System Message

Schedule Change

On September 3rd, 2023, the Winnipeg Transit Fall Schedule will begin. Below is a list of known changes. Not every change may be listed, so be sure to check schedules for your area by setting the date on the Live Schedule page to September 3rd or later.

Route Changes:

- 17: When heading to Maples/Amber Trails/Seven Oaks on WB Notre Dame, buses will turn left on Ellice, right on King, and left back onto Notre Dame.**
- 74: When heading to Polo Park on NB Waverley, buses will turn left on Arbour Meadow, turn around at the roundabout, and left back onto Waverley.**

Schedule Changes:

- School Charters will resume at the start of schedule change. A brand-new School Charter S443 will begin operation, connecting Bridgwater with Pembina Trails Collegiate.
- BLUE: Weekday and Saturday service will be increased.
- 11: On Weekday evenings from approx. 7:25 PM to 9:40 PM, extra buses will operate between Polo Park and Downtown.
- 19: Service will be increased between RRC and Downtown via Notre Dame.
- 20: Service will be increased, and weekend schedules will be adjusted.
- 36: Service will be increased, and will run all-day.
- 38: Schedules will be adjusted.
- 40: AM service will start later, and PM service will end later.
- 41: AM service will end earlier, and PM service will end later.
- 49: AM service will be slightly increased.
- 55: Schedules will be adjusted.
- 74: Service will be increased.
- 75: Service will be increased.
- 78: Service will be increased.
- 91: Schedules will be adjusted.
- 95: Service will be reduced.
- 98: PM service will start and end earlier.
- 649: An extra trip to Windermere in the AM, and to Whyte Ridge in the PM will be added.
- 662: Service will be increased.
- 671: Service will be increased.
- 672: Service will be increased.
- 676: Service will be increased.

New Stops:

- None

Discontinued Stops:

- 60401 Westbound Grant at Lindsay (66)
- 60402 Eastbound Grant at Lindsay (66)
- 60403 Westbound Grant at Renfrew (66)
- 60406 Eastbound Grant at Centennial (66)
- 60407 Westbound Grant at Beaverbrook (66)
- 60411 Eastbound Grant at Renfrew (66)
- 61060 Northbound Lindenwood at Lindenwood Manor (641 650)
- 61061 Southbound Lindenwood at Lindenwood Manor (650)
- 61264 Northbound Waverley at Lake Crest (74)**

**Schedules don't show these changes.