 Eastbound Burland at Knotsberry
50705 Eastbound Burland at Healy
50706 Westbound Burland at Healy
50707 Westbound Burland at Knotsberry
50708 Westbound Burland at Malmsbury
50709 Southbound River at Avalon
50710 Eastbound Warde at St. Mary's East
50711 Eastbound Warde at Paddington
50712 Westbound Warde at Paddington
50713 Westbound Warde at St. Mary's East
50714 Northbound River at Avalon
50715 Northbound Panet at Fournier
50716 Northbound Paddington at Britannica
50717 Southbound Panet at Fournier
50718 Westbound Britannica at Sandrington
50719 Eastbound Britannica at Sandrington
50720 Southbound Paddington at Britannica
50721 Southbound Paddington at Pately
50722 Northbound John Forsyth at Warde
50723 Westbound Riel at Fernleaf
50724 Southbound Dakota at Meadowood
50725 Eastbound Beliveau at Behnke
50726 Westbound Beliveau at Behnke
50727 Northbound St Anne's at Novavista
50728 Westbound Niakwa at Seagrim
50729 Westbound Warde at St. Mary's
50730 Northbound Island Shore at Waterfront
50731 Northbound Paddington at Dakota West
50732 Southbound Paddington at Dakota West
50733 Eastbound Cathedrale at Aulneau
50734 Eastbound Cathedrale at Aulneau
50735 Westbound Cathedrale at Aulneau
50736 Northbound River at Bishop Grandin
50737 Eastbound Burland at St. Mary's
50738 Westbound Plinguet at Archibald
50739 Westbound Plinguet at Dawson
50740 Eastbound Plinguet at Dawson
50741 Southbound Dawson at Plinguet
50742 Southbound Dawson at Messier
50743 Southbound Dawson at Dugald
50744 Southbound Dawson at Panet
50745 Northbound Dawson at Panet
50746 Eastbound Warman at Panet
50747 Northbound Dawson at Messier
50748 Northbound Dawson at Plinguet
50749 Northbound Panet at Dawson
50750 Northbound Panet at Turenne
50751 Northbound Panet at Dugald
50752 Southbound Panet at Turenne
50753 Southbound Panet at Dawson
50754 Eastbound Dugald at Lagimodiere
50755 Eastbound Warman at Maple Leaf
50756 Eastbound Dugald at Mazenod
50757 Westbound Dugald at Mazenod
50759 Westbound Dugald at Lagimodiere
50760 Westbound Warman at Panet
50761 Southbound Bournais at Dugald North
50762 Northbound Bournais at Dugald North
50763 Westbound Niakwa at St. Anne's
50764 Southbound Ashworth at Southglen
50765 Westbound Warman at Maple Leaf
50766 Southbound Panet at Dugald
50767 Westbound Warman at Lagimodiere
50768 Northbound Island Shore at Leger
50769 Northbound Island Shore at Huppe
50770 Southbound St Mary's at Normand Park
50771 Northbound St Mary's at Normand Park
50772 Northbound Des Meurons at Provencher Sud
50773 Southbound St Anne's at Southglen North
50774 Southbound St Anne's at Southglen
50776 Westbound Southglen at Sauve
50777 Westbound Southglen at Sundial
50778 Westbound Southglen at Ashworth
50779 Westbound Willowlake at Limetree
50780 Eastbound Southglen at Ashworth
50781 Eastbound Southglen at Simon
50782 Eastbound Southglen at Sauve
50783 Southbound De La Seigneurie at Desjardins
50784 Southbound Island Shore at Waterfront
50785 Southbound Island Shore at Waterside
50786 Southbound Island Shore at Charbonneau
50787 Southbound Island Shore at Huppe
50788 Southbound Island Shore at Leger
50792 Northbound Desjardins at Myles Robinson
50793 Northbound Desjardins at Surfside
50794 Westbound Warde at Ashworth
50795 Southbound De La Seigneurie at Pynoo
50796 Westbound Warde at Barlow
50797 Westbound Warde at Dakota East
50798 Southbound Highbury at John Forsyth
50799 Southbound Highbury at Southfields
50800 Eastbound Aldgate at Highbury
50801 Eastbound Aldgate at Cummings
50802 Westbound Aldgate at Wycombe
50803 Westbound Aldgate at Highbury
50804 Northbound Highbury at Southfields
50805 Northbound Highbury at John Forsyth
50806 Northbound Dakota at Warde
50807 Eastbound Warde at Barlow
50808 Eastbound Warde at Ashworth
50809 Northbound Ashworth at Satinwood
50810 Eastbound Niakwa at Seagrim
50811 Southbound St Anne's at Compark
50812 Northbound St Anne's at Compark
50814 Northbound St Anne's at Southglen
50815 Eastbound Warde at Lanyon
50816 Eastbound Bishop Grandin at Shorehill
50817 Southbound John Forsyth at Paddington
50818 Southbound Ashworth at Barlow
50819 Northbound Ashworth at Eastmount
50821 Eastbound Blue Mountain at Royal Park
50822 Westbound Royal Mint at Morning Glory
50823 Westbound Royal Mint at Morning Glory West
50824 Westbound Bishop Grandin at Shorehill
50825 Eastbound Dugald at Plessis West
50826 Northbound Lakewood at Vermillion
50827 Eastbound John Forsyth at Glenham
50828 Westbound John Forsyth at Glenham
50829 Northbound St Joseph at Provencher
50830 Northbound St Joseph at Notre Dame
50831 Northbound St Joseph at Aubert
50832 Southbound St Anne's at Meadowood
50833 Southbound St Joseph at Aubert
50834 Southbound St Joseph at Notre Dame
50835 Eastbound Aubert at Gabrielle Roy
50836 Southbound Thibault at La Verendrye
50837 Southbound Thibault at Notre Dame
50838 Southbound Thibault at Provencher Nord
50839 Northbound Thibault at Provencher Nord
50840 Northbound St Anne's at Novavista North
50841 Northbound Thibault at Notre Dame
50842 Westbound Island Lakes at Camirant East
50843 Northbound Thibault at La Verendrye
50844 Westbound Aubert at Des Intrepides
50845 Westbound Hamel at St. Jean Baptiste
50846 Westbound Hamel at Aulneau
50847 Eastbound Hamel at de la Morenie
50848 Southbound St Anne's at Richfield
50849 Southbound Lakewood at Bishop Grandin
50850 Eastbound Dollard at Traverse
50851 Southbound St Jean Baptiste at Dollard
50852 Eastbound Alpine at Seagrim
50853 Northbound Terracon at Dugald
50854 Northbound Terracon at Terracon Central
50855 Northbound Terracon at Elan
50856 Southbound Terracon at Elan
50857 Southbound Terracon at Terracon Central
50858 Southbound Terracon at Dugald
50860 Eastbound Beaverhill at Willowlake
50861 Westbound Warde at Lanyon
50862 Westbound Southglen at Amersham
50863 Eastbound Southglen at Amersham
50864 Westbound Southglen at Dakota East
50865 Northbound St Anne's at Southglen South
50866 Southbound St Anne's at Southglen South
50867 Eastbound Southglen at Dakota East
50868 Northbound Royal Mint at Blue Mountain South
50869 Northbound Royal Mint at Blue Mountain
50870 Westbound Debaets at Beghin
50871 Westbound Debaets at Mazenod
50872 Southbound Mazenod at Waters Business Park
50873 Eastbound Camiel Sys at Beghin East
50874 Northbound Debaets at Camiel Sys North
50875 Northbound Debaets at Paquin South
50876 Northbound Debaets at Paquin
50877 Westbound St Vital Centre Terminal at St. Vital Centre (Dart 101)
50878 Westbound St Vital Centre Terminal at St. Vital Centre (16 Osborne, 76, 96)
50879 Westbound St Vital Centre Terminal at St. Vital Centre (14 Ellice)
50880 Westbound St Vital Centre Terminal at St. Vital Centre (Rtes 51, 93)
50881 Eastbound St Vital Centre Terminal at St. Vital Centre (14 St. Mary's)
50882 Eastbound St Vital Centre Terminal at St. Vital Centre (16 Selkirk)
50883 Eastbound St Vital Centre Terminal at St. Vital Centre (55 via Meadowood)
50884 Eastbound St Vital Centre Terminal at St. Vital Centre (55 via Dakota)
50885 Southbound Shorehill at Bishop Grandin
50886 Southbound Shorehill at Aubin
50887 Southbound Shorehill at Beaudry
50888 Southbound Shorehill at Wildfire
50889 Northbound Shorehill at John Bruce
50890 Northbound Shorehill at Wildfire
50891 Northbound Shorehill at Norcross
50892 Northbound Shorehill at High Ridge
50893 Northbound Shorehill at Bishop Grandin
50894 Westbound Provencher at Nadeau
50896 Westbound Lafrance at Proulx
50897 Northbound Des Hivernants at Ironweed
50898 Eastbound Sage Creek at Burning Glass
50899 Northbound Burning Glass at Sage Creek
50900 Northbound Dunkirk at Fermor
50902 Southbound Shorehill at River Valley
50903 Southbound Shorehill at Waldport
50904 Southbound Shorehill at Demetrioff
50905 Northbound Shorehill at Demetrioff
50906 Northbound Shorehill at Waldport
50907 Northbound Shorehill at River Valley
50910 Southbound Island Shore at Island Lakes
50911 Southbound Island Shore at Pamela
50912 Southbound Island Shore at Pamela South
50914 Southbound Island Shore at Henry Dormer
50915 Southbound Island Shore at De La Seigneurie
50916 Northbound De La Seigneurie at Pauline Boutal South
50917 Northbound De La Seigneurie at Lessard
50918 Northbound De La Seigneurie at Pauline Boutal North
50919 Southbound De La Seigneurie at Pauline Boutal North
50920 Southbound De La Seigneurie at Langton
50921 Southbound De La Seigneurie at Dockside
50922 Northbound Island Shore at De La Seigneurie
50923 Northbound Island Shore at Henry Dormer
50924 Northbound Island Shore at Pamela South
50925 Northbound Island Shore at Pamela
50926 Northbound Island Shore at Island Lakes
50927 Northbound Paquin at De Baets
50928 Northbound Dawson at Dugald
50929 Westbound Eugenie at DART Stop 171
50930 Southbound Shorehill at John Bruce
50931 Westbound John Forsyth at Dakota
50932 Eastbound John Forsyth at Dakota
50933 Eastbound John Forsyth at Baisinger
50934 Westbound John Forsyth at Baisinger
50935 Eastbound John Forsyth at Everden
50936 Westbound John Forsyth at Everden
50937 Eastbound John Forsyth at Ashworth
50938 Westbound John Forsyth at Ashworth
50939 Westbound Aldgate at John Forsyth
50940 Eastbound Aldgate at John Forsyth
50941 Southbound Ashworth at Everden
50942 Northbound Ashworth at Abbotsfield
50943 Northbound Ashworth at Coombs
50944 Southbound Ashworth at Coombs
50945 Westbound Aldgate at Keelegate
50946 Westbound Aldgate at Abbotsfield
50947 Eastbound Aldgate at Abbotsfield
50948 Northbound Shorehill at Westwater West
50949 Southbound Shorehill at Westwater West
50950 Northbound Shorehill at Yorkwood
50951 Southbound Shorehill at Westwater East
50952 Southbound Tache at Rinella
50953 Northbound Ashworth at Julia
50954 Southbound Ashworth at Gablehurst
50955 Eastbound Aldgate at Kamberwell West
50956 Westbound Aldgate at Kamberwell West
50959 Westbound Warde at St. Anne's
50960 Southbound St Anne's at Warde
50961 Southbound St Anne's at Warde South
50962 Southbound St Anne's at Aldgate
50963 Eastbound Aldgate at St. Anne's
50964 Northbound St Anne's at Aldgate
50965 Northbound St Anne's at Warde South
50966 Northbound St Anne's at Warde
50967 Northbound St Anne's at Southglen North
50969 Eastbound Dugald at Mazenod West
50970 Westbound Dugald at Mazenod West
50971 Westbound Aldgate at Nault
50972 Westbound Aldgate at Cotter
50973 Northbound Paddington at Vadeboncoeur
50974 Northbound Paddington at Westbourne
50975 Northbound Paddington at Burland
50979 Eastbound Aldgate at Cotter
50980 Eastbound Aldgate at Hindle
50981 Eastbound Aldgate at Tilstone
50982 Westbound Aldgate at Michaud
50983 Eastbound Aldgate at Miner
50984 Westbound Aldgate at Eastcote
50985 Eastbound Aldgate at Faraway
50986 Northbound Aldgate at Becontree
50987 Southbound Aldgate at Willesden
50988 Northbound Aldgate at Burland
50990 Eastbound Dr. David Friesen at Burning Glass
50991 Eastbound Sage Creek at Solstice Lane
50992 Eastbound Sage Creek at Charity
50993 Westbound Warde at Red Lily
60001 Northbound William Clement at Roblin
60002 Northbound Irene at Sony
60003 Southbound Irene at Sony
60004 Eastbound Wilkes at Sun-X
60005 Southbound Lorimer at Wilkes (Golf Dome)
60006 Northbound Lorimer at Wilkes (Golf Dome)
60007 Southbound Lorimer at Sterling Lyon
60008 Northbound Lorimer at Sterling Lyon
60009 Eastbound Taylor at Nathaniel
60010 Eastbound Bishop Grandin at Pembina West
60011 Northbound Whidden at Sterling Lyon
60012 Southbound Whidden at Sterling Lyon
60013 Westbound Wilkes at Villa Nova
60014 Westbound Ducharme at Villeneuve
60015 Westbound Wilkes at Sun-X
60016 Eastbound Ducharme at Houde
60017 Eastbound Ducharme at le Maire
60018 Northbound Villeneuve at Gendreau
60019 Westbound Grandmont at Le Maire
60020 Westbound Grandmont at Lamirande
60021 Westbound Grandmont at Berard
60022 Westbound Grandmont at Pembina
60023 Eastbound Lowson at Kenaston
60024 Northbound Pembina at Cloutier
60025 Southbound Pembina at Cloutier
60026 Southbound Pembina at De Vos
60027 Northbound Pembina at De Vos
60028 Southbound Pembina at Bairdmore South
60029 Northbound Pembina at Dalhousie South
60030 Southbound Pembina at Newdale
60031 Northbound Pembina at Newdale
60032 Northbound Pembina at Newdale North
60033 Southbound Pembina at Newdale North
60034 Southbound Pembina at Kirkbridge
60035 Southbound Baylor at Dalhousie
60036 Southbound Dalhousie at Baylor
60037 Southbound Dalhousie at Newcastle
60038 Northbound Dalhousie at Bromley
60039 Northbound Dalhousie at Ryerson
60040 Southbound Dalhousie at Nuffield
60041 Northbound Dalhousie at Rochester
60042 Southbound Dalhousie at Greyfriars
60043 Northbound Dalhousie at St. Edmund's
60044 Southbound Dalhousie at Selwyn
60045 Northbound Dalhousie at Millikin
60046 Southbound Dalhousie at Radcliffe
60047 Northbound Dalhousie at St. Dunstan's
60048 Northbound Dalhousie at Rutgers
60049 Westbound Rothwell at Kenaston
60050 Southbound Dalhousie at Killarney
60051 Northbound Dalhousie at Purdue
60052 Southbound Dalhousie at Purdue
60053 Westbound Killarney at Briar Cliff
60054 Eastbound Wilkes at Brockville
60055 Northbound Laxdal at Brittany
60056 Westbound Killarney at Acadia
60057 Westbound Killarney at Caledon
60058 Southbound Pembina at Cloutier South
60059 Northbound Pembina at Cloutier South
60060 Westbound Killarney at Baylor
60061 Northbound Baylor at Killarney
60062 Southbound Baylor at Killarney
60063 Eastbound Killarney at Pembina East
60064 Westbound Killarney at Pembina East
60065 Southbound Pembina at Greencrest
60066 Northbound Pembina at Greencrest
60067 Southbound Pembina at Bairdmore
60068 Eastbound Dalhousie at Pembina East
60069 Northbound Pembina at Dalhousie North
60070 Eastbound Dalhousie at Ulster
60071 Westbound Dalhousie at Ulster
60072 Westbound Dalhousie at Allegheny
60073 Westbound Dalhousie at Allegheny
60074 Northbound Dalhousie at Silverstone
60075 Eastbound Silverstone at McGill
60076 Westbound Silverstone at McGill
60077 Eastbound Silverstone at MacAlester
60078 Westbound Silverstone at Laval
60079 Eastbound Silverstone at Tunis
60080 Westbound Silverstone at Tamworth
60081 Eastbound Silverstone at Townsend
60082 Westbound Silverstone at Celtic
60083 Eastbound Silverstone at Aurora
60084 Westbound Silverstone at Aurora
60085 Westbound Silverstone at King's Drive
60086 Eastbound Silverstone at King's Drive
60087 Southbound King's at Pasadena
60088 Northbound King's at Pasadena
60089 Southbound Le Maire at la Porte
60090 Northbound King's at Freedman
60091 Eastbound Freedman at King's Drive
60092 Southbound Pembina at Fairfield
60093 Northbound Pembina at Fairfield
60094 Northbound Le Maire at la Porte
60095 Northbound Pembina at Chancellor Matheson
60096 Eastbound Chancellor Matheson at Pembina
60097 Westbound Chancellor Matheson at Pembina
60099 Southbound Pembina at Bison
60100 Eastbound Grandmont at Bellemer
60101 Westbound Grandmont at Bellemer
60102 Southbound University at Dafoe
60103 Northbound University at Chancellor Matheson
60105 Westbound Dafoe at U of M (School of Music)
60106 Northbound Maclean at U of M (Rtes 60, 61)
60107 Southbound University at Dysart
60108 Northbound University at Dysart
60109 Northbound University at Markham
60110 Southbound University at Markham
60111 Northbound University at Thatcher
60112 Southbound University at Thatcher
60113 Southbound University at Wedgewood
60114 Northbound University at Wedgewood
60115 Southbound Pembina at Bison North
60116 Northbound Pembina at Chancellor Matheson North
60117 Southbound Pembina at Dartmouth South
60118 Southbound Pembina at Dartmouth (Victoria Hospital)
60119 Eastbound Victoria Hospital Access Road at Victoria Hospital
60120 Northbound Pembina at Dartmouth
60121 Northbound Pembina at Markham
60122 Eastbound Markham at Pembina
60123 Southbound Pembina at Markham
60124 Westbound Markham at Pembina
60125 Southbound Pembina at Southpark South
60126 Northbound Pembina at Southpark
60127 Northbound Pembina at Chancellor
60128 Southbound Pembina at Southpark (Park & Ride)
60129 Northbound Pembina at Thatcher
60130 Southbound Pembina at Thatcher
60131 Southbound Pembina at Chancellor
60132 Northbound Pembina at Thatcher North
60133 Northbound Chancellor at Gaylene
60134 Northbound Chancellor at Pembina
60135 Southbound Lindenwood at Kingsborough
60136 Southbound Lindenwood at Tweedsmuir
60137 Southbound Chancellor at Gaylene
60138 Southbound Pembina at University Crescent
60139 Southbound University at Pembina
60140 Northbound Pembina at University Crescent
60141 Northbound University at Pembina
60142 Southbound Lindenwood at Brentcliffe
60143 Eastbound Rothwell at Kenaston
60144 Southbound Pembina at Plaza
60145 Northbound Lowson at Rothwell
60146 Northbound Pembina at Plaza
60147 Northbound Pembina at Adamar
60148 Southbound Pembina at Adamar
60149 Northbound Pembina at Adamar North
60150 Southbound Pembina at Adamar North
60151 Southbound Pembina at Manahan South
60152 Northbound Pembina at Manahan South
60153 Northbound Pembina at Manahan
60154 Southbound Pembina at Manahan
60155 Southbound Pembina at Chevrier
60156 Northbound Pembina at Crescent
60157 Eastbound Killarney at Baylor
60158 Eastbound Killarney at Caledon
60159 Eastbound Killarney at Acadia
60160 Eastbound Killarney at Briar Cliff
60161 Eastbound Taylor at Brock
60162 Eastbound Taylor at Ash
60163 Eastbound Markham at Chancellor West
60164 Westbound Markham at Chancellor West
60165 Northbound Chancellor at Augusta
60166 Southbound Chancellor at Augusta
60167 Northbound Chancellor at Greensboro
60168 Southbound Chancellor at Greensboro
60169 Southbound Chancellor at Quincy
60170 Northbound Chancellor at Quincy
60171 Southbound Chancellor at Lake Crest
60172 Northbound Chancellor at Lakeside
60173 Westbound Taylor at Ash
60174 Westbound Taylor at Brock
60175 Northbound Chancellor at Lake Lindero
60176 Southbound Chancellor at Lake Lindero
60177 Northbound Chancellor at Lake Albrin
60178 Southbound Chancellor at Lake Albrin
60179 Northbound Chancellor at Lake Lindero East
60180 Northbound Chancellor at Lake Grove West
60181 Southbound Chancellor at Lake Grove West
60182 Northbound Chancellor at Chancellor
60183 Southbound Chancellor at Lake Grove East
60184 Southbound Chancellor at Lake Village
60185 Northbound Chancellor at Gull Lake
60186 Westbound Markham at Forest Lake
60187 Eastbound Markham at Forest Lake
60188 Westbound Markham at Chancellor East
60189 Westbound Markham at Gull Lake
60190 Eastbound Markham at Gull Lake
60191 Eastbound Markham at Chancellor East
60192 Westbound Taylor at Campbell
60194 Southbound Waverley at Bishop Grandin
60195 Northbound Waverley at Bishop Grandin
60196 Northbound Waverley at Chevrier
60197 Southbound Waverley at Chevrier
60198 Southbound Waverley at Clarence
60199 Northbound Waverley at Clarence
60200 Eastbound Clarence at Waverley
60201 Eastbound Clarence at MCI
60202 Eastbound Clarence at Hamelin West
60203 Eastbound Clarence at Hamelin
60204 Southbound Waverley at McGillivray
60205 Northbound Waverley at McGillivray
60206 Northbound Hamelin at Sony
60207 Southbound Waverley at Hennessey
60208 Northbound Waverley at Buffalo
60209 Westbound Buffalo at Waverley
60210 Southbound Waverley at Lindenwood South
60211 Northbound Waverley at Buffalo North
60212 Northbound Waverley at Seel
60213 Southbound Waverley at Lindenwood
60214 Northbound Waverley at Willson
60215 Southbound Waverley at Willson
60216 Northbound Waverley at Wilkes
60217 Southbound Waverley at Wilkes
60218 Westbound Buffalo at Beaver
60219 Westbound Buffalo at Otter
60221 Eastbound McGillivray at Irene
60222 Northbound Beaumont at Riverwood
60223 Southbound Beaumont at Riverwood
60224 Northbound Beaumont at Waterford
60225 Southbound Beaumont at Waterford
60226 Northbound Lowson at Lowson South
60227 Northbound Beaumont at Mars
60228 Southbound Beaumont at Mars
60229 Northbound Beaumont at Somerville
60230 Eastbound Windermere at Daniel
60231 Westbound Windermere at Beaumont
60232 Northbound Lowson at Lowson Central
60233 Westbound Windermere at Daniel
60234 Westbound Windermere at Derek
60235 Eastbound Windermere at Derek
60236 Southbound Pembina at Nesbitt
60237 Northbound Pembina at Nesbitt
60238 Northbound Pembina at Crane
60239 Southbound Pembina at Clarence
60240 Northbound Pembina at Fletcher
60241 Southbound Pembina at Kelsey
60242 Northbound Pembina at Dowker
60243 Southbound Pembina at Radisson
60244 Northbound Pembina at Waller
60245 Northbound Pembina at Oakenwald
60246 Southbound Pembina at McGillivray
60247 Northbound Pembina at Riverwood
60248 Southbound Pembina at Southwood
60249 Southbound Pembina at North Drive
60250 Northbound Pembina at North Drive
60251 Southbound Pembina at Windermere
60252 Eastbound Windermere at Pembina West
60253 Northbound Pembina at Point Road
60254 Eastbound Point at Pembina East
60255 Westbound Windermere at Pembina West
60256 Westbound Point at Pembina East
60257 Northbound Pembina at Calrossie
60258 Southbound Pembina at Byng
60259 Southbound Pembina at Calrossie
60260 Northbound Pembina at Merriam
60261 Westbound Point at Somerset
60262 Eastbound Point at Somerset
60263 Eastbound Point at North
60264 Westbound Point at North
60265 Eastbound Point at Waterford
60266 Westbound Point at Waterford
60267 Eastbound Point at Riverwood
60268 Northbound North at Wildwood C
60269 Northbound North at Wildwood D
60270 Eastbound Oakenwald at Point Road
60271 Eastbound Oakenwald at Wildwood St
60272 Eastbound Oakenwald at Wildwood F
60273 Eastbound Oakenwald at Wildwood E
60274 Southbound North at Wildwood D
60275 Southbound North at Wildwood C
60276 Southbound North at Wildwood B
60277 Southbound North at Wildwood A
60278 Westbound Oakenwald at Wildwood E
60279 Westbound South at Wildwood I
60280 Westbound South at Wildwood H
60281 Westbound Oakenwald at Wildwood F
60282 Westbound South at Wildwood
60283 Westbound Oakenwald at Wildwood
60284 Eastbound Taylor at Waverley
60285 Westbound Taylor at Waverley
60286 Southbound Cambridge at Taylor
60287 Northbound Cambridge at Ebby
60289 Southbound Cambridge at Grant South
60290 Eastbound Grant at Cambridge (Park & Ride)
60291 Eastbound Grant at Nathaniel
60292 Eastbound Grant at Thurso
60293 Eastbound Grant at Rockwood
60294 Eastbound Grant at Wilton
60295 Eastbound Grant at Guelph
60296 Westbound Grant at Guelph
60297 Westbound Grant at Wilton
60298 Westbound Grant at Rockwood
60299 Westbound Grant at Thurso
60300 Westbound Grant at Nathaniel
60301 Northbound Cambridge at Grant North
60302 Northbound Cambridge at Grant South
60303 Westbound Grant at Cambridge
60304 Northbound Cambridge at Fleet
60305 Southbound Cambridge at Fleet
60306 Eastbound Corydon at Cambridge West
60307 Northbound Cambridge at Corydon
60308 Northbound Cambridge at Carter
60309 Westbound Corydon at Cambridge West
60310 Eastbound Grosvenor at Cambridge
60311 Eastbound Corydon at Thurso
60312 Westbound Corydon at Thurso
60313 Westbound Corydon at Rockwood
60314 Eastbound Corydon at Rockwood
60315 Westbound Corydon at Wilton
60316 Eastbound Corydon at Wilton
60317 Eastbound Corydon at Guelph
60318 Westbound Corydon at Guelph
60319 Eastbound Corydon at Harrow
60320 Eastbound Grosvenor at Harrow
60321 Eastbound Grosvenor at Guelph
60323 Eastbound Grosvenor at Wilton
60324 Westbound Grosvenor at Wilton
60325 Westbound Grosvenor at Rockwood
60326 Eastbound Grosvenor at Rockwood
60327 Westbound Grosvenor at Cambridge
60328 Westbound Academy at Harrow
60329 Eastbound Academy at Guelph
60330 Westbound Academy at Wilton
60331 Eastbound Academy at Cambridge
60332 Northbound Lowson at Lowson North
60333 Westbound Academy at Oxford
60334 Eastbound Academy at Waverley
60335 Westbound Academy at Montrose
60336 Eastbound Academy at Elm
60337 Westbound Academy at Oak
60338 Eastbound Academy at Ash
60339 Westbound Academy at Waterloo
60340 Eastbound Academy at Niagara
60341 Westbound Academy at Queenston
60342 Eastbound Academy at Brock
60343 Westbound Academy at Cordova
60344 Eastbound Academy at Campbell
60345 Westbound Academy at Borebank
60346 Westbound Academy at Lindsay
60347 Eastbound Academy at Lindsay
60348 Westbound Academy at Lanark
60349 Eastbound Academy at Lanark
60350 Westbound Academy at Wellington Crescent South
60351 Eastbound Academy at Beaverbrook
60352 Northbound Kenaston at Taylor
60353 Westbound Grosvenor at Waverley
60354 Eastbound Grosvenor at Waverley
60355 Westbound Grosvenor at Elm
60356 Eastbound Grosvenor at Elm
60357 Westbound Grosvenor at Ash
60358 Eastbound Grosvenor at Ash
60359 Westbound Grosvenor at Niagara
60360 Eastbound Grosvenor at Niagara
60361 Westbound Grosvenor at Brock
60362 Eastbound Grosvenor at Brock
60363 Westbound Grosvenor at Campbell
60364 Eastbound Grosvenor at Campbell
60365 Westbound Grosvenor at Lindsay
60366 Eastbound Grosvenor at Lindsay
60367 Westbound Grosvenor at Renfrew
60368 Eastbound Grosvenor at Renfrew
60369 Westbound Corydon at Waverley
60370 Eastbound Corydon at Waverley
60371 Westbound Corydon at Elm
60372 Eastbound Corydon at Elm
60373 Westbound Corydon at Ash
60374 Eastbound Corydon at Ash
60375 Westbound Corydon at Niagara
60376 Eastbound Corydon at Niagara
60377 Eastbound Corydon at Brock
60378 Westbound Corydon at Brock
60379 Westbound Corydon at Campbell
60380 Eastbound Corydon at Campbell
60381 Westbound Corydon at Lindsay
60382 Eastbound Corydon at Lindsay
60383 Westbound Corydon at Lanark
60384 Eastbound Corydon at Lanark
60385 Westbound Corydon at Centennial
60386 Eastbound Corydon at Centennial
60387 Westbound Corydon at Lockwood
60388 Eastbound Corydon at Lockwood
60389 Southbound Scurfield at Leander
60390 Eastbound Grant at Waverley
60391 Westbound Grant at Waverley
60392 Eastbound Grant at Elm
60393 Westbound Grant at Elm
60394 Eastbound Grant at Ash
60395 Westbound Grant at Ash
60396 Eastbound Grant at Niagara
60397 Westbound Grant at Queenston
60398 Eastbound Grant at Brock
60399 Westbound Grant at Campbell
60400 Eastbound Grant at Campbell
60401 Westbound Grant at Lindsay
60402 Eastbound Grant at Lindsay
60403 Westbound Grant at Renfrew
60404 Eastbound Grant at Lanark
60405 Westbound Grant at Lanark
60406 Eastbound Grant at Centennial
60407 Westbound Grant at Beaverbrook
60408 Eastbound Grant at Kenaston East
60410 Eastbound Taylor at Campbell
60411 Eastbound Grant at Renfrew
60412 Westbound Taylor at Lanark
60413 Eastbound Taylor at Renfrew
60414 Westbound Taylor at Beaverbrook
60415 Eastbound Taylor at Beaverbrook
60416 Eastbound Taylor at Kenaston East
60417 Westbound Taylor at Kenaston East
60418 Northbound Kenaston at Boulton South
60419 Southbound Kenaston at Boulton South
60420 Southbound Kenaston at Boulton North
60421 Northbound Kenaston at Boulton North
60422 Northbound Kenaston at Grant South
60423 Southbound Kenaston at Grant South
60424 Eastbound Grant at Kenaston West
60425 Westbound Kirkbridge at Pembina West
60426 Westbound Grant at Kenaston East
60427 Northbound Kenaston at Grant North
60428 Southbound Kenaston at Grant North
60429 Southbound Kenaston at Carpathia South
60430 Northbound Kenaston at Carpathia South
60431 Southbound Kenaston at Carpathia
60432 Northbound Kenaston at Carpathia
60433 Northbound Henlow at Fultz
60434 Northbound Kenaston at Corydon
60435 Southbound Kenaston at Corydon
60436 Westbound Corydon at Kenaston
60437 Northbound Kenaston at Lockston
60438 Southbound Kenaston at Lockston
60439 Southbound Kenaston at Tuxedo South
60440 Northbound Kenaston at Tuxedo
60441 Southbound Kenaston at Tuxedo
60442 Eastbound Tuxedo at Kenaston
60443 Westbound Tuxedo at Kenaston
60444 Southbound Kenaston at Willow
60445 Northbound Kenaston at Willow
60446 Northbound Scurfield at Invermere
60447 Southbound Kenaston at Fulham
60448 Southbound William Clement at Roblin North
60449 Northbound Kenaston at Academy
60450 Southbound Kenaston at Academy
60451 Westbound Tuxedo at Doncaster
60452 Eastbound Kirkbridge at Hillmartin
60453 Eastbound Tuxedo at Doncaster
60454 Westbound Kirkbridge at Marrington
60455 Westbound Corydon at Ubique
60456 Southbound Dovercourt at Scurfield South
60457 Westbound Corydon at Doncaster
60458 Westbound Corydon at Edgeland
60459 Southbound Dovercourt at Henlow
60460 Westbound Corydon at Southport
60461 Eastbound Corydon at Southport
60462 Eastbound Corydon at Handsart
60463 Westbound Corydon at Handsart
60464 Eastbound Corydon at Lamont
60465 Westbound Corydon at Park
60466 Eastbound Corydon at Park
60467 Westbound Corydon at Kelvin
60468 Eastbound Corydon at Kelvin
60469 Westbound Corydon at Laidlaw
60470 Eastbound Corydon at Laidlaw
60471 Westbound Corydon at Shaftesbury
60472 Eastbound Corydon at Shaftesbury
60473 Westbound Roblin at Shaftesbury West
60474 Eastbound Roblin at Shaftesbury West
60475 Westbound Roblin at Zoo Loop
60476 Westbound Roblin at Zoo
60477 Eastbound Roblin at Zoo
60478 Westbound Roblin at Chalfont East
60479 Eastbound Roblin at Chalfont East
60480 Westbound Roblin at Chalfont
60481 Eastbound Roblin at Chalfont
60482 Westbound Roblin at Wexford
60483 Eastbound Roblin at Wexford
60484 Eastbound Roblin at Lynbrook
60485 Westbound Roblin at Elmhurst
60486 Eastbound Roblin at McLean
60487 Westbound Roblin at Varsity View
60488 Eastbound Roblin at Varsity View
60489 Westbound Roblin at Princeton
60490 Eastbound Roblin at Princeton
60491 Westbound Roblin at Alcrest
60492 Eastbound Roblin at Alcrest
60493 Westbound Roblin at William Clement
60494 Eastbound Roblin at William Clement
60495 Westbound Roblin at McQuaker
60496 Eastbound Roblin at McQuaker
60497 Westbound Roblin at Oakdale
60498 Eastbound Roblin at Oakdale
60499 Westbound Roblin at Marlton North
60500 Eastbound Roblin at Marlton North
60501 Westbound Roblin at Ridgedale
60502 Westbound Roblin at Batchelor
60503 Eastbound Roblin at Batchelor
60504 Northbound Lindenwood at Brentcliffe
60505 Eastbound Roblin at Shenfield
60506 Westbound Roblin at Shenfield
60507 Westbound Roblin at Marlton South
60508 Eastbound Roblin at Marlton South
60509 Eastbound Roblin at Grant
60510 Eastbound Grant at Edgeland
60511 Northbound Lindenwood at Tweedsmuir
60512 Westbound Grant at Edgeland
60513 Westbound Grant at Portsmouth
60514 Eastbound Grant at Portsmouth
60515 Westbound Grant at Park
60516 Eastbound Grant at Park
60517 Eastbound Grant at Kelvin
60518 Westbound Grant at Kelvin
60519 Westbound Grant at Laidlaw
60520 Eastbound Grant at Bower
60521 Westbound Grant at Shaftesbury
60522 Eastbound Grant at Shaftesbury
60523 Westbound Grant at Shaftesbury West
60524 Eastbound Grant at Shaftesbury West
60525 Westbound Grant at Chalfont
60526 Eastbound Grant at Chalfont
60527 Westbound Grant at Cathcart
60528 Eastbound Grant at Cathcart
60529 Westbound Grant at Elmhurst
60530 Eastbound Grant at Elmhurst
60531 Westbound Grant at Laxdal
60532 Eastbound Grant at Charleswood Centre (Park & Ride)
60533 Westbound Grant at Haney
60534 Eastbound Grant at Haney
60535 Westbound Grant at Oakdale
60536 Eastbound Grant at Oakdale
60537 Westbound Grant at Fairmont
60538 Eastbound Grant at Fairmont
60539 Westbound Grant at Roblin
60540 Westbound Roblin at Grant
60541 Eastbound Roblin at Grant
60542 Westbound Roblin at Buckingham
60544 Eastbound Roblin at Buckingham
60545 Eastbound Roblin at Dieppe
60546 Westbound Roblin at Dieppe
60547 Westbound Roblin at Harstone
60548 Eastbound Dieppe Bus Loop at Dieppe Loop
60549 Eastbound Roblin at Harstone
60552 Westbound Roblin at Lannoo
60553 Eastbound Roblin at Pepperloaf
60554 Eastbound Roblin at Greenbrier
60555 Westbound Roblin at William Marshall
60556 Westbound Roblin at Scotswood
60557 Eastbound Roblin at Scotswood
60558 Eastbound Roblin at Shelmerdine
60559 Westbound Roblin at Shelmerdine
60560 Westbound Roblin at Community
60561 Eastbound Roblin at Community
60562 Westbound Roblin at Elmvale
60563 Westbound Roblin at Municipal
60564 Eastbound Roblin at Municipal
60565 Eastbound Roblin at Berkley
60566 Westbound Roblin at Berkley
60567 Westbound Roblin at Charleswood
60568 Eastbound Roblin at Charleswood
60569 Westbound Roblin at Malone
60570 Eastbound Roblin at Malone
60571 Westbound Roblin at Willow Ridge
60572 Eastbound Roblin at Sparrow
60573 Westbound Roblin at Barker
60574 Eastbound Roblin at Dale
60575 Westbound Roblin at Stack
60576 Northbound Windmill at Roblin
60577 Southbound Dale at Roblin
60578 Northbound Dale at Windmill
60579 Westbound Windmill at Dale
60588 Southbound Dale at Westgrove South
60590 Southbound Dale at Alder North
60591 Southbound Dale at Alder South
60592 Southbound Dale at Collingham
60593 Southbound Dale at Foxberry
60594 Southbound Dale at Rannock
60595 Eastbound Rannock at Farnley
60596 Eastbound Rannock at Cullen
60597 Northbound Cullen at Lismer
60598 Northbound Cullen at Betsworth
60599 Westbound Betsworth at Cullen
60600 Westbound Betsworth at Buckle
60601 Westbound McGillivray at Beaumont West
60602 Eastbound McGillivray at Beaumont West
60603 Northbound Charleswood at Betsworth
60606 Westbound Kirkbridge at Ainsworth
60607 Westbound Rannock at Charleswood
60608 Westbound Rannock at Berkley
60609 Eastbound Rannock at Berkley
60610 Westbound Rannock at Municipal
60611 Eastbound Rannock at Municipal
60612 Westbound Rannock at Community
60613 Eastbound Rannock at Community
60614 Westbound Rannock at Vanscoy
60615 Eastbound Rannock at Vanscoy
60616 Eastbound Rannock at Pepperloaf
60617 Westbound Rannock at Pepperloaf
60618 Southbound Harstone at Rannock
60619 Eastbound Rannock at Harstone
60620 Eastbound Eldridge at Harstone
60624 Eastbound Eldridge at Buckingham
60625 Westbound Eldridge at Buckingham
60626 Eastbound Eldridge at Coventry
60627 Westbound Eldridge at Coventry
60628 Eastbound Eldridge at Fairmont
60629 Westbound Eldridge at Fairmont
60630 Westbound Eldridge at Oakdale
60631 Eastbound Eldridge at Oakdale
60632 Eastbound Eldridge at Hilton
60633 Westbound Eldridge at Hilton
60635 Northbound Lindenwood at Kingsborough
60644 Northbound Laxdal at Eldridge
60645 Northbound Laxdal at Beiko North
60646 Northbound Laxdal at Beiko
60647 Northbound Laxdal at Ridgewood
60648 Westbound Ridgewood at Elmhurst
60649 Southbound Elmhurst at Beiko
60650 Southbound Elmhurst at Beiko North
60651 Westbound Eldridge at Cathcart
60652 Southbound Cathcart at Beauchemin
60653 Southbound Cathcart at Chalfont
60654 Southbound Cathcart at Grant
60655 Westbound Windermere at Windermere Terminal
60656 Northbound Pembina at Killarney North
60657 Southbound Baylor at Mount Allison
60658 Northbound Baylor at Mount Allison
60659 Northbound Baylor at Bryn Mawr
60660 Southbound Baylor at Bryn Mawr
60661 Southbound Baylor at Leeds
60662 Northbound Baylor at Leeds
60663 Northbound Dale at Roblin
60664 Westbound Grant at Bramble
60665 Westbound Eldridge at Elmhurst
60666 Westbound Point at Oakenwald
60667 Westbound South at Wildwood J
60668 Westbound Point at Viscount
60670 Eastbound Grant at Bramble
60671 Westbound Ducharme at Houde
60672 Southbound University at Freedman
60673 Northbound Maclean at U of M (Rtes 36, 75, 76)
60674 Westbound Dafoe at U of M (Rtes 72, 78)
60675 Westbound Dafoe at U of M (Rtes 37, 51, 62, 70)
60678 Southbound Chancellor at Swan Lake
60679 Westbound Dalhousie at Pembina East
60680 Eastbound Dalhousie at Allegheny East
60681 Westbound Dalhousie at Silverstone West
60682 Westbound Kirkbridge at Brentlawn North
60683 Westbound Kirkbridge at Allendale
60684 Eastbound Grant at Heath
60685 Westbound Grant at Heath
60686 Eastbound Roblin at Windmill
60687 Northbound Cullen at Hammond
60689 Northbound Dale at Brownell
60691 Eastbound Corydon at Carpathia
60692 Eastbound Corydon at Cambridge East
60693 Southbound Otter at Willson
60694 Southbound Dale at Westgrove North
60695 Southbound Dale at Honeybourne
60696 Northbound Dale at Hammond
60697 Southbound Dale at Kersey
60698 Northbound Dale at Cullen
60699 Northbound Turnbull at Turnbull Loop
60700 Southbound Turnbull at Courchaine
60701 Northbound Turnbull at Courchaine
60702 Northbound Turnbull at Floodway
60703 Southbound Turnbull at Floodway
60704 Northbound Turnbull at Pembina
60705 Southbound Turnbull at Pembina
60706 Northbound Kenaston at Wal-Mart
60707 Northbound Kenaston at Safeway
60708 Southbound Kenaston at Safeway (Rtes 84, 86, 94)
60709 Southbound Kenaston at Wal-Mart
60710 Northbound Lindenwood at Lindenwood West
60711 Southbound Lindenwood at Lindenwood West
60712 Northbound Henlow at Scurfield
60713 Northbound Lindenwood at Lindenshore
60714 Southbound Lindenwood at Lindenshore
60715 Westbound Scurfield at Fleetwood East
60717 Westbound Scurfield at Columbia East
60718 Southbound Pembina at Royse
60719 Eastbound Scurfield at Columbia East
60720 Northbound Tuxedo at Girton
60721 Westbound Bishop Grandin at Pembina
60722 Southbound Pembina at Des Trappistes South
60723 Northbound Pembina at De L'Eglise South
60726 Eastbound McGillivray at Dovercourt
60727 Eastbound Scurfield at Dovercourt East
60728 Westbound Wilkes at Waverley
60729 Eastbound Wilkes at Waverley
60730 Northbound Waverley at Wilkes North
60731 Eastbound Victor Lewis at Sterling Lyon
60732 Eastbound Victor Lewis at Avon Gate
60733 Westbound Victor Lewis at Avon Gate
60734 Westbound Victor Lewis at Sterling Lyon
60735 Southbound Gamble at Chevrier
60736 Southbound Pembina at Bairdmore North
60738 Northbound Bairdmore at Brentlawn
60739 Southbound Nathaniel at Hector
60741 Eastbound Taylor at Nathaniel East
60742 Eastbound Kirkbridge at Allendale
60743 Eastbound Kirkbridge at Hawstead
60744 Eastbound Kirkbridge at Ainsworth
60745 Eastbound Kirkbridge at Pembina West
60746 Southbound Pembina at Station
60747 Eastbound Lemay at Pembina
60748 Eastbound Lemay at Landry
60749 Eastbound Lemay at La Barriere
60750 Eastbound Lemay at St. Pierre
60751 Southbound St Pierre at St. Gabriel
60752 Southbound St Pierre at Du Couvent
60753 Westbound De L'eglise at St. Pierre
60755 Westbound De L'eglise at Campeau
60756 Westbound De L'eglise at Pembina East
60757 Westbound Des Trappistes at Villeneuve
60758 Westbound Ducharme at le Maire
60759 Eastbound Grandmont at le Maire
60760 Eastbound Grandmont at Delorme West
60761 Eastbound Grandmont at Delorme East
60762 Eastbound Grandmont at Pembina
60763 Westbound South at Point Road
60764 Westbound South at Dowker
60770 Westbound Clarence at Hudson
60772 Westbound Clarence at Irene East
60773 Northbound Irene at Clarence
60774 Northbound Irene at Waller
60775 Southbound Hamelin at Sony
60776 Westbound Clarence at Hamelin
60777 Westbound Clarence at Hamelin West
60778 Westbound Clarence at MCI
60779 Westbound Clarence at Waverley
60780 Eastbound Tuxedo at Edgeland
60781 Eastbound Taylor at Harrow
60782 Eastbound Ducharme at Villeneuve
60783 Westbound Des Trappistes at Pembina West
60784 Southbound Irene at Waller
60785 Southbound Irene at Clarence
60786 Eastbound Clarence at Irene East
60787 Eastbound Clarence at Donnelly
60788 Eastbound Clarence at Hudson
60789 Eastbound Clarence at Pembina
60790 Eastbound Taylor Bus Loop at Taylor Park & Ride
60794 Eastbound South at Dowker
60795 Eastbound South at Point Road
60796 Eastbound South at Wildwood St
60797 Eastbound South at Wildwood H
60798 Eastbound South at Wildwood I
60799 Eastbound South at Wildwood J
60800 Northbound North at Wildwood A
60801 Northbound North at Wildwood B
60802 Westbound Clarence at Donnelly
60803 Northbound Bairdmore at Point West
60804 Northbound Bairdmore at Millstream
60805 Southbound Pembina at Ducharme
60806 Southbound Pembina at Des Trappistes
60807 Northbound Charleswood at West Park
60808 Westbound Taylor at Wilton
60809 Northbound Waverley at Scurfield
60810 Southbound Waverley at Scurfield
60811 Southbound Cambridge at Mathers
60812 Eastbound Rannock at Scotswood
60813 Southbound Avon at Lindenwood West
60814 Eastbound Lindenwood at Princemere
60815 Eastbound Lindenwood at Lindenwood Place
60816 Southbound Lindenwood at Shorecrest
60817 Southbound Lindenwood at Thorncliff
60818 Westbound Taylor at Nathaniel East
60819 Northbound Fennell at Seel
60820 Northbound Fennell at Buffalo
60821 Southbound Fennell at Seel
60822 Southbound Fennell at Buffalo
60823 Eastbound Clarence at Irene
60824 Westbound Clarence at Irene
60825 Eastbound Scurfield at Henlow West
60826 Westbound Scurfield at Henlow West
60827 Southbound Columbia at Hallmark
60828 Southbound Columbia at Exbury
60829 Northbound Columbia at Exbury
60830 Northbound Columbia at Hallmark
60831 Southbound Otter at Seel
60832 Westbound Scurfield at Kenaston East (Park & Ride)
60835 Northbound Waverley at Victor Lewis
60836 Southbound Waverley at Victor Lewis
60838 Westbound Taylor at Kenaston West
60839 Westbound Taylor at Morpeth
60840 Northbound Portsmouth at Taylor
60841 Northbound Portsmouth at Swindon
60842 Northbound Portsmouth at Coleraine
60843 Eastbound Swindon at Ramsgate
60844 Southbound Swindon at Swindon North
60845 Southbound Swindon at Swindon South
60846 Westbound Swindon at Portsmouth
60847 Southbound Portsmouth at Taylor
60848 Eastbound Taylor at Morpeth
60849 Eastbound Taylor at Kenaston West
60850 Westbound Rannock at Scotswood
60851 Southbound Brentlawn at Allendale
60854 Eastbound Columbia at Shillingstone
60855 Eastbound Columbia at Prospect
60856 Northbound Columbia at Saxon
60858 Westbound Scurfield at Kenaston West
60859 Southbound Columbia at Saxon
60860 Westbound Columbia at Prospect
60861 Westbound Columbia at Oakhill
60863 Eastbound Scurfield at Kenaston
60864 Eastbound Scurfield at Kenaston West
60865 Northbound Columbia at McGillivray
60866 Northbound Lindenwood at McGillivray
60867 Northbound Lindenwood at Waterbury South
60868 Northbound Lindenwood at Foxmeadow
60869 Northbound Lindenwood at Waterbury North
60870 Northbound Lindenwood at Thorncliff
60871 Northbound Lindenwood at Shorecrest
60872 Northbound Lindenwood at Lindenwood Place
60873 Westbound Lindenwood at Wallingford
60874 Northbound Avon at Lindenwood West
60875 Westbound Scurfield at Dovercourt East
60876 Southbound Lindenwood at Woodcott
60877 Southbound Edgeland at Corydon
60878 Southbound Lindenwood at Marksbridge
60879 Southbound Lindenwood at Waterbury North
60880 Southbound Lindenwood at Foxmeadow
60881 Southbound Lindenwood at Waterbury South
60882 Southbound Lindenwood at McGillivray
60883 Southbound Columbia at McGillivray
60885 Westbound Scurfield at Henlow East
60886 Eastbound Scurfield at Henlow East
60887 Southbound Lindenwood at Farmingdale
60888 Northbound Lindenwood at Farmingdale
60889 Southbound Otter at Buffalo
60890 Westbound Taylor at Nathaniel
60891 Westbound Columbia at Scurfield
60892 Eastbound Columbia at Battleford
60893 Westbound Kirkbridge at Brentlawn South
60895 Southbound Bairdmore at Millstream
60896 Southbound Bairdmore at Point West
60897 Southbound Bairdmore at Southborough
60898 Northbound Brentlawn at Kirkbridge
60899 Northbound Nathaniel at Hector
60900 Westbound Columbia at Westmoreland
60901 Eastbound Columbia at Westmoreland
60902 Westbound Taylor at Harrow
60903 Southbound Chancellor at Pembina
60905 Northbound Lindenwood at Wethersfield
60906 Southbound Lindenwood at Wethersfield
60908 Southbound Lindenwood at Fairhaven
60909 Northbound Lindenwood at Fairhaven
60910 Westbound Bishop Grandin at Pembina Crossing
60911 Northbound Ramp University Crescent NB to Bishop Grandin EB at Pembina South
60912 Eastbound Scurfield at Dovercourt
60913 Westbound Scurfield at Dovercourt
60914 Eastbound Plaza at Pembina
60915 Eastbound Plaza at Plaza South
60916 Northbound Plaza at Plaza Terminal
60917 Northbound Plaza at Plaza East
60918 Westbound Plaza at Plaza West
60919 Westbound Plaza at Pembina
60920 Southbound at Canadian Tire
60921 Southbound at Kenaston
60922 Eastbound at Kenaston
60923 Northbound at Canadian Tire
60926 Eastbound Plaza at Plaza East
60928 Southbound St James at Academy
60929 Southbound Kenaston at Taylor
60930 Southbound Scurfield at Fleetwood West
60931 Northbound Edgeland at Corydon
60932 Southbound Edgeland at Tuxedo
60933 Eastbound Scurfield at Vineland
60934 Eastbound Scurfield at Beacon Hill
60935 Eastbound Scurfield at Sheffield
60937 Eastbound Scurfield at Fleetwood East
60938 Southbound Scurfield at Izzatt School
60940 Northbound Lindenwood at Deer Run
60941 Southbound Lindenwood at Deer Run
60944 Westbound Taylor at Lindsay
60945 Eastbound Scurfield at Georgetown
60946 Westbound Scurfield at Sheffield
60947 Westbound Scurfield at Beacon Hill
60948 Westbound Scurfield at Vineland
60950 Northbound Scurfield at Vanderbilt
60951 Northbound Scurfield at Izzatt School
60952 Northbound Scurfield at Fleetwood West
60953 Northbound Scurfield at Wittenberg
60954 Southbound Scurfield at Invermere
60955 Southbound Scurfield at Portwood
60956 Southbound Scurfield at Ivy Lea
60957 Southbound Henlow at Fultz
60958 Northbound Dovercourt at Henlow
60959 Northbound Dovercourt at Scurfield South
60960 Northbound Dovercourt at Scurfield
60961 Southbound Dovercourt at Scurfield
60962 Eastbound Scurfield at Waverley
60963 Westbound Scurfield at Waverley
60969 Eastbound Chevrier at Trottier
60970 Eastbound Chevrier at Hervo
60971 Eastbound Chevrier at Hudson
60972 Eastbound Chevrier at Pembina West
60973 Westbound Chevrier at Pembina West
60974 Westbound Chevrier at Hudson
60975 Westbound Chevrier at Hervo
60976 Westbound Chevrier at Trottier
60978 Eastbound Crescent at Pembina East
60979 Eastbound Crescent at Kebir
60980 Eastbound Crescent at South Drive
60981 Westbound Crescent at Kebir
60982 Westbound Crescent at Pembina East
60983 Northbound Lindenwood at Woodcott
60984 Northbound South at Holly
60985 Northbound South at Crane
60986 Southbound South at Crane
60987 Southbound South at Holly
60988 Northbound Lindenwood at Marksbridge
60989 Southbound South at Crescent
60990 Southbound Cambridge at Grant North
60992 Eastbound Clarence at Waverley East
60993 Westbound Clarence at Waverley East
61001 Southbound Lindenwood at Wellesley
61002 Northbound Lindenwood at Wellesley
61005 Northbound Lindenwood at Kenaston
61006 Southbound Lindenwood at Kenaston East
61007 Southbound Lindenwood at Kenaston
61008 Southbound Bairdmore at Pembina
61009 Southbound Kenaston at Safeway (Route 78)
61010 Southbound Bairdmore at Barnes
61011 Southbound Bairdmore at Calderwood East
61012 Southbound Bairdmore at Calderwood West
61013 Southbound Bairdmore at Sandusky
61014 Southbound Bairdmore at Hawstead
61015 Southbound Bairdmore at Bernfield North
61016 Southbound Bairdmore at Kirkbridge
61017 Northbound Bairdmore at Kirkbridge
61018 Northbound Bairdmore at Bernfield North
61019 Northbound Bairdmore at Hawstead
61020 Northbound Bairdmore at Sandusky
61021 Northbound Bairdmore at Calderwood West
61022 Northbound Bairdmore at Calderwood East
61023 Northbound Bairdmore at Marrington
61024 Northbound Bairdmore at Firbridge
61025 Northbound Bairdmore at Pembina
61026 Westbound Taylor at Coleraine
61027 Westbound Taylor at Park South
61028 Westbound West Taylor at Holland
61029 Westbound West Taylor at Shaftesbury
61030 Eastbound West Taylor at Shaftesbury
61031 Eastbound West Taylor at Holland
61032 Eastbound Taylor at Park South
61033 Eastbound Taylor at Coleraine
61034 Westbound Shaftesbury Bus Loop at Shaftesbury Park
61039 Southbound Shaftesbury at Grant
61040 Southbound Bairdmore at Marrington
61041 Southbound Kenaston at Grant
61042 Eastbound Scurfield at Waverley West
61043 Westbound Scurfield at Waverley West
61044 Westbound Lowson at Kenaston
61045 Southbound Lowson at Lowson North
61046 Southbound Lowson at Lowson Central
61047 Southbound Lowson at Lowson South
61048 Southbound Lowson at Rothwell
61049 Eastbound Commerce at Commerce
61059 Westbound Rannock at Cullen
61060 Northbound Lindenwood at Lindenwood Manor
61061 Southbound Lindenwood at Lindenwood Manor
61062 Eastbound Rannock at Bingham
61063 Eastbound Rannock at Charleswood
61064 Eastbound Eldridge at Dieppe
61065 Eastbound Eldridge at Haney
61066 Southbound Laxdal at Eldridge
61067 Southbound Laxdal at Beiko North
61068 Southbound Laxdal at Beiko
61069 Southbound Laxdal at Pinawa
61070 Southbound Laxdal at Ridgewood
61071 Eastbound Ridgewood at Elmhurst
61072 Northbound Elmhurst at Beiko South
61073 Northbound Elmhurst at Beiko North
61074 Eastbound Eldridge at Elmhurst
61075 Northbound Cathcart at Beauchemin
61076 Northbound Cathcart at Chalfont
61077 Northbound Cathcart at Grant
61078 Westbound Eldridge at Haney
61079 Westbound Eldridge at Dieppe
61080 Westbound Eldridge at Harstone
61081 Westbound Rannock at Bingham
61082 Northbound Pan Am Pool Access at Pan Am Pool (95 to Riverview)
61083 Northbound Pan Am Pool Access at Pan Am Pool (95 to Tuxedo/Polo Park)
61084 Southbound Poseidon at Taylor
61085 Northbound Poseidon at Taylor
61086 Southbound William Clement at Roblin South
61087 Northbound William Clement at Roblin South
61088 Eastbound Corydon at Doncaster
61089 Eastbound Corydon at Kenaston
61090 Northbound Fennell at Willson
61091 Southbound Fennell at Willson
61092 Eastbound Buffalo at Waverley
61093 Eastbound Buffalo at Beaver
61094 Eastbound Buffalo at Otter
61095 Northbound Otter at Buffalo
61096 Northbound Otter at Seel
61097 Northbound Otter at Willson
61098 Southbound Trottier at Chevrier
61100 Westbound Wilkes at Brockville
61101 Eastbound Wilkes at Brockville
61102 Westbound Wilkes at Victor Lewis
61103 Eastbound Wilkes at Victor Lewis
61104 Northbound Pembina at Killarney
61105 Northbound Columbia at Scurfield
61106 Northbound Columbia at Marygrove South
61107 Northbound Columbia at Marygrove North
61108 Eastbound McGillivray at Kenaston
61109 Westbound McGillivray at Kenaston
61110 Southbound Columbia at Marygrove North
61111 Southbound Columbia at Marygrove South
61112 Southbound Columbia at Scurfield
61113 Southbound Research at Chancellor Matheson
61114 Eastbound Innovation at Research
61115 Eastbound Innovation at RH Way
61116 Eastbound Dafoe at University
61117 Westbound Dafoe at University
61118 Westbound Dafoe at RH Way
61119 Westbound Innovation at Research
61120 Northbound Research at Chancellor Matheson
61121 Southbound Dovercourt at Falcon Ridge
61122 Southbound Dovercourt at Ocean Ridge
61123 Northbound Dovercourt at Ocean Ridge
61124 Northbound Dovercourt at Falcon Ridge
61125 Southbound Scurfield at Moncrief
61126 Southbound Scurfield at Breckenridge
61127 Northbound Scurfield at Leander
61128 Northbound Scurfield at Inniscross
61129 Northbound Scurfield at Moncrief
61130 Northbound Kenaston at Sterling Lyon
61131 Southbound Kenaston at Sterling Lyon
61132 Eastbound Eldridge at Hewitt
61133 Westbound Eldridge at Hewitt
61134 Southbound Lindenwood at Lindenwood Terrace
61135 Northbound Lindenwood at Lindenwood Terrace
61137 Southbound Barnes at Lee
61138 Northbound Barnes at Lee
61139 Westbound Lee at Raphael
61140 Eastbound Lee at Raphael
61141 Westbound Lee at Keslar
61142 Eastbound Lee at Keslar
61143 Northbound Keslar at Wayfield
61144 Southbound Keslar at Wayfield
61145 Northbound Keslar at Bairdmore
61146 Southbound Keslar at Bairdmore
61147 Southbound Linden Ridge at Falcon Ridge
61148 Northbound Linden Ridge at Falcon Ridge
61149 Eastbound Falcon Ridge at Castle Ridge
61150 Westbound Falcon Ridge at Castle Ridge
61151 Northbound Kenaston at McGillivray
61152 Northbound Kenaston Common at Kenaston Common
61153 Northbound Kenaston at Kenaston
61154 Westbound Sony at Hamelin
61155 Westbound Arbour Meadow at Bridgeland
61156 Southbound Bridgeland at Arbour Meadow
61157 Westbound Bridgeland at Highland Creek
61160 Eastbound Bridgeland at Bridlewood
61161 Eastbound Bridgeland at Beachham
61162 Eastbound Bridgeland at Lake Forest
61163 Southbound Bridgeland at Brockington
61164 Eastbound Arbour Meadow at Bridgeland
61165 Northbound Bridgeland at Appletree
61166 Westbound Bridgeland at Abbeydale
61167 Westbound Bridgeland at Beachham
61168 Westbound Bridgeland at Clovercrest
61171 Eastbound Bridgeland at Poplar Point